Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Concert with our Symphonies!

The Sangamon Valley Youth Symphony, led by Conductor Richard Haglund, took part in the Annual Holiday Pops Concert on Saturday December 21, 2008. The concert is held each year at the Sangamon Auditorium, University of Illinois, Springfield Illinois and is a production led by the famed Illinois Symphony Orchestra (ISO).

Each year, the SVYS gets to play alongside ISO and this year, they were allowed three Christmas favorites! Bernie Lutchman III, 16, is a percussionist with SVYS in his 4th year and can be seen in the background as Maestra Karen Deal, of the ISO conducts both orchestras!!What a blessed and fun time for our family and all families involved in this excellent music adventure! There was such a great Christmas spirit everywhere!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Hello Folks,

Just a short note. My dear wife, Vicki Lutchman, composed a song called HOME FOR CHRISTMAS which is really inspired!

It was just completed a few weeks ago in a church with my nephew playing piano. We have copyrighted the song and are sending it out free, via email, to anyone to listen to and forward to a soldier or military personnel serving overseas.

If you wish a copy, please email Vicki at vlutchman@comcast.net!

God bless you and God bless America!

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Lutchman Family celebrates Christmas with Ministry of Song and the Word at the Villa Retirement Center West, Sherman, Illinois (December 5, 2008).


The Lord has put on my heart the follow up book to "TWO MINUTE WARNING"(2007) and am in the process of returning to work on it.

Based on 1 Thessalonians 5, the book is a more focused work on the manner in which a true disciple of Christ should conduct her or himself. It is called "CONDUCT BECOMING", and will have true life stories, short interviews and quotes from various friends of mine who are in national ministry.

Please pray for me as I research and write this book. My wife, Vicki Lutchman, is listed as the co-author. She has some great input from her rich family background and such. I am praying for a completion date of the end of February for certain.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Lead Eagle and Apostle to the Crow Nation in Yellowtail, Montana, Jim Chosa was headline teacher and evangelist at the recently concluded Illinois Apostolic Prayer Network 2008 Conference. Jim drove in from Montana with his earthly inspiration and lovely wife Faith for five sessions of amazing spirit-filled teaching.
All sessions were purposed for spiritual growth of the believer and/or prayer intercessor who seeks CHRIST ONLY and ONLY what God has written through His Word - the Bible.
What our redemption really means to recognizing and defeating the lies of the devil were just the tip of the iceberg, during the two days of this powerful time of solid instruction.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Karen Kingsbury has tapped into the simple beauty and complete joy of Christmas in her new book “ We believe in Christmas”.

Her beautiful poem touched down deep into time, past and present, where family is always the fulcrum of the blessed event of Christ’s birth! Illustrator…. Emphasized this truth emphatically and with such finesse that the scene could be anywhere from small town America, to suburbia to the outskirts of any major urban area where God’s people gather.

The countenances on the wonderful children in this book reflect the joy of the actual Kingsbury family, with its wonderful diversity. Just as Christ adopted us as sons and daughters, the children in …..reflect that reality about what heaven can be truly like!

The poem and illustrations speak to us of children, community, church and Christ. Every MOP (mother of preschoolers) and those of Karen’s many, many readers, who were once MOPS, can identify with this book. Those of us were are, were and will be parents have all gone through the annual church Christmas pageant with our own 4 year olds as little sheep or our 8 year olds as shepherds with fake beards from Wal-Mart. We identify with driving our minivans through the snow for rehearsals, past smiling faces on the street as some kid tries to get her dad to buy her a puppy against his will! We recognize ourselves in the adoring congregation as we watch our little ones ham it up on the stage, or forget their lines or just burst out in tears from being worn out by all the Christmas activities! But we love it.

“We believe in Christmas” also brings back my own pre-teen years in the early 1960’s when times were simpler; when memories of Christmas were Johnny Mathis and Andy Williams singing about ‘walking in a winter wonderland’ and ‘Silver Bells’ we never really saw! But what really makes this book special is the final phrase – “if it’s Jesus that we keep”!

There is no better time to speak to kids of Jesus than why He was born like this! There is nothing more special than leading a little child to the Lord, so that he/she can have Jesus to keep forever. There is something special about author Karen Kingsbury, taking a detour from her many popular novels, to bless us with this encouragement – the encouragement to “suffer little children to come unto Me”….at an age where the only suffering is wearing a sheep costume! Moms and dads of every age will find joy and a great big, warm smile with this book.


What do Cookie boards and Calvary boards have in common? Well, both are a testimony to loving hands which are full of caring mercy and grace! This is the message of the latest and most timely Christmas offering from Dandi Daley Mackall. Her new book “The Gift of the Christmas Cookie” carries that powerful message between its wonderfully illustrated pages.

Dandi, a well published author of over 400 books, did a masterful job of weaving the cold stark reality of Christmas in very tough early 20th century America into the even harsher days of the Middle Ages. Anyone over the age of fifty years old may have had parents and grandparents who can identify with these times.

The story of Jack and his hardworking mother is heartwarming in a tear jerky kind of way! The incredibly, time sensitive illustrations added tremendous atmosphere to a story of the great Christmas traditions of old!

Jack is the only son of a working class couple, where the dad has to go off, apparently far away to look for work. The depression era home is empty as Christmas comes around, but mom is busy making cookies for the needy in the church. Jack, as expected for a lonely boy, is downcast and missing his dad tremendously.

