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US Actual Low Temperatures
Every time mankind, in its lost spiritual condition and full of pride, steps up to claim power over the Climate, and that THEY, the current rulers of this earth, from the United Nations to the other halls of power across the globe, the REAL CLIMATE CHANGER - GOD - steps in! These people, from those who believe in nothing to those who claim to represent religions, will never learn.

As the end rolls around, more and more extremes in the climate, in this age of global cooling, will be evident. All of this is predicted in the Scripture, which most of the rulers of this world, from the religious to the irreligious, do not read and/or misinterpret on purpose. Therefore, be on the alert.

Photo courtesy NOAA
All through Spring 2014 and into the month of July, before world events took over the headlines, the assorted rebels against the Creator, never let up in the War against Biblical Truth. Everything from a hang nail to a mudslide or some unstable person or bully acting up, was blamed on "Climate Change". If there ever was an example of Romans 1 here it is. The same political, media, academic and other elite who have the upper hand (until Christ Returns) made their voices heard, yet Scripture says in Romans 1:
Verse 24  - Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves.
Verse 26  For this reason God gave them up to vile passions.
Verse 28b - God gave them over to a debased mind.

Three times, the Word of The Lord, which never returns void, predicted and proclaimed - GOD GAVE THEM UP and OVER! He has no part of them whatsoever, just as much as they have nothing but contempt and hatred for Him. The modern man, in his over-educated ignorance and by claiming "climate change" at the drop of a hat, confirms Scripture. Their pride and worldly foolishness is their god. They have made their final offer - and it is, they are god....not the Real Climate Changer - YAHWEH - but mortal, sinful humans on this speck of dust in the vast universe.

The coming Polar Vortex during the week of July 14-10 will drop day and night time temps from 20-30 degrees in the upper Great Lakes area as well as the North East. The cooler air will actually make the summer humidity and heat more bearable as temperatures will run as low as 65 during the day and 50's at night.....and the downside is...what?! Thank You Lord for saving us some cash on the air conditioning bill....and bring on the Global Cooling, Jesus, Creator of Heaven and Earth! Amen...

Meanwhile, America continues to be under the Judgment of God unless national leaders call for AND ACT on Repentance, in all truth, in Jesus' Holy Name, amen.

As winter continues unabated in the upper Midwest (Minnesota and parts of Wisconsin etc) into April, followers of the pagan religion of "Climate Change" (formerly known as "Global Warming") are doubling down on their mantras and choruses. It is getting so ridiculous that their temple in the United Nations is predicting all kinds of catastrophic events caused by Granpa driving his Ford F150 in Idaho carrying hay to his cattle! We have intolerant leftists in England calling for "climate change skeptics" to be treated like pariahs and worse. 

Wait till they get a load of what's coming in the next few weeks - BLOOD MOON! Will the moon turning blood red (which could be a sign of the coming Apocalypse) have been caused by "Climate Change"? You bet - never mind it is outside the earth's atmosphere! Meanwhile, the REAL Climate Changer - Creator Jesus Christ - is taking notes and shaking His Holy Head!

So what is a "Blood Moon"? The moon will have a total eclipse on April 15 at 3:07 am EDT and will have a blood red look to it, caused by the sun's rays bouncing off the earth. This will be the first of FOUR BLOOD MOONS in the next year or so. The next three are in October 2014, April 2015 and October 2015. Four Blood Moons, in Biblical Eschatology, is End Times scary for this world. This is going to be a horrible next year for weather patterns around the world as Weathergeddon 2014-2015 kicks into high gear. The more the Creation groans for the Return of the Creator, the worse it will get. Expect the majority of this world - from the western mainstream media and "scientists" to focus on non-existent "climate change". They do this to explain something they know nothing of - the Will and Ways of God.

Anyway, when you see and hear of the Four Blood Moons (Passover and Tabernacles - Two Important Feasts directly about Messiah Jesus Christ), remember these Scripture references, because they will become more evident as these events unfold:

“He made the moon to mark the seasons.” Psalm 104:19.
“There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars.” Luke 21:25
“The sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light" Matthew 24:29
“The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood….” “….the coming of the great glorious day of the Lord.” Acts 2:20

california snow drought extreme critical fire risk los angeles san francisco oakland january 2014
Credits: Satellite images from NASA/NOAA
There seems to be no end in sight for this drought. Therefore we pray for those affected by the drought and that solution can be found....maybe desalination of Pacific Ocean water or something. While most westerners may not believe the Bible - it is still the living, breathing Word of God. He is the same God Who sent a three year drought to the Northern Kingdom of Israel after the Great Prophet Elijah called for it in 1 Kings 17, due to the sin of Ahab and Jezebel.  There is still time for America and the world to turn to The Creator and the controller of the Climate - the real Climate Changer - God, through His Son Jesus Christ. 
"13 When I shut up heaven and there is no rain, or command the locusts to devour the land, or send pestilence among My people, 14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. 15 Now My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to prayer made in this place......2 Chronicles 7:13-15.


