Saturday, January 31, 2015



"'Now then, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be My own possession among all the peoples, for all the earth is Mine"....Exodus 19:5
Heavenly Father, we long to abide in Your Presence all the days of our lives and in eternity. Therefore, Lord we commit our way from the hour of our redemption and rejuvenation to now, the rest of this year and always, to obey You, listen to You, walk in Your Ways and Keep Your Covenant.

Thou hast shown us the way of all Truth. I thank Thee, Oh Lord.
Thou hast given me the Road Map and the spiritual fuel to go the distance. I am so grateful, my God.
Thou hast given me the Faith and Endurance to persevere until the end. I am all in for ever, oh God.
Thou hast shared Thy bountiful Goodness and all the Earth which You create and watch over. I am so humbled, my God.
Thou hast taken me out of the pit, sit my feet upon a rock, put a NEW song in my mouth - a hymn of Praise to our God. I will proclaim Thy Name throughout the Earth, for as long as life shall last.

I rest under the Shadow of Thy Wings.
I bow down in the Sanctity of the Throne Room.
I surrender to the Will of Christ.
I commit my ways and will to the Obedience You asked me to choose.
I am Yours. I abide in Thee and long to dwell in Thy Holy Presence on a soon coming day, choosing as King David wrote for my life verse "One thing I have asked from the LORD, that I shall seek: That I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, To behold the beauty of the LORD And to meditate in His temple".

On this I stand, oh God, and not just me but all who love Your appearing! Even so, come Lord Jesus! In Your Name I pray. Amen. 

Friday, January 30, 2015



" We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ"....2 Corinthians 10:5
Oh Most High God, Creator and Sustainer of Heaven and earth, we lift Your Name above all else as we grow into the better knowledge of Your Might, Your Majesty, Your Mind and Your mission and purpose in drawing all unto Yourself, for the furtherance of the Gospel of Light and Love.  Today, Oh most heavenly Father, and it begins today, that we throw off all man-made notions, traditions and concocted ideas of Who You are, What You require and Where You wish us to go and leave all of that behind to seek the Pure Truth which is given to us in Your Holy Bible, the infallible and inerrant Word of God.

We have no need for wasting time in meaningless chantings and irreverent music, brought into Your sanctuary from a filthy world and appropriating the Name of Jesus on it. We have nothing to gain in Your sight, from the mindless mysticism of some of these prayer movements who are no different from some of the false prophets who fed lies to Jehoakin when the weeping prophet Jeremiah was Your only true messenger. We must repent and seek the Cleansing of the Blood of Christ to remove every false doctrine, every made up philosophy and even every idea about You, which we, as formerly lost sheep came up with in our own minds, before Christ set us free, as captives in our own prisons of sin and improper teaching.

Father, we willingly set those aside. I cast off all that that was brainwashed into me and seek Your Word, Your Truth and Your Statutes. Lord, Your precepts and commands are so simple and clear, even a child can understand and believe and yet, their riches are unfathomable. My thoughts are like filthy rags which are to be discarded in the landfill of corrupt humanity as I seek and put on the white robes of the True knowledge of Christ. This is the only way that we, Your people, can even approach You in Your Holiness, Splendor and Righteousness. Oh God, that the world may know that Obedience to the One True God, and His Son Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to resting in You, to rejoicing in You, to being revived in You!

Lord, I purpose, we purpose to obey You that we may walk in Your Peace and Your Will all the days of our lives, and even sooner - every minute of every one of the coming days and weeks and months ahead. We trust and obey because there is no other way to dwell in Your Presence. If the Savior and Creator of the World, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, did not consider equality with You, Father, a thing to be grasped and if He, In the days of His flesh, He offered up both prayers and supplications with loud crying and tears to the One able to save Him from death, and He [d]was heard because of His piety (Hebrews 5:7), then we too, can take every filthy thought, every ungodly thought and man-made philosophy...we can take everything that distracts and directs us away from You - captive - because Your Holy Spirit lives in us and has given us the power to execute that extraction that we may finally and completely turn to the Word and Ways of Christ, Who gave us the example for living eternal life in the Now, as we live daily, under the anointed direction of the Spirit of the Living God, who guides us, Your saved and Your servants through Jesus Christ our Lord, amen. Lord give us Your Shalom, Lord give us Your rest, Lord give revive us 
again. Amen.

