Saturday, January 14, 2012



This poem poured out of me after prayer.   One of my daughters, is a US Marine.
She was serving a tour in Afghanistan.  We had IM-ed each other the previous night.  
I learned that she was at work, and would be there for extremely long hours.  I could not escape the thought of how we, here at home, in the states, when we are tired, are generally able, at will to go to bed.  

Our military is not afforded that luxury.  They work long hours, going without sleep,  to keep us safe, and fight for our freedoms.   The next morning, after prayer, I got up, and ran quickly to my computer to type the poem, "My Child, My Marine."   The final lines say, "How could I know, you would choose to do for strangers, What I did for you, My Child, My Marine!

There you stand

So straight, so tall,

One of the few,

One of the proud,

A United States Marine!

So proud, yet so humble too!

Serving our country,

Giving no thought to you!

Going without sleep,

Watching all through the night,

Willing to make the ultimate sacrifice,

If duty so calls,

That countless others may be free.

Though some would dare

To spit in your face!

Yet you proudly say,

"It's what we do,

It's who we are!"

In this life you've chosen,

Sweet child of mine,

A life of service,

A life of honor,

Putting God first,

Country second,

And yourself last!

All the sacrifices you make,

You make to keep us safe!

As a child, I kept you safe,

Watching all through the night,

Going without sleep, So you could be safe!

How could I know, You would choose a life,

That demanded you do for strangers,

What I did for you,

My child, My Marine!


Kelly Paul Robertson said...

This is beautiful in so many ways: love of a mother for her child; love of God; love of country; love of freedom. And the labor of love to share it all with us all. Thank you Diane M. Landry, thank you Minister Bernie Lutchman, God bless you. God bless America.

The Bernie Lutchman Blog said...

Bless you my brother for your love for God's children and Diane and America and His saints! Only those of us (my kids are still in their teens) who have sacrificed like Diane can understand this brother! What a beautiful poem! MAY GOD INDEED BLESS AMERICA!