While "global warming" alarmists and their renamed hoax stepson "Climate Change" is attributed to summer heat in the summer and extreme cold in the winter, a new phenomenon has been happening in the late half of 2013, into the winter of 2014. Late tornadoes in November devastated a Central Illinois town and the Winter of 2014 started off in extreme fashion, with non-stop snow, ice, cold winds and record low temperatures!

Since most people are starting to question "Climate Change" (unless you're a liberal who does not believe in God, the REAL Climate Changer), the corrupt American media - whose credibility ranks up there with used car and snake oil salesmen - have come up with a sophisticated sounding concept to dazzle the masses. They are calling this concept "Polar Vortex"! God calls it - winter! Surely, it is one of the harshest winters we can remember since 1983, but there is also something else going on - Judgment.

Many may scoff at this notion, but America is turning its collective back more and more on the God of Heaven, Who will not stand for it! Ask the Chosen People of Israel what happened to their northern Kingdom in the 8th century BC and the southern kingdom, when a barbarian king from Iraq named Nebechanezzar took care of idolatrous Jerusalem, as God's instrument of Justice, 200 years later.

The latest Gallup polls have confirmed that the United States has become more ungodly like Europe; the belief in God has dropped dramatically in the past few years and most young people have walked away from the church to worship the most evil Celebrity Culture ever known to mankind. They vote for politicians who pursue unbiblical policies; sanction local schools that indoctrinate children and sit idly by while Christians and others are persecuted around the world for their Faith in the same God of Heaven. Therefore, do you think this God, Who holds the entire Creation and its function in His Hands, will just sit by and allow His Holy Name to be trampled upon? There is no evidence of otherwise in 5000 years of creation.
Stay tuned.....

And there will be famines, pestilences and earthquakes in various places.  All these are the beginning of sorrows.....Matthew 24:7b-8 

On November 21 2013 seven volcanoes started erupting  in 6 different  countries - all within hours of each other! If you look at the history of this planet, similar events have occurred - although there was no devastation in these eruptions. The corrupt debauchery of Pompii preceded the massive similar volcanic explosion from Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. The town of over 20,000 was preparing to sacrifice to their non-existent pagan gods Augustus and other stone gods to every sin imaginable. Vesuvius wiped out the entire town, as the real God of Heaven usually does to those who flaunt this kind of stuff in His Holy Face. 

The artifacts from this town, from frescos and pottery to even their pagan temples have been well preserved for over 1900 years and tell quite the story. Expect more and more natural disasters as each day brings us closer to the Return of the Lord Jesus Christ and the end of all things in this natural world. The Bible tells that ALL creation groans and it has been so, since sin entered God's once-perfect Creation. Another perfect day is coming. It will be so when the lion will lay down with the lamb and the King (Jesus) rules in Person, from the Millennial Temple in Jerusalem!

Add to this fires and floods!FLOODING IN COLORADO:
First Responder authorities in Colorado told residents to expect rain and flooding of Biblical proportions in the past week or so. There was over 14 inches of rainfall in less than one week. There were 6 dams blowing out and 20 overflowing and local sheriffs (in Boulder county) reported 20 foot walls of water coming down through the canyons. There are over 1200 people missing and countless more the natural disaster continues. Highways are washed out. Homes are sliding off hills. Bridges are collapsing.

The hardest hit area is Boulder, widely know as the best city for pagans in Colorado. Colorado is mistakenly called the Evangelical Vatican of the West, but not the spiritual underworld knows is this: the concentration of Christian ministries is only limited to Colorado Springs (Focus on the Family, Navigators etc). Outside of that great city, there are Manitou Springs and other such towns. Manitou is called the Hippie Mayberry, but it is more of like the witchcraft capitol of Colorado. Even the word "manitou" means "a supernatural power that permeates the world, possessed in varying degrees by both spiritual and human beings (in the pagan Algonquin religion)". It is a known fact that only 4% of that city are actual Christians and/or church goers. Manitou was hit by the flooding and the rains as well as the so-called Garden of the Gods....named not after the God of Creation but the so-called place of "assembly of gods"! It remains to be seen if this population will turn to the God of all comfort for healing and restoration, after this calamity.

Less than a year after the powerful Hurricane Sandy destroyed the New Jersey coastline, Staten Island and other areas in the New York - New Jersey coastal regions, the famed New Jersey boardwalk was destroyed again - this time by fire. As of now, no cause of the fire has been found. But it is just a sad reality to an area where many people do make a living, in a historic part of the United States, but where some really unsavory things happen - from gambling and prostitution to high crime rates, pre-Hurricane Sandy.  Some of the casinos are back up in Atlantic City.

This past summer of 2013 saw numerous wildfires across the west. A whole lot of them were again in Colorado although we lost a lot of acreage in Arizona and California. Some of the dangerously close to big population centers. Nineteen ace firefighters were lost bravely fighting forest fires in Arizona and we pray for those wonderful families left behind to grieve.....and on and on....