Thursday, January 29, 2015



" Only take heed to yourself, and diligently keep yourself, lest you forget the things your eyes have seen, and lest they depart from your heart all the days of your life. And teach them to your children and your grandchildren"....Deuteronomy 4:9
Oh most merciful and loving God in Heaven, we worship You in spirit and in truth and in gratitude for Who You are and What You have done. We have seen Your Hands, the Work of Your Hands, the Wonder of Your Love and the Grace from Your Heart, as the winter of our discontent, the wickedness of our hearts and the wandering lost nature of our souls were rescued from sin, death and hell. You did that, oh Lord. We are living proof, I am living proof, of the unseen Hand of God, Whose Arm is never too short, to reach into the depths of depravity and despair and pull us out by the root to replant us in the Garden of Grace.

We know, in every fiber of our very being, what You have done in protecting us from danger, keeping us from falling and from the wolves and sure death out there as the angels You sent, kept us from "dashing our foot up against a stone". Father, I remember those days. I remember the fields of dirt, thirst and hopelessness You took me out of....just like You took the little shepherd boy away from the flocks who slew great giants and became king David of Israel. As Your Faithful servant, meek yet strong, Moses urged all believers for all times, I purpose to "take heed" and wear Your salvation of my soul on my sleeve that others may gain. I take particular, punctilious, painstaking, rigorous, care in, as Your Apostle Paul says "working out" that salvation....not to be "saved again" but to build on what You have given me, in Grace through Faith, to a daily maturing in that the spirit of boldness, power, love and a sound mind!

It is only by staying, abiding and walking close to You, Abba Father, that I can be, that we can be, of any use to the Kingdom of Your Great Son, King Jesus the Lord of Heaven's Armies and the real Commander in Chief of the world! It is only by constant prayer, intercession, and letting the Word of God, the Bible richly dwelling in us day after day, month after month, year after year,  that Your servants can be effective in leaving a legacy of Lordship not just to our children from their birth to their maturity, but from their teenage years until they themselves become parents and then, if we are blessed with clarity of mind and good old age, we too can share what God, through Christ has done for us.  Lord, give us this day, not just our daily bread, but the daily power, strength, boldness, discernment and wisdom to execute every statute You laid out in this Scripture from this verse above, so that we will be able to do just as You commanded,  to not just leave but LIVE a legacy of love, and the Knowledge of the Goodness and Wonderful Works of our Lord, to those whom we will one day temporarily leave behind. We ask this in the Precious Name above all names - Jesus, our Lord, amen.
Holy Bible, Book Divine
Precious Treasure, Thou art mine!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015



"how will we escape if we neglect such a great salvation?"....Hebrews 2:3a

Heavenly Father, oh Most High God, I thank You for the offer of reconciling with You, my Creator which the Savior made when He died for all sins for all time at the Cross of Calvary. He, who did not consider equality with You, a thing to be grasped, held on to  and more, came off the Throne of Eternity to be borne in a cold dirty cave among the lowly to become like every person He created, in order that He could feel like we feel, walk like we walk and live among us.

What manner of God is our great Lord, Jesus Christ, the Ancient of Days? History records His ministry, His Love, His Words, His teachings and all that He did - fully man yet fully God. When the pharisees grabbed Him to throw Him off a cliff, He supernaturally walked through them in amazement. When they created false doctrine out of Moses' law, He healed the sick and comforted the broken- hearted. When the evil one tempted Him using things He created, Yeshua showed us the way to defeated this evil accuser of the brethren - with the Word of God.

We once were lost in sin, in the Egypt of our own making. We were slaves to such filth and degradation, a dungeon of death walking around in the open air, of our own making by following that same accuser and devil. We bought his distractions, lies, and sugar-coated temptations and lusts of the flesh dressed up as things we "could not do without"....the same kind of lies he used against Eve in the Garden of Eve. We lived like Adam and bought the pig in a poke even when we saw through the lies like Adam did. Yet the King loved us anyway. He methodically revealed the road we were on, how wide and beautiful it looked and how it led straight to a fiery hell for all eternity, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth after all of that.

