Monday, June 21, 2021


Dear Great Father in Heaven, we come to You in with humble hearts, bowing them before Your Throne as we seek daily forgiveness, grace and mercy for each new day this week and always.


The Bible says, oh Great God of the Universe, that the depths of the earth are in Your Hands and so are the mountain peaks. We know the seas are Yours, and recall how Your Holy Spirit hovered over the surface of the dark and called dry land into being.

You are the real Climate Changer, the Miracle Worker, the Promise Keeper of all promise keepers and the Way the Truth and the Life. We kneel before You, oh Matchless Maker of all mankind.

Nothing was, until You spoke.

No one was saved, I AM became flesh and dwelt amongst us.

No one had hope, until the Resurrection. 

No one could access Your Throne Room, until the Veil was torn – from the TOP down! Hallelujah, You are good.


You, oh God are our God. There is no other

You, oh Lord, are our portion in the land of the living.

You, Mighty King, rule the hearts of your people.

You, Sovereign Lord, are Lord of all and one day EVERY knee will bow to You, including those who reject You now, thereby following their father the devil as sons of perdition.


Let those of us, who hear Your Voice, immediately turn from our worldly ways, repent and be made right before You.

Let those of us, who are weak and doubting and are not sure of just Who You are, have an real encounter with You, Lord Jesus.

Let those of us, who are pressed down on every side, realized we are not crushed, because You hold us up with Your righteous Right Hand.

Let those of us, who are perplexed and confused by the tribulations of this world, find hope in the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Let those of us, who feel struck down and walked on, realized that no one can really destroy us, because we are Your children, the people who once walked in the darkness but now have seen the great Light!


Hallelujah, thank You Jesus.


At the start of a new day and week, we sing a new song to You and pray the entire world sings its refrain.

We praise Your Holy Name

We worship You in spirit and in truth and proclaim Your Salvation from day to day, first in our own lives and then in our households.

We declare Your Majesty as there is none like You, oh Mighty King.

Thank You for watching over, protecting, guiding and providing and for Who You are, on Lord of our hearts and my heart and those who love, obey and were transformed by the same Spirit Who raised Jesus from the Dead. We worship and adore You, dear King of Heaven, in  the Mighty and Strong Name of Jesus Christ, the Lord of all, amen and amen. 

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