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Pastor Matt McCaulley has been nominated as BEST DIRECTOR at the 2024 International Christian Film Festival for his new movie “UNDEFILED”.  Who is Pastor Matt? He is the outreach pastor of Journey Church, a solid and quiet church of 120 in the city of Joplin, (western Missouri), and a quiet, humble, talented man of many hats! We had a wonderful conversation, over a wide-ranging 40-minute interview over the Memorial Day weekend, about his new film “UNDEFILED”

So how did a medium-sized Midwestern Southern Baptist Church end up with its first major Feature Film “UNDEFILED” edited by the same Burbank company that edited the popular THE CHOSEN series?  (UNDEFILED was edited by Christian, God-honoring Kappa Studios of Burbank – the same editing firm owned by Paul Long, who edited UNPLANNED, FAMILY CAMP, HIS ONLY SON, NO GREATER LOVE…and more). Read on………….

The following is a synopsis of the conversation between potential award recipient Matt McCaulley and myself.

The Joplin, Missouri-based LIGHT OF LIFE FILMS has launched its intense, fact-based, and relevant-to-the-times movie UNDEFILED starring Bradford Haynes, formerly of the Los Angeles baseball Dodger in early May 2024. This is a gritty, yet tastefully presented, raw look at the real-life sickening underbelly of the world of pornography, the gateway to sex trafficking.

From speaking with Pastor Matt, who has a tri-cornered hat that includes filmmaker, he confirmed that every detail was paid attention to, to bring to the viewing audience the dark grit that is the growing menace of underage sex trafficking in the United States and its pornographic side. Without going into too much technical detail, I recommend the viewer look at the movie through the lens of the lead character Mitch Jennings (Bradford Haynes), because the seriousness of the central issue of the film (human trafficking) will pierce the innermost, most direct part of your soul. For movie tech buffs, this was filmed, using vintage Kowa anamorphic lenses from the 1970s, from which the desired gritty effect was derived.

The movie was written by Pastor Matt, his son David, and his wonderful father Daniel.  It was revised 30 times and does include inspiration and facts from Dr. Kevin Whisman, Christian Clinical Psychologist and Executive Producer of the movie. Dr. Kevin also hails from Joplin and as a practicing psychologist, he is privy to facts most of us will never know.  He supplied the factual underpinnings of this excellent movie, UNDEFILED.

According to Undefiled Director McCaulley, the casting effort was wonderful experience! It includes of course, lead actor Bradford Haynes as main character Mitch Jennings; Stephanie Patterson as his wife Amber Jennings; Kalyn Wood is the abused trafficked young lady and Stelio Savante (Three Blind Saints) among many others.  Director Pastor Matt said “casting was so much fun, yet terrifying as we did not want to make a mistake!” He had known leader actor Bradford Haynes from their church’s outreach ministry film component Light of Life Films, when Bradford appeared in LOLF’s first ever movie: a 17-minute video on the substitutionary death on the Cross of Christ, called “The Substitute (2017)”.

The message and mission of this brand-new offering, Undefiled, is twofold – to bring attention to this pervasive issue of human sex trafficking, across state and international lines, and secondly to bring


Hope to those who are caught in this vicious circle of ungodly human   error, that the Body of Christ not just knows and write small checks to   ministries about it, but that we DO care, do care and the good Lord will   lead us to the path of righteousness. The latter can be followed by   action, the wonderful Grace of God, and then – the sound of freedom!

 This labor of love and intense focus was prayed up powerfully.   Director  Matt’s team went into this project aware of their intention, as   he recounted to “glorify God and not ourselves and to make sure this   entire film project was from Him”, he testified.

 Finally, the issue of movie budgets did have to emerge as it takes   financial resources to bring in a well-known actor and/or actress; their   supporting cast, and technical equipment. The cost of editing any   production is a significant part of expenses.  To have maximum   audience impact, it is worth having the best of the best at Kappa   Studios  complete the project.

  Pastor and Director Mike indicated while there was no organized   “crowd-funding” for the production of Undefiled, several local and Joplin, Missouri- area donors did step up to the plate and assisted in the financing of this incredible movie.

As editor of this website, I recommend not only seeing this film yourself in the recommended channels at the top of this article but that you share this with your pastors, small groups, or just friends who are concerned with this prevalent disease of human trafficking and widespread pornography use, both of inside and outside the walls of Christianity. Widespread support of works of Christian love and Hope like Undefiled, will enable Journey Church and its Light of Life film ministry to continue to produce more content, to bless a hope-starved world.