How then can we ignore and turn our backs on our Great God when He did something He did not have not to? How can we ignore the Price He Paid for filthy sinners like every man who ever lived and paid with His life at age 33 after being persecuted by evil religious men in Jerusalem and brutal soldiers from Rome? How can we spurn His offer of Rescue from the Ruins of hell by coming to the end of ourselves, stopping, turning around in repentance and accepting His offer of Sacrifice, of Salvation and of can we reject that offer, Father? 

Yet, the entire world - from the mystic and violent religions of the east and from those who call themselves by Your Name and no more know You than those same followers of false religion, refuse to bow the knee in this life, while there is still breath. There remains no sacrifice for sin for those who refuse total surrender to the Will and Ways and Wonder of Christ, no matter whether they are priest, parent, "prophet" prime minister, president, professor, some of the poor, the pupil or business professional. There will be no escape for them on that Great Day of the Lord, if they neglect, ignore and turn from that free gift of eternal life, through Repentance and Faith, oh God. We pray for them that they do so, before life shall pass. Father, give us, Your elect, the strongest faith and will to endure and persevere to the end, even as You have shown us Your Grace, Mercy, Love and Favor by bringing us to the Foot of the Cross, where we shall abide with thee, until the end of time, in the Presence and Power of the One Who died for me and everyone else, in the Mighty Name of Christ Jesus, the Lord, amen.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015



"And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.”....Revelation 21:4

God of all comfort, love and mercy, we humbly in great anticipation, hope and faith, approach Thy Throne of Grace this day and now fall at Your feet, giving all our burdens, cares and tears into Your Mighty and Gentle Hands. Father, we live in a time of evil, pain, hurts and personal insults. We live in a time where Your people are under duress from the forces of evil and neglect. We live in a fallen world where sickness, viruses, famine, hunger and fear abound. We live in a paradigm of hopelessness, heresy and constant hounding by the hordes of hell and other false religion.

Even some of Your strongest saints, Father, ask if You are there, ask if You care and ask if You are even listening. We know, deep down You are. We know because Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, Victory and Wisdom testifies boldly, daily and forcefully to Your Presence, Power and possibilities in our lives. But we are cluttered not just by the clutter and distractions of this perishing world system and those in powerful institutions across the board. We are cluttered by our own foolish notions of Who You really are, What You have said and What it really means. We are even cluttered by our own, sometimes, unrepentant lifestyles and sins, especially in the western hemisphere - the Americas, Europe and Australia.

So Father, we repent right off the bat. We cannot abide, and rest in You....we cannot give all our sorrows, burdens and troubles to You....we cannot do anything unless we apologize for doubting You, for even disparaging You and for being distant FROM You. We are truly sorry for the sins of omission as well as those we commit against You and others. Search us now, oh God, and know the weak condition of our hearts, know every weakness and fault, we give it all to you and then wash away all the dross, dirt, filth and doubt for us so that we can clearly see the end of the matter.

We know there is coming a day, when You will wipe away all tears. When there will be no sorrow there, no burden or care...when this old body will be like Jesus after the Resurrection and the fallen nature of man will be thing of the past, long forgotten....where the evil of this world and those over it right now and in the past will be dispatched and long gone from the scene. Help us now to look toward that day, that promise that Truth, as we go through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, knowing that You are with us, for us, in charge of things and never left us. We love You, praise You, glorify and adore You, in Jesus' Strong Name, amen.

Monday, January 26, 2015


"Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me."....John 14:1


Heavenly Father, we remain persuaded, convinced, sure, know that we know and are confirmed, affirmed and firm in our Belief, Trust and Faith in You as Sovereign God and Lord of our lives. We believe in You, trust in You and love, obey, honor, magnify, lift up and glorify the Name of King Jesus all the days of our lives, now and always.

Father my heart is not troubled.  My spirit is at peace. My trust is in You. My Hope is built on nothing less but Jesus' Blood and Righteousness and I bow before His Throne, as I dare not, could not, don't want to and will not see any other, any thing, any distraction, any philosophy or any ungodly perverted corrupt or evil thing which this world offers, than the sweet refrain of Jesus' Name and His Word. His Word, which is Thy Word, liveth in my heart, my mind, my body, my finger tips and go with me as I walk, talk, eat, sleep, and breathe.

