Monday, June 28, 2021


Oh Most Holy Father of Heaven and Earth, as we come to a very quick close to the first half of 2021, we are reminded that a thousand days are like a day in Your Sight and still our days are like but a fleeting breath on this earth.


In the sad days, in which we live, we see many who are prospering off the conditions of this world, while the majority are left to seek and find their own comfort in things and systems which Your Word did not prescribe. To those who persevered through the storms and the lockdowns and the trauma of losing loved ones to Covid or other unnatural incidents….those who stayed close to You and grounded themselves in Truth while reaching out and loving others, and even those who are seeking Truth and discovering themselves in confusion, Lord – You are Lord of us all.


So today, Father, as we look back on our successes and failures of the first six months of this year, we commit our way to You.

We commit our very lives and souls into Your Care.
We pray for those who are seeking but cannot find their way. Lord send Your Holy Spirit to beckon them on to You.

We pray for those who once walked with You, yet used Christian liberty to join in the world’s corruption, stayed  there and need to find a way out before it is too late. Give them a helping Hand and a real mirror from Heaven so they can see who they have become….and turn back to You.


We trust You, we who are called by Your Name. We trust ONLY You and there is no other.

We trust that You would act on our behalf when the hounds of hell nip at or hells. We will keep the Faith.

We trust that our Hope is built on nothing else but Jesus’ Blood and Righteousness. We will stand on Your Word.

We trust that when dark clouds overwhelm and the fiery darts fly our way, we will remember our Helmet of Salvation.


Lord, may Your righteousness shine like the sun rising on early dawn.

May Your justice reign supreme like the sun on high noon, overhead.

May Your Peace rule our hearts so that no matter what the world throws at us, we remain secure in You.

May Your Son, one day, ride from the split in the Eastern Sky, as He returns to retake that which was His from the beginning.


Spread Your faithful love over those who know, love, obey, trust and called You Lord.

Bring Your healing balm into the hearts of those who remain upright and true to You.

Do not let the arrogant, prideful and evil ones come near Your Faithful servants.

We trust in the Lord, abide in You, delight in You, oh Lord, because You have given us the desires of our hearts – the Lord Jesus Christ and it is in His Name we pray, and praise forever and a day, amen and amen.

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