Friday, January 23, 2015


"And the king said to them, “I have had a dream, and my spirit is anxious to know the dream."...Daniel 2:3

PRAYER: (Against Anxiety, Day 5)

Great God in Heaven, we bless Your Holy Name as we seek to come to the end of ourselves, so that we may see You better. We are so caught up in the trap of the now and what is in our line of vision, that our perspective  is becoming more and more like the world, whose vision is not that of the Holy and Sovereign God, but most times are similar to the god of this world, the prince and power of the air.  

Lord everything we see is troubling, from what goes on in our homes and churches to what transpires in the curricula in schools, colleges, the finance world, the city  hall and even the otherwise great institutions which once stood for Truth and Morality, according to Thy Word. When the secular and the lost in the politics and the judicial system ended Your presence by taking away prayer and Bible reading in schools over 50 years ago, they left the god of this world to fill this gap, and it has gotten worse since. What this has led to is three lost generations of ‘nones’ and others  who have walked away, or perish for a lack of vision. Their ungodly versions of vision, and the corrupt plans of this world continually play out in front of our eyes, and like King Nebuchadnezzar, they trouble us.  

We are troubled not just for our own future, but more concerned for our children and grandchildren’s salvation, sanity, future and quality of life. We are anxious and perturbed that they will have the freedom to worship you and live out their faith in their daily lives because the evil ones will command this once free society to follow the dictates of man….which is to shut up and move on and not proclaim the Name of the One Who died for us. We are understandably concerned that they do not know how to stand up for Truth and even defend, in a comprehensive way, what the Faith which You have given unto us even means. 

Lord we know that the righteous – Your Elect – will never go hungry and their children will never go begging bread, because You provide for Your own, but let these fears and concerns for the future, the kinds that trouble our sleep be allayed and may our seed- the arrows with which You have filled our quivers, be filled with courage from the Holy Spirit to face the increasing evil and persecution they will face, through the Strength and calling on the Power of Your Name, the Name above all names, in heaven and on earth – Jesus Christ, Provider and Protector, amen.

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