Sunday, June 23, 2013


This past Spring of 2013 has surely opened a lot of eyes to the direction of both our youth and those who are leading them into oblivion. Quick on the heels of the Boy Scouts of America being just one step away from allowing gay scout leaders to their declining numbers across the country, comes the news that British Girl Guides (the equivalent of US Girl Scouts) have gone atheist!

While this is the natural (and sad) progression for the modern cultural diverse mess of the once great country which gave us George Whitfield, Spurgeon and Wesley - it is still a stunning development! The Guides are 103 years old and this move on June 19 to replace the promise to "love God" with  the promise to "be true to myself" and to "develop my beliefs" is narcissistic  phony and just ripe for these people to be set up to fail in life. If the best thing a young person, who absolutely needs moral and divine guidance, is to look inside themselves (under the direction of an secular humanist), the coming generations will be without any true hope.

When pressed, "Chief Guide Gill Slocombe protested that the organization consulted 40,000 before it made the change. She said that using God in the pledge “discouraged some girls and volunteers from joining,” and now the Guides could “reach out to girls and women who might not have considered guiding before, so that even more girls can benefit from everything guiding can offer.” Julie Bentley, the new CEO of the Guides, has called the Girl Guides the “ultimate feminist organization.” (Sourced here)

Did you catch that? They are not interested in bringing up young women with character, but in "reaching out to girls" who will become 'ultimate feminists' like their new CEO! But they are just following the lost Girl Scouts of America which is fast becoming an arm of Planned Parenthood. Boy Scouts in Britain (where scouting actually started) are considering dropping "God" too so watch for the geniuses who run the Boy Scouts of America in Dallas to follow suit! 

This decline in Great Britain is nothing new. To watch it slide down into the pit of hell is horrifying, but America is no different. American Atheists have been trying to get the BSA to do the same thing, and after watching how the Pentagon treats the rights of Christian soldiers, BSA is going to fold to the unbelieving left soon enough.

So what is the answer to all of this destruction of great institutions? The answer is FAITH! Faith, but not faith alone - action, that is - take action and pull your children out of these groups. Thankfully, some good families who were formerly in the Girl Scouts of America saw where they were heading and started American Heritage Girls. American Heritage Girls are safe from the corrupt left and their politicians and worthy to be joined. So is Frontier Girls.

For those sensible parents who also want to leave the Boy Scouts, visit your nearest Southern Baptist Church which has a youth group, and you can find a Royal Ambassador (RA) group for your son there. Now is the time to both walk in the world (since we live in it) but be separate from the evil therein, so that when we stand before Christ on Judgment Day, we will not like those who will hear "depart from Me, I never knew you" (Matthew 7:23) 

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