Saturday, March 29, 2008


Words can not express the gratitude I feel towards the management and staff of Barnes and Noble Booksellers - both here in Springfield, Illinois and their small book division in New York City! Most of all a HUGE THANK YOU to VALERIE PARGA, the Community Relations Manager of the Central Illinois Store, who invited us 6 local authors (3 of us Christians!!)
America's bookstore has become the premier outlet for my first book "TWO MINUTE WARNING.....Handbook of Effective Christianity for the Fourth Quarter of Life" and I look forward to them carrying my second book (now in the process of a completed outline)! 

The Lord has laid several things on my heart to complete before this summer and one of them is Book 2, the Title of which is now in flux, as the original title is NOT what the Lord wanted. A huge thank you to all those who prayed for divine appointments at the Book Signing. Thanks to all the visitors and friends who dropped by our table, which Valerie strategically placed right by the front door and the free Starbucks food!! : >) Thank you as well to the staff of the bookstore for their kindness and openness in dealing with Pastor Dr. Albert Smith especially, a kind gentle senior gent from Virginia who wrote his life story.

Thank you as well to those who prayed for my TV preaching debut on March 28 on Springfield area Comcast Cable Channel 4. It was so enjoyable, I will be applying for my own show next week! Most of all, thank you to the Lord Jesus Christ for dying for you and I on the Cross and for His Grace and Mercy in all things. I also thank Him for the best wife in the world - Vicki Lutchman  my main accountability partner who keeps me grounded at all times, and is truly a Godsend to keep me focused on being humble and real!!! AMEN.

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