While making the cookies, Jack’s mom tells him the story of a Middle Ages woodcarver who lives among very poor and uneducated fellow villagers. He decides to bless the hungry villagers for Christmas by carving cookie boards to tell them about Christ. His family’s Christmas project was to make the cookies molded from those boards, decorate them with berries and colored sugar while daddy Woodcarver told the story of Christ!

Jack is then given his one Christmas gift – a large cookie, made from the same type of cookie board that long ago woodcarver made in another time and place.

The book has some poignant moments when a hungry stranger comes to the door asking for a meal on Christmas morning... Despite their poverty, Jack and his mom fed him a hot meal. All the while, Jack knew in his heart what he should do.

After the well fed stranger left the house, Jack picked up his only Christmas gift – that cookie board cookie – chased after the man and offered it to him! He then proceeds to tell the stranger about Christ.

One particularly neat illustration in the book can be found when Jack and his mom are in church admiring the Christmas story painted on the stained glass window. Right behind them is a man, who looked exactly like the woodcarver who started this whole cookie board story!
A really neat bonus for this Christmas season is the recipe that Dandi Mackall included in this book for the cookie board cookies! One of the best books of this Christmas season!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008


EVERY NOW AND THEN is book 3 in Karen Kingsbury's popular 9/11 series! It is being released today - Tuesday November 11, 2008; Veterans' Day.

Every Now & Then is a gripping story of danger and heroism. L.A. sheriff’s deputy Alex Brady fights crime during the worst fire season in California’s history. Now he faces the ultimate test. Will he have the courage to open his heart to love again?

Get your copy today at your local Christian book story and look out for her brand new Christmas Book for your children! It is called "WE BELIEVE IN CHRISTMAS".

Sunday, September 21, 2008


It is amazing to me that most churches would ignore or stay clear from the most fiery and honest evangelists in America - Paul Washer. But if you ever hear him preach, you will know why! He strips bare the lie of modern evangelism and the modern church movement. He was never invited to speak to the Baptist Youth again, after a 2002 Alabama Baptist Youth convention where he spoke Truth to the Laodecian church of today and its "converts"!

Paul had an amazing gift and anointing from God to speak the Truth of the Pure Gospel that only very few men and women preach these days. The closest teachers of the Gospel to Pastor Washer are Ray Comfort, Mark Keiler (Word Pictures), Drs. Steven Davey, John MacArthur and Johnny Hunt.

As a street preacher/evangelist myself, I was once caught up in the cheap evangelism these men accurately rail against. Namely..."Jesus died for your sins. Trust in the Work on the Cross and if you did, pray this salvation prayer with me!" I have done that and thought I brought people to the Lord! Now I know better, my friends!

What I had done is plant the seeds of the Gospel, but unless the Lord had prepared their hearts to receive the Gospel, all I did was plant the seed and even given false assurance that a prayer has saved them!
Now I know, from the prompting of Holy Ghost, that some of those I have witnessed to, taught one on one with and prayed with, HAVE been saved.

However, in hindsight, I think this represents less than 50% of those I originally thought were saved because I prayed a prayer with them! I pray the Lord takes over where I left off and leads them into a real relationship with Him!
If I, a mere humble man who has never been trained in a seminary, can realize this Truth, why can't those conservative preachers of the Gospel in American churches these days?

Why do they persist in offering up just enough of a vaccine of the Gospel, to say they are preaching Truth, and then ask people to pray with them at the end of the sermon, only to allow them to leave and go home with a smile and pat on the back to a potroast lunch at home? Why?!!

What American Christianity has done is create a full roster of false "converts" who are heading for certain hell, unless someone gets a hold of them and their hearts with the Truth! It will take more than a short blog here to get to the root of the problem and provide answers, but stay with us here and maybe we can pull some back from the precipice!
What American Christianity has done is create a fool's gold of false baptisms to report to Head Office about how 'good our church' is doing, so we would look good at the next convention or to the future members.

Do not be angry with me, my friends. Here is what Jesus Himself says in Matthew 7:21(NKJV) "Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord', shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven".This is serious business. This is not fun and games or fad-driven spirituality. This is Jesus speaking in stark terms. This is the Truth. Search your own heart. Are you a child of His? If not, call out to Him NOW!
Are your sins forgiven?
Do you have the inner peace and joy of knowing that they are? 
If not, what is holding you back? There is no second chance once this mortal life is over. Repent and put your Trust in the Savior. 
Accept Him fully as YOUR Lord, because He is. If He is NOT your Lord now, then you are still not letting go of self. It is about Him and not us. 
Won't you consider this now?

It's time to get back to the TRUE preaching of the Word...the kind of power preaching which led to the salvation of 500 in 1741 when Jonathan Edwards preached the greatest sermon ever in America - SINNERS IN THE HANDS OF AN ANGRY GOD.
It is also time to go back to preaching the TRUE GOSPEL of Christ about the Total Depravity of Man, Repentance, Believing the Gospel and Putting Your Trust and Faith in Jesus - as Lord and Savior!
It is time for church leaders to stop playing games and worrying about buildings or numbers and start concerning themselves about the Temples of the Holy Spirit - the humans sitting in their pews.
It is time for also for those of us, sitting in those pews, to search our hearts daily and check to see if we are even saved and called by His Name!
It is just plain old time - to speak the Truth in love, with boldness and fearlessly.
It is finally time to realize that this message will offend some weak and all fake Christians. It is up to us to explain and touch their hearts with the Gospel, the True Gospel and not what's spouted week after week to inoculate the frozen chosen, until they come back for their booster shots the next week. 