Lord, let me walk with Thee all the while, closer and closer, until I see the things You see, until I discern the matter such as You do, until I walk in the doctrines and manner of the Lord, according to His Great and Mighty Will. No one can know the Mind of the Lord, no one can know Your Ways, because they are so much more, well....amazing than ours. But Lord, when we ask, and we seek in fasting and prayer and with every fiber of our being, You reveal. You have revealed so many things which cannot be truly communicated as You meant them for Your Glory and my edification. 

So let me, this day and always, and not just me but all who call upon the Name of the Lord - and who declare Him as Lord of their lives - may we all see that bond. It is a bond way beyond the inseparable. It is a bond which Holy Spirit has sealed until the day of redemption as the guarantee, but it is also a bond which longs and yearns and desire and more intimate, a more dynamic, a more fluid and interactive relationship with You than even the close one we have right now. Draw me closer, Heavenly Father, as I seek Thy Holy Countenance moment by moment. So while my heart may be perturbed by the evil and things and concerns of this world for family and foundations falling apart, my spirit jumps for joy at the worship in Holy Heavenly Tabernacle as our prayers and praise rise up to the Temple and before Your Throne, this very hours...and this can only be done, through the Faith given to all of us, who believe in You, Lord Jesus, amen. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015


"Search me, O God, and know my heart;
Try me, and know my anxieties;
And see if there is any wicked way in me,  
And lead me in the way everlasting."....Psalm 139:23-24

(Against Anxiety, Day 7)
Most Holy and awesome God in Heaven, as Your servants David and Jeremiah both proclaimed heavenly truth that You knew us before You formed us in the womb, it comes down to this, Lord - my entire being is Yours, sinful man since Adam have corrupted it, we need redemption and relief from sinful fears - and only You can have the Will, the Power and the Inclination to rescue Your creation.

Lord, we are made in the Image and Likeness of You and under such an amazing configuration we operate in a reality which should be other worldly, but always gets bogged down and oppressed by sin, fear and the wrong kind of trembling. So Lord, You know where all that we have hidden from You reside. Send Your fine-toothed comb through our spirits, body and soul and have an intimate knowledge of what we think, say and do. We know You have complete access and since You are a Gentleman of the First Degree, You will not come in unless invited. So Father, we invite, implore, beg, plead and petition You to come fully into every part of our lives and take over. This is the only way You can "know my heart" as the Scripture above says.

And Father, since being saints who sometimes sin and stuck under the old curse of the first Adam who sinned, we do have wickedness embedded in us which needs to be cleansed, removed and taken out for good.  The anxieties and fears which reside inside us are indeed close to wickedness and even divination, as its root lies close to the tree of rebellion. 

May Your Holy Spirit, the Spirit Who lives inside us as believers, locate every single one of those hidden hurts, heresies, doubts, profanities, pornographic, covetous and immature thoughts and simply pull them out by the roots, then burn them and fling their remains across Your Sea of remember them no more.  Lord we know You can and will do this, if we so request in submission and genuine repentance. By Your purging of these wicked compartmentalized zones of our lives, we are then freed up from all anxious (and therefore sinful) moments to walk in a manner worthy of being in Your presence or as the Scripture above says "way everlasting".  By Your stripes, we WERE healed, by Your searching and prompting, we shall follow when You lead, in Jesus' Strong and Holy Name, amen.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


"For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control."....2 Timothy 1:7

(Against Anxiety, Day 6)
Father God we are so grateful that You have removed all obstacles that stand in the way of our reconciling with You, to remove the guilt and stand from the Fall of Adam, in the Garden. We are so grateful that through the Precious Shed Blood of the Ancient of Days, the ONLY perfect and acceptable Sacrifice for sin, that we are able to even stand in Your Holy Presence and not be cast aside into outer darkness, where doth lieth weeping and gnashing of teeth. All You ask in return for this Mighty Grace and Favor is our obedience to You, oh Most High, and surrender to All Your have in store for us. And Lord what You have and plan for those who love You, is so much better if the rest of us would just stop, listen and learn!

