Sunday, January 25, 2015


"Search me, O God, and know my heart;
Try me, and know my anxieties;
And see if there is any wicked way in me,  
And lead me in the way everlasting."....Psalm 139:23-24

(Against Anxiety, Day 7)
Most Holy and awesome God in Heaven, as Your servants David and Jeremiah both proclaimed heavenly truth that You knew us before You formed us in the womb, it comes down to this, Lord - my entire being is Yours, sinful man since Adam have corrupted it, we need redemption and relief from sinful fears - and only You can have the Will, the Power and the Inclination to rescue Your creation.

Lord, we are made in the Image and Likeness of You and under such an amazing configuration we operate in a reality which should be other worldly, but always gets bogged down and oppressed by sin, fear and the wrong kind of trembling. So Lord, You know where all that we have hidden from You reside. Send Your fine-toothed comb through our spirits, body and soul and have an intimate knowledge of what we think, say and do. We know You have complete access and since You are a Gentleman of the First Degree, You will not come in unless invited. So Father, we invite, implore, beg, plead and petition You to come fully into every part of our lives and take over. This is the only way You can "know my heart" as the Scripture above says.

And Father, since being saints who sometimes sin and stuck under the old curse of the first Adam who sinned, we do have wickedness embedded in us which needs to be cleansed, removed and taken out for good.  The anxieties and fears which reside inside us are indeed close to wickedness and even divination, as its root lies close to the tree of rebellion. 

May Your Holy Spirit, the Spirit Who lives inside us as believers, locate every single one of those hidden hurts, heresies, doubts, profanities, pornographic, covetous and immature thoughts and simply pull them out by the roots, then burn them and fling their remains across Your Sea of remember them no more.  Lord we know You can and will do this, if we so request in submission and genuine repentance. By Your purging of these wicked compartmentalized zones of our lives, we are then freed up from all anxious (and therefore sinful) moments to walk in a manner worthy of being in Your presence or as the Scripture above says "way everlasting".  By Your stripes, we WERE healed, by Your searching and prompting, we shall follow when You lead, in Jesus' Strong and Holy Name, amen.

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