In Jesus' Name, amen.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Romans 1:22- 24 (NASB) says, in part: "professing to be wise, they became fools and exchanged the GLORY of the INCORRUPTIBLE GOD for the image in the form of corruptible man.....therefore God gave them over in the lusts of their hearts to impurity"

Former Christian singer Ray Boltz left the Faith of our Lord Jesus Christ in 2004, when he left Contemporary Christian music. The same man who sang the perennial favorite "THANK YOU" and the great "PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE LAMB" not only chose to break his marriage vows with his wife of over 30 years, but commit abomination in his being against Holy God.

He made a conscious choice in both choosing the path of mortal sin in the flesh to immortality with Christ and by joining with the ultra-leftist Metropolitan Community Church (MCC)- the most outrageously gay religious group in America - he questioned the tenets of the Faith of Hebrews 11, and turned from us.

His ex-wife has joined the gay activist group Soulforce, whose goal is to disrupt solid Christian institutions like colleges and every single Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting. His interview with the secular gay Washington DC paper is troubling in its content and shows the lack of direction of Contemporary Christian Music and the Gospel Music Association (GMA).

Even more troubling is the GMA's reaction to the revelation. They said they do not comment on the "LIFESTYLES" of their artists! WHAT? They said they are a "TRADE GROUP"! Okay....THEN DROP THE NAME GOSPEL FROM YOUR NAME! YOU HAVE NO RELATION TO THE GOSPEL, GMA! By the way, in case one thinks I am all wet, listen to some of the "contemporary Christian music" on Christian radio today, from this "trade groups's members" and see if you find any Gospel there either!!

Finally, while it is sad to see Ray Boltz go the way of the flesh and condemn himself as an unbeliever, it is a wake up call for the rest of us. Let us never think we can walk in the world and THEN Walk with the Lord! Ain't going to happen, hoss!

Friday, September 5, 2008



Click here to watch US Vice Presidential Candidate, Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin, give her Christian testimony!!


This is very encouraging and powerful, folks! Those of us in the Prayer Movement know a prophetic statement, spoken in the Holy Spirit, as she just aligned herself with!!AMEN!

Sunday, August 31, 2008


The choice by Republican US Presidential Candidate, and true patriot and hero John McCain of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, has fired up Biblical Christians across the fruited plane like nothing else!
It is not just her conservative family values. It is her choice for Life.
Moses said in Deuteronomy 30:19 (NASB) "I call Heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you Life and Death, the blessing and the curse. SO CHOOSE LIFE, in order that you may life, you and your descendants"
Two things: we don't need to know what church the Palins go to. We know the terminology (she has a servant heart).
Secondly, her choice to reject abortion, when informed of her beautiful Downs Syndrome boy Trig, says more about her and her husband Todd and their beliefs.
She has chosen Life and therefore, Christ. Sarah Palin is an example to all our young daughters.
Photos courtesy McCain/Palin

Monday, August 25, 2008


Come join a host of new friends on FACEBOOK....from Lou Engle (www.TheCall.com) to Esther Fleece (www.estherfleece.com) to Ted Baehr (www.tedbaehr.com). Many know Ted as the Christian Movie man, who tells you the truth about what is really showing in the theaters!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Karen Kingsbury is an awesome woman of God. You know her as the most famous Christian Novelist in America. What is not too well known about Karen is her heart after God and His people.
This photo is used by permission from Mrs.Kingsbury and is of her family. They live in Vancouver, Washington.
One of Karen's latest projects is called "Let's Go On A Mommy Date". It was released in March 2008 and great for mothers of young daughters....like my wife, Vicki!
"For He chose us in Him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in His sight. In love He predestined us to be adopted as His sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with His pleasure and will" Ephesians 1:4-5

Saturday, July 5, 2008


The latest Pew Research Poll of Religion was released during the last days of June 2008. The results were shocking, to say the least! The most amazing statistic to come out of their research of Christians (of all ages) across the United States, was the one which showed that over 57% of EVANGELICAL 'christians' indicated their belief that CHRIST is NOT the only way to Heaven!!!

This is a finding about EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS! Now, Ed Stetzer, well-respected missiologist of the Southern Baptist Convention, was just as disturbed as we are and looked at HOW the questions were asked. There may have been some misleading or misunderstanding of the question about whether Pew mean "religion" while the "Christian" was thinking "denomination".

What this thinking means, is if the pollsters asked me, for example, if I think my religion is the only way to heaven and I say no, but what I really think is while I am a Baptist, therefore Assemblies can go to heaven or conservative Bible churches can go to heaven..IF THEY BELIEVE IN CHRIST! What the pollster really meant was do you think muslims, liberal protestants and hindus are other ways to get to heaven! Stetzer thinks here was the disconnect!

I do as well - to a certain extent! When we think of heaven...you and I only think of Christ. In other words, muslims etc are not in the equation. The average Joe and Jeannette in the pew thinks denomination. However, this poll has serious problems with this line of thinking!

When you have 57%of the last remaining Christian people in the civilized world, giving an answer like that, it shows a lack of TRUE Biblical teaching, my friends! For over a decade, the seeker sensitive movement, led by Bill Hybels and Rick Warren have deemphasized the Cross, the Blood of the Lamb, sin, death and hell and preached kumbayah. Multiple paraphrases of the Bible are now the rage, led by the Message - the most questionable of all.