Who is like You, and who can out-give, out-love, out-grace You, oh Sovereign One? No one! You take away our fear and anxious moments by the strong whisper of Your Voice, as You direct us back to Your Written Word where You said "fear not" so many times, it is the most powerful exhortation in the Scripture! In our troubles and weakness, we overlook these things and subjugate our faith into second place, choosing to be like the lost of humanity and operate in the paradigm of fear. While, oh God, this may a natural human reaction, You did not call us or expect Your elect to do this sort of thing, but to trust and believe.

For that reason, You emphasized again that You did NOT give us a spirit, bent, inclination, heart and the ability to focus just so we would cower in spiritual and natural fear, when You - the Lord of Heaven's Armies Who can destroy every evil thing with one Word, one Command, is for us! We know this, we know You have us covered by the Blood and by the Angels, so help us to have the triple portion of Faith necessary to operate in this way every single moment of every day of every week and forever more, until You call us home.

You called us 'sons of God' and gave us Power (John 1:12) and thus, we already are embedded with Your dynamic, fluid Kingdom authority to beat back the enemy with the same word - Prayer! We must take authority over our situation, in Jesus' Name and then that authority will be thus be our connection to the Source, so You can then execute the result You desired in any particular situation. And we do this in Love oh God, the same love, agape, unconditional and forgiving love You showed us as we wallowed in our sin before Christ rescued us. None of this is possible - operating out of AND under the Authority of Christ in love, power and boldness if we are not under control, in sound mind and full conscious, aware, obedient and knowledgeable to the Who You are and what You are accomplishing in our lives.  Father God, give us the soundness and clarity of mind, that we, Your people, keep our collective heads on in cool calmness, being vigilant and alert so that when everything starts falling down around us, we can be under the unction of the Holy Spirit, in full control to lead others to You Way - the Perfect Way. We ask this through the Mighty Undefeated Name of our Lord and Commander of the Universe - Jesus, our Soon Coming King. AMEN


Plumbline with Bernie Lutchman and other
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(Original Programming in Bold)

Tim Henderson wrote on your Timeline.
December 24, 2014 at 12:01pmMy dearest brother. I wanted to share with you a comment that came into my account for barak TV. A man from Germany, who formerly professed to be an atheist, now professes Jesus Christ as Lord! He attributes that journey to following your programming. Blessings to you faithful servant and Merry Christmas!

Friday, January 23, 2015


"And the king said to them, “I have had a dream, and my spirit is anxious to know the dream."...Daniel 2:3

PRAYER: (Against Anxiety, Day 5)

Great God in Heaven, we bless Your Holy Name as we seek to come to the end of ourselves, so that we may see You better. We are so caught up in the trap of the now and what is in our line of vision, that our perspective  is becoming more and more like the world, whose vision is not that of the Holy and Sovereign God, but most times are similar to the god of this world, the prince and power of the air.  

Lord everything we see is troubling, from what goes on in our homes and churches to what transpires in the curricula in schools, colleges, the finance world, the city  hall and even the otherwise great institutions which once stood for Truth and Morality, according to Thy Word. When the secular and the lost in the politics and the judicial system ended Your presence by taking away prayer and Bible reading in schools over 50 years ago, they left the god of this world to fill this gap, and it has gotten worse since. What this has led to is three lost generations of ‘nones’ and others  who have walked away, or perish for a lack of vision. Their ungodly versions of vision, and the corrupt plans of this world continually play out in front of our eyes, and like King Nebuchadnezzar, they trouble us.  

We are troubled not just for our own future, but more concerned for our children and grandchildren’s salvation, sanity, future and quality of life. We are anxious and perturbed that they will have the freedom to worship you and live out their faith in their daily lives because the evil ones will command this once free society to follow the dictates of man….which is to shut up and move on and not proclaim the Name of the One Who died for us. We are understandably concerned that they do not know how to stand up for Truth and even defend, in a comprehensive way, what the Faith which You have given unto us even means. 

