Monday, January 26, 2015


"Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me."....John 14:1


Heavenly Father, we remain persuaded, convinced, sure, know that we know and are confirmed, affirmed and firm in our Belief, Trust and Faith in You as Sovereign God and Lord of our lives. We believe in You, trust in You and love, obey, honor, magnify, lift up and glorify the Name of King Jesus all the days of our lives, now and always.

Father my heart is not troubled.  My spirit is at peace. My trust is in You. My Hope is built on nothing less but Jesus' Blood and Righteousness and I bow before His Throne, as I dare not, could not, don't want to and will not see any other, any thing, any distraction, any philosophy or any ungodly perverted corrupt or evil thing which this world offers, than the sweet refrain of Jesus' Name and His Word. His Word, which is Thy Word, liveth in my heart, my mind, my body, my finger tips and go with me as I walk, talk, eat, sleep, and breathe.

Lord, let me walk with Thee all the while, closer and closer, until I see the things You see, until I discern the matter such as You do, until I walk in the doctrines and manner of the Lord, according to His Great and Mighty Will. No one can know the Mind of the Lord, no one can know Your Ways, because they are so much more, well....amazing than ours. But Lord, when we ask, and we seek in fasting and prayer and with every fiber of our being, You reveal. You have revealed so many things which cannot be truly communicated as You meant them for Your Glory and my edification. 

So let me, this day and always, and not just me but all who call upon the Name of the Lord - and who declare Him as Lord of their lives - may we all see that bond. It is a bond way beyond the inseparable. It is a bond which Holy Spirit has sealed until the day of redemption as the guarantee, but it is also a bond which longs and yearns and desire and more intimate, a more dynamic, a more fluid and interactive relationship with You than even the close one we have right now. Draw me closer, Heavenly Father, as I seek Thy Holy Countenance moment by moment. So while my heart may be perturbed by the evil and things and concerns of this world for family and foundations falling apart, my spirit jumps for joy at the worship in Holy Heavenly Tabernacle as our prayers and praise rise up to the Temple and before Your Throne, this very hours...and this can only be done, through the Faith given to all of us, who believe in You, Lord Jesus, amen. 

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