Add to that, pastors leaving their bibles at home, putting laptops on the lectern and overusing powerpoint and drama to get a message across...well, how do you expect the people in the pews to bring their Bibles, far less read them at home!!! When your Sunday school class is all videos by Rob Bell or other emerging church 'gurus' etc...well, then you see the problem we have - Biblical Illiteracy.

This is the purpose of the evil one. The old enemy of Christ - Satan, has found willing (albeit unknowing, at times) accomplices in the church. Without proper knowledge and teaching and learning from the pure Word of God, no Christian can develop a Biblical world view and see things the way Christ did.

There is more that can be said about this. However,suffice it to say for now, a church which diminishes the pure Word of God, because it is too "old-fashioned" and seeks to find new ways to "do church", will soon go the way of all flesh. Such a church has morphed itself into the culture so much that you can distinguish it, you get these awful poll results.

The answer? Repent, turn from our wicked ways and seek His Holy Face. 2 Chronicles 7:14 (HCSB) says "and My people who are called by My name humble themselves, pray and seek My face, and turn from their evil ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land"

Oh, Church Arise! Wake up from your sleep! Rise up, oh men and women of God, and take a stand for Christ now!! Don't wait, don't linger....soon will be our redemption!

Monday, June 23, 2008


One of the greatest experiences of my life was the 2000 Southern Baptist Convention when Dr. James Merritt was elected President of the S.B.C. This happened in Orlando. Over the next two years, he set the standard for presidents. When his term was over in 2002, he delivered a sermon called "UNTIL HE COMES" at the St Louis SBC Convention which changed my life.

He based it on the 2 Timothy 4:7...the Apostle Paul's last words. That sermon got me wondering. What would be my last words? And how do I live my last few years on earth? That led me to write my first long book - TWO MINUTE WARNING....Handbook of Effective Christianity for the Fourth Quarter of Life.
I had a chance to speak to Dr. Merritt many times at past S.B.C. conventions but we connected a couple times in Indianapolis, In. in June 2008, where I was able to properly thank him and give him a copy of my book. He was so nice, give me a big hug and then sent me a letter of thank you two weeks later!
Keep watching his sermons on Trinity Broadcasting, the Liberty Network etc or
on the web at www.touchinglives.org
Thank you, Dr James Merritt, for Touching Lives! Mine!

Sunday, May 4, 2008



Thursday May 1, 2008 was the 57th Annual National Day of Prayer Celebration in these Great United States of America! While there were thousands of NDP events nationwide, saw an official 61% (YES SIXTY ONE PERCENT!!) increase, I can vouch with certainty that Illinois had the Power of the Holy Ghost and Fire rain/reign down from above!
There was something absolutely special in the days and weeks running up to this Annual Noon Rally at the State Capitol steps in Springfield. Last October at our NDP Prayer Retreat and Annual Conference in Colorado Springs, Pastor Stan Pratt and his wife Delbra (the new Illinois State Coordinators) and myself signed on to a month-long Prayer Nightwatch of a new 40 week long Nationwide Repentance Movement. It changed my life.
The Lord hath woven a thread from December, when I taught on Fasting at Berlin Christian Church. Beginning in January to the end of April and culminating on May 1 National Day of Prayer Rally at the Lincoln statue, He took me on the wildest journey of FaithBuilding I have ever been on. Everything from praying for Repentance at a Springfield-wide Solemn Assembly to speaking to a ministerial alliance in another county etc etc...He built my TOTAL and ABSOLUTE dependance on HIM and HIM alone to the point that it was so easy to just let Jesus be Jesus and have His way!
I can go on and on about the Winter/Spring 2008 Walk of Wonder, but it could be in my next book!!ha!
Suffice it to say, what occured on the steps of the Illinois state capitol was all about God. The tremendous worship group from Effingham - iPrayz (www.iprayz.com) set the tone with their pre-rally concert. Before that our huge prayer circle of pastors, musicians and Christian Radio men (www.wluj.org) surrendered the entire proceedings to the Holy Spirit of God!
After the Rally started promptly at Noon with the Honorable Tim Davlin, Mayor of Springfield reading the NDP 2008 Proclamation, our NDP airplane from PRAYERFLIGHT (www.prayerflight.org) flew overhead and made the sign of the Cross with its afterburn! We had prayer warriors up there praying for us below!! We were covered, I tell ya! AMEN!
It was a joy to host the busy Mayor who stayed for most of the Rally. Donna Turpin of Lake Williamson Christian Center prayed our Prayer of Repentance and we were off into Holy Ghost Fire from Above! Hallelujah!
Our Prayer Leaders were Pastors Stan Summers (Koke Mill Christian Church) - ALL forms of Government; Tim Kruzan (Jacksonville, Il First Assembly of God) - ALL FAMILIES, EDUCATION AND MEDIA THEMES; Wes McNeese (New Mission Church of God) - RECONCILIATION. This last one is significant in Springfield.