Lord we know that the righteous – Your Elect – will never go hungry and their children will never go begging bread, because You provide for Your own, but let these fears and concerns for the future, the kinds that trouble our sleep be allayed and may our seed- the arrows with which You have filled our quivers, be filled with courage from the Holy Spirit to face the increasing evil and persecution they will face, through the Strength and calling on the Power of Your Name, the Name above all names, in heaven and on earth – Jesus Christ, Provider and Protector, amen.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


"Why are you cast down, O my soul? And why are you disquieted within me? Hope in God; For I shall yet praise Him, The help of my countenance and my God"....Psalm 43:5

PRAYER: (Against Anxiety, Day 4)

Heavenly Father, Your Word is written in the Heavens and forever it is true. It rises to the ends of the earth, seals joy in the hearts of many, fear in the hearts of most and a lack of concern in the hearts of others. Your Word is sufficient for me. It drives me, it inspires me, it instructs me in the night and directs me in the day. It washes over me, it anoints my head even, with the oil of joy as its beauty overrules the ashes and soothes the souls to the point of healing.  It is a balm in Gilead and the river of cool water - nay, an oasis in the dry thirsty desert of life. It gives Life. Your true Word, oh God, gives life and love and limitless Grace to the humble while condemning the proud.

How can my soul be downcast when I drink in Your Goodness, as seen in Your Promise. How can I wallow in self-pity, anxiety, fear and nervousness when I consider Your Heavens, the Work of Your Fingers and the Majesty of Your Creation. You made man and even the Son of Man, a little lower than the angels. You gave Him up as a sacrifice to sin, like a sheep led to slaughter only to let Him be exalted above all. You raised Him up on the third day to the eternal glory in heaven and on earth. He sits on Your Right Hand of Power for all eternity, one today to rule this earth with a rod of iron, and a heart of velvet love, grace, mercy and compassion. He brings us home at the instant of death, in the twinkling of an eye and our cup runneth over with the hope of eternal life in Your Kingdom, the Kingdom of His Marvelous Light. His Name is Jesus, Adonai. El Shaddai, Your Son Yahweh refreshes me constantly - from day to day. His mercies never cease. Great is His Faithfulness, Lord unto me.

So why should I be troubled and full of turmoil and disquiet in my soul? How can I be ruined in my spirit, walk around with my head hanging down, bumping into things and sad all the day long when my God and my Savior, cares for me? Praise, worship and honor belong to You, oh God, who has shown me the way out of a crisis, any crisis which affects the souls and lives of men and women - and that way is found in chasing after You first, praising You, worshipping You, staying super-glued and connected to Your Holy Word and obeying every statute and directive which cometh from on High, to my eternal benefit. 

You are my God. You are my help in ages past and my hope for years to come.  Be thou my guide while I live upon this earth. Lead me into paths of righteousness and near streams of cool waters and green valleys, that I may continue to rest in you, free from the horror and panic of this world, as the Joy of the Lord shines from my soul giving testimony and proof of the Living Word, who dwelleth within me. Oh Lord, my God, how excellent, wonderful, awesome and mighty is Your Name, the Name of King Jesus, Lord of Heaven's Armies and it is in His Name I pray, amen.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God."...
Philippians 4:6

PRAYER: (Against Anxiety, Day 3
Father, most Heavenly Father, the Scripture once asked the question "how long shall the wicked reign" when the question should be "why do I keep doing the things which drive me insane"? You, oh God, have the future of the wicked in Your Hands and that is sure, but You also told us not to be anxious, not be torn up in side, not to be distracted, beat up, beat down, flounder around or just let fear abound, when YOU TOLD US to come to You about everything.

Lord, Your Word says EVERYTHING, which means every single thing and we approach the Throne of Grace right now, in the strong Name of Jehovah Shammah, Jesus Who is there for us, in prayer and supplication in humble a beggar begging bread but with the authority and sense of belonging to You, as an adopted son and/or daughter, an adopted child, such as we are. Lord, You said in this Word to not just come to You, but oh, what an incredible thing that the Living God Whose Son, the Savior of the World intercedes for us, actually listens as the Holy Spirit interprets with groanings too strong for words!

Lord, may our petitions and intercession rise up like the incense which permeate the Throne Room of Heaven, where the Seraphim sing day and night, non-stop since days of old, "Holy Holy Holy, Holy Holy Holy"....oh How Holy are You Lord, that Your Spirit has to make our petitions filter through Your template to be worthy of even being brought before You in this manner! Praise Your Great Name! Such a thing is unfathomable as we ponder what is happening, the worship in Heaven at this time, the non-stop praise and power of the Almighty as He sits in Spirit and in Magnificent Light. Lord, we can be nothing but grateful and giving thanks to You is not even enough.

