Monday, May 24, 2021


Most merciful Father, Creator of Heaven and earth, at the start of this new week, we approach the Throne of Grace on bended knee, seeking Your guidance, direction and Grace in the form of Your mercies, new as they are every morning. Thank You for Your kindness, not just to all generations past, but to us on this day, as we see new horizons, new possibilities, new challenges and new potential pitfalls ahead if we are not careful to stay in the lane, which You have set out for us.

Help us to not just seek favor for ourselves, but to love the unloveable.

Move us to not just do the easy things, but to trust You with the impossible.

Inspire us to not just be like any other, but to believe the Holy Spirit for the incredible.

Stay with us not just through the difficult, but exhort us as we rejoice in  everything winnable.


Let us, who are faithful pray to You, immediately when we call short of the mark.

Let us, who are forgiven, forgive others who have trespassed against us.

Let us never walk in rebellion when You call us to repentance thinking You are okay with sin when Holiness is Your standard, without which, no one will see God.

When the floodwaters of trial and tribulation come, may we find our hiding place in You.

When the high and low tides in the ocean of life wash over us, may we be continually covered by the Precious Blood of the Lamb.

When the modern day Babylonians throw Your people into the fires of persecution, let them see that You are the Fourth Man in the Fire.


You will never and have never abandoned us.

You protect in times of battle and hail.

You surround us with shouts of deliverance

You instruct us in the Way we should go.

You bring hope when the road ahead seems hopeless

You let us know the days of the wicked are limited and their day of reckoning draws nigh.


So teach us to number our days and nights that we may have hearts of obedience, devotion to You and the passion to serve You. For You have surrounded us with Your chariots of fire, which the world has not seen nor will they ever know.


Give us this week, a heart to reach the lost or to at least pray for their dark souls, for even the vilest enemy can be made clean by the Word of the Lamb and the power of His testimony.


Give us this day, our daily bread – supernatural food, which only Your Spirit can provide that we may found acceptable in Your sight, should anyone of us be called up before You, until we meet again.  May Your gracious kindness and love, in hearing this prayer, move our hearts so that we may be constantly be found praying always in the Spirit, in all prayer and supplication, as Thy Word says in Philippians.


Father, most Mighty God in Heaven, we come before You now,  and ask all of these in the most Holy, Precious and the Strong Name of Jesus Who is Christ, amen and amen.



PRAYER LEADERS: Pastor Adam Cruse (Living Faith Baptist Church); Pastor Mac Dalton (Radiant Church); Pastor Paul Ayappa (Faith Outreach Christian Center); Pastor Jonathan Franklin (Mount Zion Apostolic Church); Pastor Roy Newman (Fresh Visions Community Church); Pastor Eric Ginder (New Life Tabernacle).

NDP Proclamation:  State of Illinois National Day of Prayer Task Force Leader Pastor Stan Pratt

Worship Music led by Dr. Eddie Pullen, Illinois Baptist State Association (IBSA).

Location: Crowne Plaza, Springfield, Illinois.

Recorded, edited and broadcasted by Great News Radio WLUJ Family of Stations , from the Mississippi River to the Indiana border.

Sponsored and led by Bernie Lutchman and Business Men in Christ since 2006

Monday, May 17, 2021


Most kind and gracious Heavenly Father, we are grateful at the end of another day for Your kindness, mercy, grace and long suffering.

In Your Mercy You looked down on the poor estate of Your people, had pity on us so much so that Your Son stepped off His Throne, to become sin, Who knew no sin.
In Your kindness therefore You allowed Him, Who willingly did not consider equality with You a thing to be held on to, to sacrifice Himself according to Your divine plan.
In Your long suffering, You hold back Your final wrath not wanting many to be lost, but everyone to come to repentance.
In Your grace, You reached down from Heaven and pulled sinners such as I, out of the fiery pit, cleaned us off, put a new robe of righteousness on us and set us on a course to live in the Eternal Realm, even now, amongst a lost and dying world.

We are so grateful for Your love, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us, oh Lord my God in Heaven.
We are humbled by Your goodness in that You provide for us, not just food and shelter in the natural, but supernatural nourishment which is new every morning.
We are mystified that even when things do not add up, and we feel adrift in a sea of loneliness, confusion and chaos, Your Grace is sufficient for us.
We are overwhelmed that You, my God, not just know the very hairs on our heads, but You call us by Name to such an incredible extent, You sent the same Spirit Who raised Christ from the dead, to live in us.

Most glorious and wonderful God, we ask in the same vein as Your long-departed servant Spurgeon, who now abides with thee...we ask "Christian, lovest thou thy Savior? Is His name precious to thee? Is His cause dear to thee? Wouldst thou see the kingdoms of the world become His? Is it thy desire that He should be glorified?"

Lord, the answer is YES to all those questions!

You are our delight. We love You, Your amazing Son, the Creator and the Powerful Holy Spirit.
You are the Pearl of Great Price....more precious than gold or silver.
Your cause is more dear to us than life itself. We are committed to the end.
Your wish is our desire that we live out our days in righteousness, holiness and humility, seeking justice for all, but Your Kind of Justice not the world's. Seeking the good life for all, not the prosperity heresy of the modern church, but the abundant life which cometh from abiding in Thee. Our desire is Your command, to goeth forth and make disciples of all men, women and children and to bring them to the Foot of the Cross.
You are our first love - we shall never abandon Thee for the corrupt, evil and perishing things of this world.