This year, 2008, is 100 years since the most awful Springfield race riots in America. The Mayor Davlin and the Springfield Ministerial Alliance (www.springfieldministerialalliance.org) has declared 2008 as the year of Reconciliation. There was some trepidation at first as to what this would mean. But with the leading of the Springfield International House of Prayer and my own fired up brother James Nesbit (www.preparethewaymin.com), eight (8) Solemn Assemblies were declared leading up to August 2008 when a huge ceremony will be held. By having the Lord take over from the beginning through repentance, forgiveness and REAL prayer, real movement is now happening in this area. I am happy to declare that it has affected me significantly to how I do outreach and minister to others in love! PTL!
One of our prayer leaders was unable to make it, but the official 2008 NDP Prayer Leader, Pastor Stan Pratt of Way of Life Church in Taylorville, Illinois, picked up the slack by praying for all our Churches, Missionaries and Ministries. Rev. Gary McCants, the presiding Elder of the Regional AME Churches prayed for our Military, Law Enforcement and Business. All Seven centers of influence, and more, were covered in our prayer.
My lovely and gracious wife, Vicki Lutchman and I led the final worship song, WONDERFUL MERCIFUL SAVIOR, made popular by Steve Camp and SELAH. Vicki has been most loving and understanding of all my long sacrificial travels, and hours away from home or working on my books or events on the computer. The Lord never makes a mistake and He surely blessed me with the perfect wife for me! AMEN!
Special thanks to my dear buddy Eric Hagen and his lovely wife Jenni from iPrayz! They have an awesome presence for the Lord which showed!!! From my crowd counting skills as a former church deacon, I would estimate over 200 present...and many more in flux as they walked by. Also because this is right on the street, hundreds of cars, trucks, bikes were stuck in traffic right in front of the rally all during the Noon hour!!
We got some honks of approval!
There was one protestor! One! AND she did not have the courage of her lovely convictions to come unto the Hallowed ground of the Rally to yell at us. So, just like her lily-livered boss, satan, she screamed from across the street...only to be heard by a few at the end of the sometimes 5 deep crowds on the sidewalks.
There is another reason she stayed across the street!! I had prayer walked that spot since August 2007 for May 2008!! Each time I passed it on my walks during lunch, I claimed it for Jesus. My dear brother and intercessory brother Earl Powell, prayer walks the entire Capitol complex each Monday. That ground belongs to Jesus AND NOBODY, NOBODY, NOT SATAN, NOT HIS WICCAN DEMONS, NOBODY, is allowed on it, who is against Him! Period!

Thank you also to WLUJ 89.7FM, Christian Radio for Central Illinois for not only providing the sound system but for then broadcasting the event at 3pm (streamed on www.wluj.org)and for running our radio ads, for free - year after year! PRAISE GOD FOR THEM! He has and WILL continue to bless them and their ministry ALL the time! Also thank you to Business Men in Christ for financing and supporting this ministry completely! AMEN! I am grateful to everyone of our core leadership - Dave Rosche, Doug Ryherd and RPM/BMIC President Tom Cheshire.
Most of all, I thank Almighty God. I am in awe that He would take a man who looks and talks like me and put me in a position of servant leadership like this! He brought me out of my own Egypt to boldly lead with my chin, for such a time as this (Esther 4:14). I stand with my hero - the Apostle Paul - I want to die daily, empty myself daily and live in the chains of Christ because to lose myself, is to find happiness. I don't mean happiness in the worldly sense. I mean the true happiness that comes from a life totally surrendered to His Will.
In Jesus Name

Saturday, April 5, 2008


The Annual National Day of Prayer Noon Rally will be back at our usual location on Thursday May 1 on the Grounds of The Illinois State Capitol Complex. The address is the Lincoln Statue East Steps, 2nd Street and Capitol Avenue in Springfield.
As we have since the NDP Task Force era began in 2006, the Rally begins at 11:45am with a Pre-Rally Gospel Music concert by Effingham's own iPrayz group! Their website is http://www.iprayz.com/ and their latest cd was recently recorded at Gaither Studio in Indiana!
Rain location will be the Hall of Flags auditorium of the nearby Howlett Building, which houses the Illinois Secretary of State offices.
The theme this year is "PRAYER - AMERICA'S STRENGTH AND SHIELD". This is a derivative from the verse in Psalm 28:7 which says "The Lord is my Strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him and I am helped".The underlying theme for 2008 is REPENTANCE, without which, no one will see God.
Come join us and pray for our nation and our families. More on the 7 Centers of Power later.
Pastor Stan Pratt (Way of Life Church, Taylorville,Il.); Pastors Stan Summers, Tim Kruzan, Juan C. Olmos; Dr. Wes McNeese and Donna Turpin, CHPP. COME PRAY WITH US.For more information, email blutchman@businessmeninChrist.com


Coming this Fall on Springfield, Illinois COMCAST Cable Access TV Channel 4: a new half hour series called "PLUMBLINE". The Lord has put this Title on my heart, and it is my fervent desire to speak His Word, in Spirit and in Truth - for such a time as this.
PLUMBLINE will be broadcast weekly, but a new episode will air twice per month.
It is Biblically-based exegesis for these End Times, and how to live Biblically while in hopeful wait for the Glorious Appearing of Our Dear Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Channel 4's website: http://www.access4.tv/

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Words can not express the gratitude I feel towards the management and staff of Barnes and Noble Booksellers - both here in Springfield, Illinois and their small book division in New York City! Most of all a HUGE THANK YOU to VALERIE PARGA, the Community Relations Manager of the Central Illinois Store, who invited us 6 local authors (3 of us Christians!!)
America's bookstore has become the premier outlet for my first book "TWO MINUTE WARNING.....Handbook of Effective Christianity for the Fourth Quarter of Life" and I look forward to them carrying my second book (now in the process of a completed outline)! 