It is in this spirit of gratitude, an attitude of thanksgiving that we cry out to You on behalf of our souls, our families, our lost loved ones, our neighbors and co-workers and the gas station clerk down the street. We lift up prayerfully our towns and businesses, our community and political leaders, most of whom only give You lip service, while doing their own thing. We pray for babies are are taken in the womb, ordained by American judges who are also now about to blaspheme You and Your Holy Word, as regards Biblical marriage. We pray You intervene and if we are fully under the Romans 1 Judgment, we pray for our Christian brethren persecuted in their bakeries, wedding shops and more for taking a stand for the True Faith of Christ, not what man has appropriated and twisted to modern culture. We pray for those who hunger in lands of famine and want. We pray for those who are in war zones and especially the United States military and other allied troops.  Lord, protect us this day. Keep us from evil and temptation and help us walk in the path of righteousness as we obey and function under the Authority of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, in Whose Name I pray, amen.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


"But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. "So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own"...
Matthew 6:33-34

PRAYER: (Against Anxiety, Day 2

Heavenly Father,  great is Your Name and You are greatly to be praised! You, Whose Son conquered fear, death and hell sit in the heavenlies over all, so great and mighty are You Lord. By the profound sacrifice on the Cross, which satisfied the eternal blot on humanity and atoned perfectly for all sin, for all time,  You reconciled man unto Yourself and offered Him a road back to eternal fellowship with You. Lord we long for that fellowship because it is the kind which causes us to be able to persevere through these difficult and trying times.

Your Word says here to “not worry about tomorrow”, and You are correct. We have enough in front of us to simply make it through this day. Those in persecuted lands who have had no bread as they lose homes, land, jobs even family and freedom by the hordes, who represent the evil one, do not even know where their next piece of break cometh from.  We are so grateful for all you have given us, in abundance and may we share with those who are less blessed and fortunate.  No one knows what the morrow will bring, but You, and from Your Promises in the Scriptures say, if we trust fully in You, that it shall be well and taken off our plate.

Lord, the anxiety many feel comes from not just the uncertainty of this day, but the scary prospect of tomorrow as evil triumphs over good, for this time only, but nevertheless, still triumphs.  As the public educational systems corrupt Your little ones, thus preparing to answer to You on Judgment Day not knowing about the millstone and the sea….as the weak western church stand a mile wide led by super-rich under-shepherds who sugarcoat the True Gospel to keep numbers paying tithes….as the culture brainwashes with perverted messages and false religions of self-realization and mysticism demonic religions...even so, as our young people see no hope for the future, with massive college debts and no prospects….as all of this happens, confusion reigns; panic arises; hopelessness through the roof and even Your people, who are called by Your Name, feel they have nowhere to turn.


But Father, we know they feel this way because most don’t know the Scriptures, they don’t know the Power of the Word or the God Who gave it.  Father, Your equation is simple, straightforward and out in the open for all to see “seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness”….and then we will be able to persevere through anxious times, without the anxiety and all the physical, emotional and spiritual baggage that go with that anxiety.  Father, we pray that Your people start picking up the Scriptures and search for themselves to find out just what the Kingdom of God is and why His true elect are currently living in that eternal peaceful realm, while still on earth in our current form….abiding in Your everlasting Arms! Even if their preachers don’t preach the real Gospel, we pray they seek answers themselves and Your help in understanding Your Word, Your Promise and Your Abode – the kingdom of heaven!  And Lord, by pursuing Your heart, by pressing into know You more, by proclaiming what You are doing in our lives, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, we pray that more and more will see Your Holiness, Your Hand in creation and all the events surrounding our lives and more. May they seek and see more of the Righteousness of Christ confirmed in His Word and through the Holy Spirit Who lives in the true believers.  In this manner, oh God, helps all Your people to be anxious for nothing and to see Your Plans perfectly aligned with Your Timing, for our own sake and good,  and help us believe more and thus put all our trust and faith RIGHT NOW, in Jesus Christ, and it is in His Name we pray, believe and achieve this shalom and departure for anxious moments. Amen.