Friday, November 13, 2009


The just concluded AWAKENED HEARTS conference, led by Lou Engle (Kansas City IHOP and The Call) (seen at left with me) as well as Kirk Bennett (recently back at KCIHOP) and Springfield Illinois' own Scott Beauchamp, was a move of God bigger than what was going on less than 2 miles away at the almost 9000 strong Beth Moore conference!
As all us intercessors know, Lou is in a class by himself and Kirk has an anointing to teach, impart and share the Word of God that only a few of us warriors are allowed to by Jehovah God. But Scott Beauchamp of Springfield IHOP brought a word from the Lord which brought Breakthrough to many saints present - right in the middle of the afternoon! I know because I felt a burden from a two month long spiritual attack on my mind lift so clear off me, there was also a tremendous physical change from my shoulders all the way up through my head. With hands lifted high, and an angel of mercy laying hands on my shoulder and head, I worshipped like never before!!
Scott was absolutely correct! He told Lou and Kirk that he would take the mid-afternoon spot when everyone would be either sleepy or the crowd would be smaller! It was neither. There were enough people there to fill the average American small church and many more were delivered, at the Altar of Christ through this move of the Spirit.
The lesson here - awaken your heart through humility, through submission, through confession, through repentance, through intercession and then Let the Spirit of God and those He sends to pray for and lay hands on you, Let the Spirit do His Work. This is the ONLY way to TRUE deliverance and even MORE freedom to Walk in the Light of Christ!
(Bernie Lutchman)

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