The Lord has laid several things on my heart to complete before this summer and one of them is Book 2, the Title of which is now in flux, as the original title is NOT what the Lord wanted. A huge thank you to all those who prayed for divine appointments at the Book Signing. Thanks to all the visitors and friends who dropped by our table, which Valerie strategically placed right by the front door and the free Starbucks food!! : >) Thank you as well to the staff of the bookstore for their kindness and openness in dealing with Pastor Dr. Albert Smith especially, a kind gentle senior gent from Virginia who wrote his life story.

Thank you as well to those who prayed for my TV preaching debut on March 28 on Springfield area Comcast Cable Channel 4. It was so enjoyable, I will be applying for my own show next week! Most of all, thank you to the Lord Jesus Christ for dying for you and I on the Cross and for His Grace and Mercy in all things. I also thank Him for the best wife in the world - Vicki Lutchman  my main accountability partner who keeps me grounded at all times, and is truly a Godsend to keep me focused on being humble and real!!! AMEN.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I am humbled and pleased to announce that the Barnes & Noble Superstore, Springfield, Illinois, has offered and I have accepted an official book signing for “Two Minute Warning…..Effective Christianity for the Fourth Quarter of Life” on Saturday March 29, 2008 from 10am CDT. Barnes & Noble is situated off South Veterans Parkway off Wabash Avenue (on the southwestern corner). This will be a Local Author Event. Come by and visit AND enjoy the treats at the inhouse Starbucks Coffee Shop, in comfort!
This Central Illinois Author Event could not happen without the outreach to our community by Barnes Community Relations Manager, Valerie Parga.
“Taste and see that the Lord is GOOD (Emphasis mine), blessed is the man who trusts in Him” Psalm 34:8 (NKJV)

Monday, March 10, 2008


What an awefilled service on Sunday March 9, 2008 at Community Fellowhip Church, Petersburg, Illinois! Brother Jamal Rashmawy delivered a stunning, accurate and historical account of the awful day in April 33 AD, when our Lord Jesus was crucified. Jamal was born in the Holy Land of Bethlehem. His wife, Afaf, grew up on the exact Biblical ground mentioned in the Book of Ruth, as the fields of Boaz! Both currently operate the Holy Land Diner - an authentic Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine restaurant in Springfield, at the corner of Spring and Cook Streets (Vinegar Hill Mall).
Jamal addressed first the sanitization of Western Christianity of the brutal reality of the Crucifixion while displaying a spike/nail that was not too unlike the actual ones from almost 2000 years ago! Several myths were put to rest,
Many thanks to Pastor Dan Boyer, a wonderfully kind and blessed servant of the Lord who opens his doors to many travelling evangelists like us, as well as prayer ministries. The Lutchman Family singers led the worship music and shared in the Word and Testimony!
Vicki did a wonderful solo called "Who am I".
Sam played a medley on the keyboard of "Emmanuel and He is Lord. Amen. Christ was honored so much, we felt the Power of the Holy Ghost throughout! My main Scripture reading was from Colossians 1:13-23
To hear what brother Jamal spoke about, click on the following link; look for April 8, 2006 and Click on the audio file, next to Jamal!
Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you, yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.
Isaiah 41:10 (NKJV)

Monday, March 3, 2008



Springfield, Illinois hosted the 2nd Annual National Men's conference - www.ironsharpensiron.net - hosted by Relevant Practical Ministry for Men. This is a new ministry based in Williamsville, Il. and headed by Business Men In Christ president Thomas Cheshire.
This is the first year that the National Day of Prayer Task Force joined all 37 ISI Nationwide conferences as a national sponsor. NDP
www.ndptf.org) is based in Colorado Springs and this outreached is headed up by NDP Vice Chairman Brian Toon.

I was blessed to ask to represent us at NDP, as the local Illinois State Capitol Coordinator based in all of Sangamon County, Illinois. This included speaking on twice during the assembly at Conference and introducing the official NDP videos of our 2008 National Chairman Ravi Zacharias and our Election 2008 promos.

NDP will next be represented at the ISI Rockford Conference on March 8 by Pastor Stan Pratt of Way of Life Church, Taylorville, Il. I will be at the ISI Moline Conference on April 19.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Several folks have asked me about the Midwest Prayer Solemn Assembly put on by our National Day of Prayer Task Force here in Kansas, Missouri and Illinois. There seems to be a bit of an inquiry about what a 'Solemn Assembly' actually is, and why the Special Forces of the National Prayer Movement would get together for one! So in this summary, I would hopefully shed some light and briefly try to illustrate why this is all so critical - for such a time as this!

The first thing to note is that Solemn Assembly is Biblical. Here are Biblical foundations for it: 2 Chronicles 7: 13-15, Isaiah 58,Psalm 68: 6-10, Jeremiah 3: 2-5, Micah 6: 8, Haggai 1: 2-14 and Malachi 4: 1-6. In Joel 2:15 NASB, God told the prophet: "Blow a trumpet in Zion, consecrate a fast, proclaim a solemn assembly".
Therefore, here is the definition of a Solemn Assembly - it is a summoning of God's people ALONE specifically to confess any known sins and to restore a right relationship between God and His people. What happens during a solemn assembly are times of serious reflection, brokenness, humility and a sense of awe before God. It is most definitely THE occasion for God's people to be still; to be open to the Spirit and to obey when He speaks to us through His Word and our hearts. We MUST confess individually and together where we have missed the mark (the definition of Sin) and then renew our covenant with God on our knees - with our brethren as witnesses. I do not know how to define it any better than this.

