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I Am A Christian

I Am A Christian

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Matthew 6:6 (AMP): But when you pray, go into your [most] private room, and, closing the door, pray to your Father, Who is in secret; and your Father, Who sees in secret, will reward you in the open.

Remember when you first met your wife or the special lady, who was soon to be your wife? Remember how you looked into her eyes and the very sound of her voice melted butter?!! Well, this type of love is similar to the Love the Father has for us, except He has "fileo" love.

Do you look in His Eyes the same way you look at the world? We think nothing about having fellowship freely with the fickle emotions of this world, yet neglect 'RETIRING' our heart to DIRECT communication with the Father.

Jesus gave the guidelines (see verse above) for what some people call "QUIET TIME" with God. I don't! Sure, I remain quiet, but I want the SPIRIT of the Living GOD to speak LOUD and CLEAR to me! Meditation is a heart to His Heart pressing into Abba Father.

HOWEVER, we should NEVER lose sight of what caused this to be so - the Cross. The Cross was the most vulgar, obscene, scandalous and bloody evil instrument of death. Yet it is the most amazingly beautiful symbol of Love ever in Human History. Those who follow pagan religions and those so-called Christians who compromise the Crucified Christ with the world, by watering Him down to lukewarm vomit (Revelation 3:15-16) should shudder because they are not invited to the Secret Place.

It is only us, those who are called to the Cross, carry a Living Temple within us - the Holy Spirit. Would you consider taking up residence in that temple, starting now?! This is the Secret Place He spoke of in the verse!

Friday, November 13, 2009


The just concluded AWAKENED HEARTS conference, led by Lou Engle (Kansas City IHOP and The Call) (seen at left with me) as well as Kirk Bennett (recently back at KCIHOP) and Springfield Illinois' own Scott Beauchamp, was a move of God bigger than what was going on less than 2 miles away at the almost 9000 strong Beth Moore conference!
As all us intercessors know, Lou is in a class by himself and Kirk has an anointing to teach, impart and share the Word of God that only a few of us warriors are allowed to by Jehovah God. But Scott Beauchamp of Springfield IHOP brought a word from the Lord which brought Breakthrough to many saints present - right in the middle of the afternoon! I know because I felt a burden from a two month long spiritual attack on my mind lift so clear off me, there was also a tremendous physical change from my shoulders all the way up through my head. With hands lifted high, and an angel of mercy laying hands on my shoulder and head, I worshipped like never before!!
Scott was absolutely correct! He told Lou and Kirk that he would take the mid-afternoon spot when everyone would be either sleepy or the crowd would be smaller! It was neither. There were enough people there to fill the average American small church and many more were delivered, at the Altar of Christ through this move of the Spirit.
The lesson here - awaken your heart through humility, through submission, through confession, through repentance, through intercession and then Let the Spirit of God and those He sends to pray for and lay hands on you, Let the Spirit do His Work. This is the ONLY way to TRUE deliverance and even MORE freedom to Walk in the Light of Christ!
(Bernie Lutchman)

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Our house is three-years old. When I stood in the giant kitchen, it was love at first sight. I ran my hands along the counters, envisioned the wall color, and in my mind dictated where each piece of furniture would find a home. We eagerly called our friend and realtor and signed the papers. Picking up the keys to our new house was the happiest day of our lives. My husband owned a house all ready when first I met him, but this is our first house bought together. This is my first house.

I drove to our new home as fast as the speed limit and police officers would allow. I pulled into my new driveway and squealed in glee when I saw what my husband had done; he bought a bottle of wine and some flowers. We slept on the floor in our new bedroom. The next day my mother-in-law and other family friends rallied around us in our new barren front yard. I pulled in with a fresh batch of groceries. Smiles adorned everyone’s face as they shared in our joy.

The cell phone rang.

I should have ignored it. I should have listened to the nervous twitter of my heart. The day my husband and I moved into our home is forever tainted by the memories of that phone call. I imagined so many teas and so many friends stopping over to say hello. I imagined many heart-to-hearts in the kitchen over coffee and fresh baked goods. I imagined my home would flow with friends and family. It may not have turned out the way I had imagined at first blush, but I am grateful for what God did teach me.

Relationships take two people. It takes two people who want to learn about each other and who want to get involved. It takes two people who forebear each others faults and encourage each others strengths. It takes two people who care enough to break down the barriers. We each put up barriers. We are not even aware of it. Once we become aware of those barriers, we need to break them down and allow people inside. Our friends may let us down. Our family may let us down. Our hearts may break a thousand times, but Jesus has a big tube of super glue and He knows how to put those pieces back together again. Do not be afraid to let your heart break. Take a risk on someone. Love them in spite of their differences. Enjoy healthy boundaries. Most importantly, keep your hearts and doors open for the unexpected. You will not have any regrets.

My home is full of love and encouragement. It is not a brittle or cold place. I don’t care if you come in with muddy shoes. I don’t care if you wish to use my place as a place to crash because the world is unfair and weighing too heavily upon your shoulders. I don’t care what you have done wrong. God loves you. He loves you so much He sent us His Son to die on the cross for our sins. A home is not a roof and four walls; our home is where Jesus resides. My home is also wherever my husband sleeps. Our house is full of laughter. Joy has a permanent place in our house. How? Because we believe a marriage is three people: Jesus, your spouse, and you. We believe a marriage is not about power plays or egos. It is not about selfish ambition. It is not about crossing healthy boundaries. It is about encouragement, love, and following Jesus with all your heart and your soul. How are you breaking down the barriers? How are you making your home a place where people want to spend their time?