Monday, June 28, 2021


Oh Most Holy Father of Heaven and Earth, as we come to a very quick close to the first half of 2021, we are reminded that a thousand days are like a day in Your Sight and still our days are like but a fleeting breath on this earth.


In the sad days, in which we live, we see many who are prospering off the conditions of this world, while the majority are left to seek and find their own comfort in things and systems which Your Word did not prescribe. To those who persevered through the storms and the lockdowns and the trauma of losing loved ones to Covid or other unnatural incidents….those who stayed close to You and grounded themselves in Truth while reaching out and loving others, and even those who are seeking Truth and discovering themselves in confusion, Lord – You are Lord of us all.


So today, Father, as we look back on our successes and failures of the first six months of this year, we commit our way to You.

We commit our very lives and souls into Your Care.
We pray for those who are seeking but cannot find their way. Lord send Your Holy Spirit to beckon them on to You.

We pray for those who once walked with You, yet used Christian liberty to join in the world’s corruption, stayed  there and need to find a way out before it is too late. Give them a helping Hand and a real mirror from Heaven so they can see who they have become….and turn back to You.


We trust You, we who are called by Your Name. We trust ONLY You and there is no other.

We trust that You would act on our behalf when the hounds of hell nip at or hells. We will keep the Faith.

We trust that our Hope is built on nothing else but Jesus’ Blood and Righteousness. We will stand on Your Word.

We trust that when dark clouds overwhelm and the fiery darts fly our way, we will remember our Helmet of Salvation.


Lord, may Your righteousness shine like the sun rising on early dawn.

May Your justice reign supreme like the sun on high noon, overhead.

May Your Peace rule our hearts so that no matter what the world throws at us, we remain secure in You.

May Your Son, one day, ride from the split in the Eastern Sky, as He returns to retake that which was His from the beginning.


Spread Your faithful love over those who know, love, obey, trust and called You Lord.

Bring Your healing balm into the hearts of those who remain upright and true to You.

Do not let the arrogant, prideful and evil ones come near Your Faithful servants.

We trust in the Lord, abide in You, delight in You, oh Lord, because You have given us the desires of our hearts – the Lord Jesus Christ and it is in His Name we pray, and praise forever and a day, amen and amen.

Monday, June 21, 2021


Dear Great Father in Heaven, we come to You in with humble hearts, bowing them before Your Throne as we seek daily forgiveness, grace and mercy for each new day this week and always.


The Bible says, oh Great God of the Universe, that the depths of the earth are in Your Hands and so are the mountain peaks. We know the seas are Yours, and recall how Your Holy Spirit hovered over the surface of the dark and called dry land into being.

You are the real Climate Changer, the Miracle Worker, the Promise Keeper of all promise keepers and the Way the Truth and the Life. We kneel before You, oh Matchless Maker of all mankind.

Nothing was, until You spoke.

No one was saved, I AM became flesh and dwelt amongst us.

No one had hope, until the Resurrection. 

No one could access Your Throne Room, until the Veil was torn – from the TOP down! Hallelujah, You are good.


You, oh God are our God. There is no other

You, oh Lord, are our portion in the land of the living.

You, Mighty King, rule the hearts of your people.

You, Sovereign Lord, are Lord of all and one day EVERY knee will bow to You, including those who reject You now, thereby following their father the devil as sons of perdition.


Let those of us, who hear Your Voice, immediately turn from our worldly ways, repent and be made right before You.

Let those of us, who are weak and doubting and are not sure of just Who You are, have an real encounter with You, Lord Jesus.

Let those of us, who are pressed down on every side, realized we are not crushed, because You hold us up with Your righteous Right Hand.

Let those of us, who are perplexed and confused by the tribulations of this world, find hope in the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Let those of us, who feel struck down and walked on, realized that no one can really destroy us, because we are Your children, the people who once walked in the darkness but now have seen the great Light!


Hallelujah, thank You Jesus.


At the start of a new day and week, we sing a new song to You and pray the entire world sings its refrain.

We praise Your Holy Name

We worship You in spirit and in truth and proclaim Your Salvation from day to day, first in our own lives and then in our households.

We declare Your Majesty as there is none like You, oh Mighty King.

Thank You for watching over, protecting, guiding and providing and for Who You are, on Lord of our hearts and my heart and those who love, obey and were transformed by the same Spirit Who raised Jesus from the Dead. We worship and adore You, dear King of Heaven, in  the Mighty and Strong Name of Jesus Christ, the Lord of all, amen and amen. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2021


Oh Great Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, we thank You that You are the God Who calls us unto Yourself, depraved sinners though we are, who can be redeemed only by the Precious Blood of Your dear Son, the Savior.

