Monday, June 7, 2021


Oh God, our Father Who art in Heaven, Your mercy extends to the Heavens. Your Faithfulness to the skies. Your Righteousness is like the mountain of God and Your judgments are like the greatest depths of the sea. 

You, oh Most Gracious Heavenly Father, preserve both mankind and nature in Your lovingkindness and compassion.  How precious You are dear merciful Abba, our loving Father Who sees all, knows all but still loves us all.

When the hounds of hell nip at our hells, we run to the Cross.

When the trials of the times trip us up, we fall at the foot of the Cross.

When burdens and battles wear us down, we find refuge with King Jesus at the Cross.

At the Cross, we first saw the Light.

At the Cross, He beckoned us to come make it right.

At the Cross, He restored our sight and turned the darkness of night into peels of tremendous joy.

You, oh God, are from everlasting to everlasting. 

You stand at the door and knock.

You run to the prodigal. 

You comfort the broken-hearted.

You bind up the wounded.

You fill empty hearts. 

We stand in perfect awe of You. We who take refuge in the shadow of Your Wings, drink in the abundance of Your Favor. With You, oh God, there is the Fountain of Life, filled with Living Water!

We pray that this hour, this day, this week, this month, this year that Your Righteousness be installed and firmly embedded in the hearts of the faithful.

May Your Holy Righteousness remove all pride, sin and shame and replace them with hope, love, peace, joy and contentment.

May we always be contented to be called Kingdom Children - Your children - saints of the Most High, in Whom we delight and may we always be grateful for that Glorious Day, when You first called us to Yourself, saved us and put a new robe on us, Your new creation. 

We thank You and glory in Your Presence. We magnify, adore and praise You, oh Lord, in the Mighty and strong Name of King Jesus, amen and amen.

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