Therefore Lord, as we begin a new week and head to a new day, may we rest in the everlasting Arms. May we surrender all that we are, which is absolutely nothing compared to all that You are.....and Lord, may we awake each and every day of the next week, to love, serve and obey Thee in all that we say, think and do, in Jesus' Most Precious and Holy Name, AMEN AND AMEN!

Monday, May 10, 2021


Heavenly Father, Maker of Heaven and earth, great is Your Name and greatly to be praised. You are worthy of all praise, all glory and all honor, this day, this week and this moment – now and always – as we live with breath borrowed with an expiration date from Your Kingdom Throne.


We thank You at the start of a new week, as one day comes to an end and the cycle continues through this current Age, that You have given us so much more than we have asked for, Oh Lord. In Your Grace, in Your Mercy, in Your Shalom – the peace that passes ALL understanding, You have given us the ability to be more than our feeble minds can even comprehend.

Father we can be like the giant oak, planted by the running waters of life, or we can be like the fig tree, which the Lord Jesus cursed because it bore no fruit.  Therefore, give us the boldness and courage in our weakness to use the power you filled us with, when You sent Your Holy Spirit to indwell us, so:

That we may bear fruit in and out of season

That we may take the long view as You do, and see the end from the beginning as much as we can

That we may not shake and cower at the first sign of opposition to our calling, because You did not give us a spirit of Fear, but the same Spirit Who raised Christ from the dead

That we may place our own selfish needs on the shelf and fish for great catch so that the King may be glorified – King Jesus.


Lord we know that when we quit navel-gazing and feeling sorry for ourselves, You open up the windows of Heaven and pour Your goodness on down in over-abundant measure. Hallelujah.

We know that when we water our hearts, mind and soul with the fresh and living Water of the Holy Spirit and Your Word, our leaf will not wither and whatsoever we do shall prosper.

We know that even though we wonder how long shall the wicked reign, we instinctively know in our spiritual hearts that You watch over the righteous…and that not one hair on our heads will be harmed by the evil one and his minions.

We know all these things because all Your promises are Yes and Amen! Hallelujah.

So thank You on Lord, on each passing day, that You put new joy in our hearts.

Thank You for the new wine which overflows our wineskins

Thank You for the grain of Your abundant provisions

Thank You for the sweet peace and rest You have blessed us with each day and night

Thank You for the families and spouses and children and grandchildren and more You have blessed Your faithful ones with.

Most of all, dear Lord, thank You for the Lord Jesus, our soon coming King, Who sits upon the Throne and as each day passes,  He sees the Day when He will mount the White Horse to bring Judgement and the Kingdom Reign upon the earth.

At the end of a new day, and at the start of a new week, we live for that Great and Glorious Day, when the King shall rise and lead the Armies of Heaven through the Eastern Sky. We honor, proclaim and bless His Mighty and Holy Name  - the Name above all other Names, the Name of Jesus, amen and amen.


Monday, May 3, 2021


Oh Most Gracious and Loving God, on this week where we observe the National Day Of Prayer, we come to You on bended knee, as our Helper in times of Trouble, Trial and Tribulation.

We serve in a land of evil, deception and entitlement, even among those who say they are called by Your Name. But You are a good, good God Who are patient until the end, hoping that all will come to repentance.

Father, though the earth trembles and the mountain topples in the depths of the seas.

Though the wild winds blow and bring destruction and devastation in their wake.

Though diseases rampage millions worldwide because of man’s evil nature and depravity.

From everlasting to everlasting, You are God.


You are God Who stands ready to welcome the wounded.

You are God Who stays tuned into the needs of the needy.

You are God Who spared not His Son but loves us sinners.

You are God Who sounds the alarm and warns of the coming wrath.

You are God Who saves, heals and reveals a better way for all who are weary.


There is a river whose streams delight the City of God. Even though the heathens rage, and the majority imagine a vain thing, You are with us in times of battle and war. The Lord of Heaven’s armies – King Jesus – remains our stronghold and sounds the Trumpet. He fights for us, daily. He prays for us constantly. He is always there for us, as He says – truthfully.


It is to Him, oh most awesome God, we turn – not in our vain, fake righteousness, but in His.

It is to Him we surrender our fears and cares, because He cares for us.

It is to Him we claim the promise of His, to never leave or forsake us – as Your people, as Your Holy Nation, as Your Body of Christ.


So Lord, we come to You at this time, and always, to see Your Mighty Works. We come to You in all humility and repent of all our sins that we may be found acceptable in Thy sight.  We come to You, knowing that in our former wretched state, that we still can do nothing on our own and that it is by our lack of proper stewardship, as Your people, that things are the way they are right now.


Teach us not just to number our days, but to cherish the privilege to come to You in prayer.

Teach us to cease fighting windmills, and know that You are God.

Teach us to wait upon Jehovah, so our hearts will be fully blessed, finding as He promised, perfect peace and rest.


The same Jesus, Whom walked the earth 2000 years ago, also stood on Mt. Sinai and gave the Law to Moses. It is that same Jesus we trust now with prayer, petitions and supplications for our families, our churches, our communities and nation, in His Holy, Mighty and Precious Name, amen and amen.