Tuesday, July 21, 2015


The Heart of a Praying Grandma
'Meetings with Beppe' is proof the Gospel of Salvation is so free, simple and available that the ordinary among us become extraordinary, when we truly belong to Christ. Angela Schans did a masterful job honoring her husband's hardworking, hard-praying grandma, whose story itself is quintessential Horatio Alger-like.

What a loving portrayal of Beppe. The latter had migrated from the Netherlands in 1955 with nothing, and yet she left a legacy of everything eternal. This short book's biggest accomplishment is not only found in amazing 90 year old ravaged by dementia spiritual brilliance, but in her poetry. Beppe's grasp of the Truths of the Bible, the narrow road to heaven and her ability to get to the heart of the gospel (in the poems) would make any seminary president blush with envy. 'Meetings with Beppe' is recommended for both children, adults and the young at heart.

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