You are a Father to the Fatherless. You are the Hope to the Hopeless. You welcome the Loveless. You comfort the brokenhearted. You bind up the wounded. You are the Almighty and Everlasting Father and keeper of our souls.
Lord, as we approach a time where the world celebrate Fathers, on Father’s Day, we know that many today grew up with missing dads or single moms. In Your mercy, grace and compassion, You never moved but many…in fact, more and more are moving away from You, as the follow the corrupt systems and ideologies of this world. We pray that the scales may fall of their eyes, in so much that while this perverse and corrupt generation of leaders are turning the hearts of the majority towards the god of this world, to their pending doom, You remain seated High and Lifted up in the Heavens with Your loving Arms wide open.
You’re so good that even Jesus, Who did not consider equality with You a thing to be grasped, gave up His Throne and the Scriptures says in Hebrews 5:8 that He obeyed You, even while He suffered, as He came to accomplish You Will, and not even His.
So now, dear Heavenly Father, while You loved this cosmos so much You gave Your Own Son, in so much that whosoever believeth in Him would have everlasting, eternal life, we are the “whosoever”.
In Your Great Grace, Almighty God, Who shakes the heavens, cause the seas to roar and still pastes the real rainbow on the matchless sky after the rains in a display of Your Majestic Power, we pray that today, this week, this month and while it is called NOW, we pray and ask a special measure of grace.
You have already given us all we need in the form of God, the Holy Spirit, and now we ask for a turbo boost of supernatural power to execute and fly to our next phase in spiritual maturity. But Lord, help us as we grow in grace, and dunamis and boldness for the gospel, help us that this goes hand in Hand with Delight and Joy.
Our Faith is the one TRUE Faith ever, in all the universe. Because of our redemption, dear Father, we can delight in You. We delight in Your Truth. We delight in Your Word. We delight in Your Son. We delight in the Holy Spirit – God Three in One and the gates of hell cannot steal our Joy, far less prevail. The overflowing blessedness from this delight, should empower those of us who are fathers, and who represent You on earth to our children, grandchildren and those around us, to find rest, peace, love and joy in You as well.
Spur us now and always to the heights of holiness that our piety may bring Godly pleasure because our true Hope really is our happiness. What some may call our duty, is really our delight in serving You this day and always, proving, dear God, that the root and the flower are as intertwined in its blooming such as delighting in You is and the doctrine of our Faith. Lord, to that end, we bow before You in all humility, commitment and submission to Your Almighty Power in Heaven, through Jesus Christ Our Lord, in His Name, amen and amen.

Monday, June 7, 2021


Oh God, our Father Who art in Heaven, Your mercy extends to the Heavens. Your Faithfulness to the skies. Your Righteousness is like the mountain of God and Your judgments are like the greatest depths of the sea. 

You, oh Most Gracious Heavenly Father, preserve both mankind and nature in Your lovingkindness and compassion.  How precious You are dear merciful Abba, our loving Father Who sees all, knows all but still loves us all.

When the hounds of hell nip at our hells, we run to the Cross.

When the trials of the times trip us up, we fall at the foot of the Cross.

When burdens and battles wear us down, we find refuge with King Jesus at the Cross.

At the Cross, we first saw the Light.

At the Cross, He beckoned us to come make it right.

At the Cross, He restored our sight and turned the darkness of night into peels of tremendous joy.

You, oh God, are from everlasting to everlasting. 

You stand at the door and knock.

You run to the prodigal. 

You comfort the broken-hearted.

You bind up the wounded.

You fill empty hearts. 

We stand in perfect awe of You. We who take refuge in the shadow of Your Wings, drink in the abundance of Your Favor. With You, oh God, there is the Fountain of Life, filled with Living Water!

We pray that this hour, this day, this week, this month, this year that Your Righteousness be installed and firmly embedded in the hearts of the faithful.

May Your Holy Righteousness remove all pride, sin and shame and replace them with hope, love, peace, joy and contentment.

May we always be contented to be called Kingdom Children - Your children - saints of the Most High, in Whom we delight and may we always be grateful for that Glorious Day, when You first called us to Yourself, saved us and put a new robe on us, Your new creation. 

We thank You and glory in Your Presence. We magnify, adore and praise You, oh Lord, in the Mighty and strong Name of King Jesus, amen and amen.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021


Most gracious and good Heavenly Father, You are the God Who forgives and takes our sins away from us, as far as the East is from the West.

Because, it is by Your Grace and the Stripes of Your Son, we were healed and brought into the Kingdom of Your marvelous Light. 

However You’re the great God Who calls us to remember Your great deeds. 

You called on Your people to remember the Passover, where death passed over the Israelites in Egypt. It was on the Passover of 30 AD when Jesus became the Passover Lamb so that spiritual death can pass over those of us who believe and are born again.
You called on Your people to remember Your parting of the Red Sea so they can cross from bondage on their way to the Promised Land.
You called on Joshua to set up the memorial of twelve stones at the Jordan when they did cross into the land of Canaan, so they will never forget Your mighty deeds in the desert.

The Lord Jesus, on the Night He was betrayed, took bread and wine and instituted the greatest remembrance of all times, when He delivered the greatest memorial of all time- the Lord’s Supper!

Father, at a time where we remember the greatest sacrifice of those who died in the cause of Freedom since 1775, from the war against redcoat tyranny to present day, help us to remember that for their families it is not a time for cookouts and picnics but a year-long vacuum of their missing loved one at the dinner table.

Lord, we thank these true heroes, indeed, for paying the ultimate price as the Scripture says “greater love hath no man that he gives his life”.....for not just a friend but for a people, some of whom are not worthy of being in the same room as those who died for them.

At this time, as well oh Lord, cause us to remember that You are not only with us until the end, as in Isaiah 41:10 but we are to stand firm and not compromise in our belief in Jesus and why He called us. 

Cause to do as Psalm 16:8 says  “I keep the Lord in mind always. Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.” 

Cause us to walk in the Spirit daily that we may recall at a moment’s notice today and always, all that You have taught us through Your Word and prayer.

Cause us therefore, to remember who we are; whose we are and where You saved and rescued us from, that we may remain grateful, humble and completely committed to You, all the days of our lives, now and always....and it is in the Mighty and Strong Name of Jesus we pray, amen.