Tuesday, June 15, 2021


Oh Great Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, we thank You that You are the God Who calls us unto Yourself, depraved sinners though we are, who can be redeemed only by the Precious Blood of Your dear Son, the Savior.

You are a Father to the Fatherless. You are the Hope to the Hopeless. You welcome the Loveless. You comfort the brokenhearted. You bind up the wounded. You are the Almighty and Everlasting Father and keeper of our souls.
Lord, as we approach a time where the world celebrate Fathers, on Father’s Day, we know that many today grew up with missing dads or single moms. In Your mercy, grace and compassion, You never moved but many…in fact, more and more are moving away from You, as the follow the corrupt systems and ideologies of this world. We pray that the scales may fall of their eyes, in so much that while this perverse and corrupt generation of leaders are turning the hearts of the majority towards the god of this world, to their pending doom, You remain seated High and Lifted up in the Heavens with Your loving Arms wide open.
You’re so good that even Jesus, Who did not consider equality with You a thing to be grasped, gave up His Throne and the Scriptures says in Hebrews 5:8 that He obeyed You, even while He suffered, as He came to accomplish You Will, and not even His.
So now, dear Heavenly Father, while You loved this cosmos so much You gave Your Own Son, in so much that whosoever believeth in Him would have everlasting, eternal life, we are the “whosoever”.
In Your Great Grace, Almighty God, Who shakes the heavens, cause the seas to roar and still pastes the real rainbow on the matchless sky after the rains in a display of Your Majestic Power, we pray that today, this week, this month and while it is called NOW, we pray and ask a special measure of grace.
You have already given us all we need in the form of God, the Holy Spirit, and now we ask for a turbo boost of supernatural power to execute and fly to our next phase in spiritual maturity. But Lord, help us as we grow in grace, and dunamis and boldness for the gospel, help us that this goes hand in Hand with Delight and Joy.
Our Faith is the one TRUE Faith ever, in all the universe. Because of our redemption, dear Father, we can delight in You. We delight in Your Truth. We delight in Your Word. We delight in Your Son. We delight in the Holy Spirit – God Three in One and the gates of hell cannot steal our Joy, far less prevail. The overflowing blessedness from this delight, should empower those of us who are fathers, and who represent You on earth to our children, grandchildren and those around us, to find rest, peace, love and joy in You as well.
Spur us now and always to the heights of holiness that our piety may bring Godly pleasure because our true Hope really is our happiness. What some may call our duty, is really our delight in serving You this day and always, proving, dear God, that the root and the flower are as intertwined in its blooming such as delighting in You is and the doctrine of our Faith. Lord, to that end, we bow before You in all humility, commitment and submission to Your Almighty Power in Heaven, through Jesus Christ Our Lord, in His Name, amen and amen.

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