For the second time in three weeks, the Lord has led me to a Solemn Assembly! Both times, I was asked to participate to my shock and surprise. In Springfield, Il on Saturday Feb 2, 2008, the Springfield Ministerial Alliance and International House of Prayer Director Pastor Scott Beauchamp held a Solemn Assembly at the historic First Presbyterian Church on 7th Street. The Lincoln Family pew is still in the narthex, roped off and in good shape after 140 plus years!

I was asked to lead on Corporate Repentance and chose Hosea 6: 1-3 before prayer. The Springfield, Il. event was particularly amazing as it is part of a commemoration of the 1908 Race Riots here, which led to the formation of the NAACP. A large crowd showed up despite almost 11 inches of snow and nowhere to park on the streets! As a personal aside, I am astounded and blown away that the Lord, Hashem YHWH Almighty, would use somebody who looks and sounds like me.

I have been ask to minister in various ways, in four events in the past five weeks! And since a 'prophet' is without honor in his own country, only one of them has been in Springfield - the Feb 2 Solemn Assembly. The Lord has led me to Virden, Shiloh and then Manchester, Missouri this past Saturday. On April 19, I will also represent our national NDP Task Force at Iron Sharpens Iron in Moline, Illinois.

Which leads me to the Solemn Assembly in Missouri yesterday. First of all, thank you to Kathy Morgan who was tireless in preparation. Sue Stoltz, Tom Otley and my new friends at BOTT Radio KSVI FM there did an awesome job of promotion and prep as well!! AMEN! The Lord opened up that opportunity for me to be involved in two training workshops speaking on Spiritual Warfare, after another different turn of events in another ministry...on the same day.

The church facilities of First E FREE in Manchester are totally incredible! Think of Springfield's Westside Christian Church and multiply it by 2 1/2 times! Their chapel, where the Assembly was held, is larger than most regular churches around here! The Worship Team was from the wonderful Pratt Pastoral team from Way of Life Church, Taylorville, Illinois. Most of the songs of repentance and worship I had never heard before and some had Messianic flavor.

The wonderful thing about not just our prayer Ministry - the Colorado Springs based National Day of Prayer - and all the others we are involved with is this - we are NOT JUST thematic ministries. Nationally and locally, we are a movement together all year round, and NOT just one day per year! We are Capitol Hill Prayer Partners and local IHOPs (int. house of prayers based on the 24/7 Kansas City model). We are the Jerusalem Prayer Team as well as numerous others. After a January of power prayer and fasting, working with other movements, we are ready for the next steps - which are now in full swing.....namely, the Solemn Assembly.

On Saturday in Manchester, the worship music team, with piano and what sounded like a soprano saxophone (a la Kenny G) was penetrating to the soul with its songs. One of them, Refiner's Fire, basically says it all about the process of Personal Restoration. (See Malachi 3:3 NKJV "He will sit as a refiner and a purifier of silver"). Prayers were called out of praise. Psalm 89 was read in full to show the story of rebellion of Israel and how God still delivered them. The Spirit revealed through a saint to read from Jeremiah 29 to impart a prophetic word which He had for us that morning - that of a plan He has for the repentant and the humble.....the plan of Goodness and restoration.

Pastor Stan from Taylorville brought the Word from Proverbs 4: 20-27. The last two verses speak Truth to the fleeting power of this world: Ponder the path of your feet, and let all your ways be established. Do not turn to the right or the left; remove your foot from evil.......Proverbs 4: 26-27 NKJV

We entered, on our knees, into personal quiet time of personal baring of our souls of hidden sin. Crying out to God on our knees and seeking the binding and removal of evil spirits and letting loose the garments of Praise for what He hath done. Then Shofars started to blow and we got on our feet to verbal renounce our sins. I have a personal experience with that while writing my book one year ago. A sin I was involved in over 20 years ago, which was no big deal at the time was suddenly front and center when God confronted me with it! I thought it was forgotten! The only way I could have been cleared of this final bond from the past was to verbally renounce it loudly...right there in the car on the way to work! This is what we did.

At one point on Saturday at the SA, I was praying silently (as I always do) so completely submitting that I was trembling and shaking within. I know now what Paul means about fear and trembling(phobos and tremos in the original Greek.....such an awesome reverence of the Mighty God, it makes you tremble)....it is and was all Biblical.

Verbal renunciation of sins clears the palate my friends. This is what God wants us to do, but we are too prideful. Here is Ezra 9: 5-6 NKJV “ At the evening sacrifice I arose from my fasting; and having torn my garment and my robe, I fell on my knees and spread out my hands to the LORD my God. And I said: “O my God, I am too ashamed and humiliated to lift up my face to You, my God; for our iniquities have risen higher than our heads, and our guilt has grown up to the heavens".

Some of my friends would say, well this is Old Testament. There is nothing old or new under the sun. ALL Scripture is God-breathed...ALL is given for us to learn from. Some others will say all of this is too charismatic. The word charisma is from the Greek "charizomai" or favor; therefore: a gratuity, a deliverance, an endowment, a qualification, a faculty....1 Corinthians 12:4 says "now there a variety of gifts (charismas) but the same Spirit". I am not into labels. Labels are meant to diminish a person with whom there is a disagreement, without knowing how God is dealing with that person.