 The Substitionary Atonement of the Lord Jesus

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Suspense Movie Starring Former Pro-Baseball Player

"Pornography is Triggered by Worthlessness in the Brain Crippling 68% Church Going Men & 50% Pastors." - Psychologist Dr. Whisman & Pure Desire Ministries


Light of Life Film's director Matthew McCaulley, Outreach Pastor of 150 attendee Journey Church, Joplin MO, made an anti-pornography movie "unDEFILED" with
actor-former professional baseball player Bradford Haynes ("Stranger Things") who played pro-baseball for the Dodgers Organization. The filmmakers hope to aid men to conquer pornography addiction through the movie's story along with providing biblical resources in an 8-part video series, "Living unDEFILED," available for purchase at

Plots from the movie come from Psychologist Dr. Kevin Whisman who has seen over 10,000 individuals in therapy. 50% have unwanted sexual thoughts and behaviors. 5000+ hours have been spent helping people recover from this epidemic. If a husband fails marriage, he often engages in porn from experiencing worthlessness and masculine identity depicted in movie clip

"Guilt says I did bad, shame says I am bad," said Trevor Winsor of Pure Desire Ministries states.

Church leaders and film producers, Shannon Whitsett and Patty Mark, worked with McCaulley and his family, Daniel, and David, to write Dr. Whisman's research showcasing these pornography triggers throughout the suspenseful baseball backdrop in "unDEFILED." The script depicts worthlessness through Haynes character Mitch Jennings in a failing baseball career resulting in the inability to provide financially for his family. This leads to Jennings watching porn. The sale of a sex trafficking victim being sold is depicted when Zach Sale's ("Miracle from Heaven") character entices his fellow baseball teammate to get sexual fulfillment found in a run-down hotel. Watch clip The team coach played by SAG Award Nominee Stelio Savante (Moses in “The Chosen”) works against this darkness speaking worth into the men.

Climatic moment of the film is when Jennings conquers his pornography addiction reaching for a Bible in his hotel after struggling to reopen a pornography site. Watch conquering porn movie clip

This story's plot opens the conversation about how men can escalate from pornography to in-person sexual encounters. These meet-ups are often with vulnerable young girls who are controlled through manipulation, drugs, and withholding food and other necessities. The estimated global profits of sex trafficking are $150 billion. Later in the film, the trafficked character, played by Red Letter Awards Nom'd Kalyn Elizabeth Wood ("Your Worst Nightmare") cries out, "You did this to me!" Watch clip as a response to this demand of men seeking sexual relief. Cory Kays ("Don't Say My Name") character gets addicted and takes his own life because of the pain of inadequacy.

"There are over 10,000 newly identified sex trafficking victims in the US each year with pornography creating one of the top demands," states National Human Trafficking Hotline.

Pure Desire Ministries exposes worthlessness stems from childhood. "unDEFILED" depicts through a compelling plot-point of baseball player Mitch being verbally abused by his father through his teenage years. "You're not good enough!" yells dad Jerry played by ICVM Crown Awards Best Actor Nominee Michael J. Patterson ('Running the Bases") depicted in clip

Stephanie Peterson ("Vindication") picked up two festival award nominations for Best Supporting Actress as Mitch's wife, Amber Jennings. She depicts the agony of not having food or milk to feed her kids and later discovers perceived sexual acts by her husband at a hotel. Jennings takes the children and separates them from the marriage. Watch clip

"This visually shows how 'Pornography use increases the marital infidelity rate by more than 300%," as stated in an article by Mission Frontiers.

Pure Desire Ministries reveals that 68% of church-going men and 50% of pastors use pornography regularly within the secrets of their lives. An opposite perspective comes from a controversial podcaster Pearl Davis in an interview with celebrated journalist, Jason Whitlock, discussing the topic of pornography, "The real problem is women not sleeping with their husbands." Emerson Eggerich's NY Times Best-Selling book "Love & Respect" explains when women feel unloved by their husbands, they struggle to honor their man. This cycle leads to men feeling disrespected.

unDEFILED picked up a Best Picture win at the SoCal Film Awards, 15 festival award nominations at Red Letter Awards and The International Christian Film Festival. Award selection later 2024.

"unDEFILED" releases May 10, 2024 on Apple TV and Tubi and is available on Amazon Prime. Resources available at


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