June 2013 Sandstorm in Nevada
For the past several years, the talk of the town has been the extreme weather in almost every region of the country...if not the world.  Since May 2011, when tornadoes almost wiped out Joplin, Missouri and a huge portion of Tuscaloosa Alabama, we have been hit by one weather phenomenon after another. The unbelieving world chalks it up to "climate change" or "global warming", as if mortal man could come up with that we are experiencing first hand on a regular basis.

It IS "climate change" BUT it is being done by The Climate Changer and His Creation! It is still mind-boggling that many do not realize the Truth of the impact of the Spiritual on the Natural. Mortal sinful man has attempted to play God since the days of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel. Creation has been groaning for the Creator since Fall of Man in Genesis 3 and still, mankind has not let his conscience be his/her guide in repenting and returning to the Feet of the Master.

Tidal wave hitting Thailand -2004
The pagan cultures of the East have experienced drastic events losing hundreds of thousands of souls - from tidal waves to floods to earthquakes etc. Massive flooding and devastation in Europe have been going unnoticed by us here, for years, on the American continent. Now, our turn has arrived.  We ignored the warnings to have a nationwide soul cleansing. We saw a brief blip of "spirituality" when most of us flocked to churches after September 11, 2001. That lasted weeks, until we got comfortable again. Sure there are pockets of revival in small towns around the country, but there is no corporate reverence for God.

The culture spits in His Eye. They treasure filth and sex and corruption of our young people with their movies, music, magazines and multi-media.  There is no Godly national leadership and America's preachers have gone silent, doing nothing but waiting for "The Rapture", while people are dying and going away from the eternal presence of God, because they do not know Christ as their Lord and Savior! Romans 1 has become a self-fulfilling prophesy as not even public schools are safe for the minds of young children. The corruption and indoctrination into unholy lifestyles and education boggles the mind. It is staggering because these blind guides have no clue of how God thinks about these things -
since they do not know Him! 

So is it any wonder that punishing weather, one week after the next, are slamming all portions of this country? When Hurricane Sandy hit the northeastern coast last Fall, did anyone cry out to God in all honesty, to ask for His mercy, help and compassion?  No! They were and still are blaming "global warming"! Tornadoes have been wrecking havoc in the southwest and other places. This has been causing people to ask "Where is God" and "Why is He letting this happen to us?" We don't really need to answer those questions since God is where He always is - on His Throne. What we need to take note of is this - why do we think we can live the way the country looks now, and not expect God to respond through Creation?

The rain falls equally on the just (born-again saved believers) and the unjust (those who are lost to perdition). Therefore, good people are affected in all of these natural disasters
as well. We saw that in Oklahoma, where the testimonies of ordinary folks about the Goodness of God sparing their lives (even while they lost everything) stunned the national media! These salt -of-the-earth Americans knew just Who the Source of all Life is.

We will continue to see devastation and destruction in the months and years ahead. The
Tornado in Moore, Okhlahoma 2013
Wrath of God will be revealed upon ALL unrighteousness. The scary Sandstorms in Nevada; the Derecho storms of mid June 2013; the double whammy two-mile-wide tornadoes in Oklahoma and more hurricane Sandy's; massive sinkholes and earthquakes are coming. The key to surviving all of this is PRAYER! First of all - pray for your OWN salvation and that you are right with God! Then pray for your own safety and that of your family and friends.  Then, if one of these natural disasters call us home, we will be in Heaven with King Jesus! The next breath is not promised anyone!

The disciples came to Jesus, as recorded in Luke 13:1-3 and told Him that Pilate had killed some Galileans and done some other horrible things to them. They asked the Lord "who was the bigger sinner - those who died or the other Galileans?" Do you know what Jesus told them....and He has the same message for us TODAY....Jesus said in verse 3 "I tell you, No: but, except you repent, you shall all likewise perish". There was no Dr. Phil or Diane Sawyer or some whiny national figure prevarication here! There was ONLY scary Truth!

More is coming...or as Jesus said the verse at the top of this article, this is just the "beginning of sorrows"! The question is - are we ready? If today were our final day on this earth and God forbid, one of these natural disasters called us home, would we present to Him, a good report coming out of Weathergeddon or....the opposite?

The reaction to all of this tragedy and sorrow is Repentance - corporate and personal repentance. Do not depend on unsaved political leaders to do it or even fly by night preachers who tickle the ears of millions of earth, but do not have the Ear of God. Depend on Jesus Christ - the Author and Perfecter of Our Faith, Who for the Joy set before Him, endured the Cross and is coming again to rule the earth with a Fist of Iron.

Those who have repented and believed the Gospel have nothing to worry about, even in these dark and scary days. Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' Blood and righteousness. What we must do is to pray for the lost and hurting, reach out to them with the joy and love of Jesus Christ and then - lend a helping hand everywhere, while there is still time!


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