Thursday, January 26, 2012



DAY 26

Whenever you see the word "EL" used as a prefix before another Hebrew word in the Bible, it is there for a reason. Those two letters mean God and come from a root word whose meaning is "power, might and strength"!

God is saying this about His Own Name: "you in the world have all your pagan gods but I AM THE ALL POWERFUL, THE ALL MIGHTY and THE ALMIGHTY GOD....and I can and will do anything I want!" When you read through the Old Testament, this is how the way it was....and still continues today...and will be through eternity!

Some examples of how the letter EL are:
El Emet - THE GOD OF TRUTH and so one.

Just briefly, today EL SHADDAI means "The All-Sufficient God ALMIGHTY"! In Genesis 17:1 God says to Abraham " When Abram was ninety-nine years old the LORD appeared to Abram and said to him, “I am God Almighty (El SHADDAI); walk before me, and be blameless, that I may make my covenant between me and you, and may multiply you greatly".

The word Shaddai is a combination of "Sha" (who) and "DAI" (enough). In other words, God is saying He, and He along is sufficiently powerful enough set up the system for Abram (Abraham), in the passage above. He is saying "I am all powerful" but I can do just whatever I want...and I am choosing to make this Abrahamic Covenant with you, Abram".

This Almighty God can do the same for you and I today as He did for Abraham, Isaac and Jacob 4000 years ago! He is still in the business of Salvation, Protection, Provision and Nourishing us - those who believe in Him, through His Son Jesus Christ. 

El Shaddai has given us the past 2000 years and until He comes, to get things in order, not just for our souls if we repent, make peace and are saved by Him. But He also gives us our Daily Bread and health and everything we have. We did not get this on our own. We may be the ones who earn the paycheck. But He got us that job. The house we live in, did not get here accident or the safe travel on the highway to and from work. That was all God. So pray with me right now....

Father in the Name of Jesus, what do I have that You, in Your Power and Strength did not give to me?  The very clothes that I wear...the very food that I eat...the very car that I drive...the very home I live in...the very job I work at...the very spouse and children in our home... they are ALL from You, Abba Father.

You are the Maker, Provider and Sustainer of all things.  You ordain, create and then nourish all things and all people. You gave Grace to the humble, but You also give good things to the entire world and especially those who do not believe in You and may even blaspheme You! In Your Power and Grace, You have mercy on the World, prospering and blessing them with good things, that some may be saved. Lord, they continue to deny Your very existence, but I know You, oh Lord!

The time is coming soon, when all this will end, when the world systems will be destroyed under the Power and Might of Your Word and when the Lamb returns to deal with those who have misused Your gifts of life and temporal happiness.

But Lord, I, choose to thank You, knowing where my very existence and provision come from - You...and You did because You could and wanted to. So this day, I bless You, in the Name of Jesus. 

May I bless others as well, from my own family and our children and if You allow it, my children's children. I bless them like the blessing of Jacob in Genesis 49. I bless that mightily - "up to the bounties of the everlasting hills" (verse 26) and may that blessing be upon their brow....and may this blessing extend to all who read this and all my extended family.

Lord, I only do this because I have been touched by You, called by You and loved by You to serve and anoint others with Your Goodness. El Shaddai, oh God Most High, I love You, worship and I adore You, now and forever more, in Jesus' Name, amen.



lynnmosher said...

Oh, Bernie, I love all the names of God. They always bless me. Love your posts! I wish the Bible translators would have put in definitions so everyone would understand the depth and closeness that those in the scriptures felt when they called on Him! Blessings to you!

The Bernie Lutchman Blog said...

You are so kind, it's more than a blessing to know you, my sister! You have a tremendous way of reaching people I admire a lot - no kidding! You are correct about the translators...all of them shortchanged us, sis! The Hebrew and Aramaic are so much fuller and more accurate to the Lord's Words than any old thing we can come up with!! AMEN! :-))