All I know is prayer leaders and ANY Leader in Ministry, had better be cleansed from all iniquity as much as possible, and strive to remain cleansed, OR there will be little or NO power coming out of that ministry! Now, apply that truth to any ministry you can name and measure up against the plumb. The Lord lead me to purchase an old fashioned construction plumbline in cold January to speak to the pastors at the Virden Ministerial Alliance, because we all need to stay with the plumbline of Truth.

There were major target prayers which we need to continue on for the 2008 elections. Too many American Christians will be caught up with voting for one of two liberal candidates. I am not politically correct and they are pro-abortion. They stand in church pulpits and put on the mantle of false messiah to the masses. Any Christian who votes for them will be accountable to God for their votes. This comes down to the churches of Revelation chapters 2 and 3. Jesus has something against some of us, and He will take away their lampstands. There was also prayer for racial reconciliation.

Finally, communion was celebrated in the most unique way - by a Messianic Jewish pastor Jake Rosen from Rock Hill! He went into the Biblical roots of the Lord's Supper and it was so authentic! We even used real unleavened Matso bread. More happened at the Assembly but one has to be a part of one, to get the full impact of what really happens at one.

I am embarking on a month -long personal study called Fresh Encounter by Claude King and recommend it. He and Dr. Blackaby wrote a number of books including the well-known "Experiencing God". I have spoken to, listened to and read Claude King. He is not a mystic contrary to my friends in the conservative reformed bible movement (of which I am also a part). Before one runs off and judges without reading, look into what Fresh Encounter is...a guide for seeking revival in the land (and person).

I had a wonderful conversation with Lisa Crump about Business Men in Christ (www.businessmeninChrist.com), our Springfield umbrella group for an expanding number of ministries like our National Day of Prayer here; Carpentry for Christ ministry; Missionary to the Missions and retirement centers and our brother Relevant Practical Ministry for Men (Iron Sharpens Iron Conferences). The folks in Colorado Springs, where Lisa is Shirley Dobson's eyes and hands, are really interested in discipling men! She was noting how many more men are now getting into prayer ministry, once almost exclusively led by women!!

She thanked me for recommending Iron Sharpens Iron because this year, NDP is involved in all 37 national conferences and our own Commander Brian Toon (US Navy Ret....USS Abe Lincoln), NDP national Vice Chairman, is doing a seminar at ISI Central - my old stomping grounds of Hartford, Ct!

We had a long talk about Joe White and his new Men at the Cross Ministry; about how Men's Fraternity affected our lives as Men's ministry leaders in Springfield etc etc. To my BMIC co-leader brethren, you may not realize it, but we are having an impact, as more and more want to know how we do what we do! AMEN! Of course, my title is director of communications....and God did not grant me a spirit of timidity when talking about BMIC!! Thank you for allowing me to share this wonderful occasion with you! God bless.

Monday, January 21, 2008

SONSHINE OUTREACH MINISTRIES THIRD ANNIVERSARY....and the best in-laws in the world too!!

There is nothing more that a son-in-law could want than to belong to the best family in the world! When the Lord chose my wife Vicki for me, before the Foundation of the Earth, He knew He would be putting me in the most authentic, G0d-loving and evangelizing family in America!!

This past weekend was a great example, as a ministry started by my wife's parents - Joyce and Verlin Mancke, with their two close friends Ben and Betty Tan, celebrated an amazing three years!

It began with four people wanting to bring Christ and some sun (SON)shine into the lives of the most neglected of our people - those left to die in the Nursing Homes of America (for one reason or another). What began with just the four of them at the Salem Village Senior center in Joliet, has exploded into a fullfledge, authentic organized ministry with the Hand of the Lord guiding all the way.

Now called Sonshine Outreach Ministries (www.sonshineoutreach.blogspot.com ), the group is now complete with full audio equipment to go with their now dozens of volunteers from nine churches and their own resident Gospel singing group - the Alive Quartet!! They have a different nursing home to minister at EVERY single week of the year, with more waiting in the wings. The local South Suburban Chicago press has written two glowing articles at how the Lord has moved in this ministry just three years.

So it was a blessing for the Morgans (Vicki's sister Sheryl seen in black in photo above and her EXTREMELY talented son Brian, the music minister at First Baptist, Redbud, Il.) and the Lutchmans to be a part of this amazing thanksgiving for these wonderful years. Sheryl gave a wonderful testimony about her blessed Missions trip to Africa; Vicki and I sang after I led a session of corporate prayer and Sam played a powerful hymn with Brian, who can make the electric keyboard sound better than anyone I know....playing by ear!

Praise God in His Sanctuary! Praise Him and He continues to save many at these homes, just before He calls them hom! Praise Him for the best in-laws in the World!! AMEN!!
ps...Vicki's mom...looks just like her! Obviously!! :>)

Thursday, January 10, 2008


JANUARY 26-27, 2008....
Christian Radio Host Kerby Anderson (www.probe.org) will be speaking at a weekend Bible Conference at Springfield Bible Church on Saturday January 26 and Sunday 27, 2008. Sessions run from 9am to 3pm with a lunch break on Saturday and from 9am to noon on Sunday January 27. No offering will be taken up.
The topics are Truth Decay, Islam, Political Responsibility, Media Worldview, War of Worldviews, Israel, Iraq and Iran. For more information, email John Standard at johnstand@gmail.com or call 787-3254.