Tuesday, January 20, 2015


"But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. "So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own"...
Matthew 6:33-34

PRAYER: (Against Anxiety, Day 2

Heavenly Father,  great is Your Name and You are greatly to be praised! You, Whose Son conquered fear, death and hell sit in the heavenlies over all, so great and mighty are You Lord. By the profound sacrifice on the Cross, which satisfied the eternal blot on humanity and atoned perfectly for all sin, for all time,  You reconciled man unto Yourself and offered Him a road back to eternal fellowship with You. Lord we long for that fellowship because it is the kind which causes us to be able to persevere through these difficult and trying times.

Your Word says here to “not worry about tomorrow”, and You are correct. We have enough in front of us to simply make it through this day. Those in persecuted lands who have had no bread as they lose homes, land, jobs even family and freedom by the hordes, who represent the evil one, do not even know where their next piece of break cometh from.  We are so grateful for all you have given us, in abundance and may we share with those who are less blessed and fortunate.  No one knows what the morrow will bring, but You, and from Your Promises in the Scriptures say, if we trust fully in You, that it shall be well and taken off our plate.

Lord, the anxiety many feel comes from not just the uncertainty of this day, but the scary prospect of tomorrow as evil triumphs over good, for this time only, but nevertheless, still triumphs.  As the public educational systems corrupt Your little ones, thus preparing to answer to You on Judgment Day not knowing about the millstone and the sea….as the weak western church stand a mile wide led by super-rich under-shepherds who sugarcoat the True Gospel to keep numbers paying tithes….as the culture brainwashes with perverted messages and false religions of self-realization and mysticism demonic religions...even so, as our young people see no hope for the future, with massive college debts and no prospects….as all of this happens, confusion reigns; panic arises; hopelessness through the roof and even Your people, who are called by Your Name, feel they have nowhere to turn.


But Father, we know they feel this way because most don’t know the Scriptures, they don’t know the Power of the Word or the God Who gave it.  Father, Your equation is simple, straightforward and out in the open for all to see “seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness”….and then we will be able to persevere through anxious times, without the anxiety and all the physical, emotional and spiritual baggage that go with that anxiety.  Father, we pray that Your people start picking up the Scriptures and search for themselves to find out just what the Kingdom of God is and why His true elect are currently living in that eternal peaceful realm, while still on earth in our current form….abiding in Your everlasting Arms! Even if their preachers don’t preach the real Gospel, we pray they seek answers themselves and Your help in understanding Your Word, Your Promise and Your Abode – the kingdom of heaven!  And Lord, by pursuing Your heart, by pressing into know You more, by proclaiming what You are doing in our lives, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, we pray that more and more will see Your Holiness, Your Hand in creation and all the events surrounding our lives and more. May they seek and see more of the Righteousness of Christ confirmed in His Word and through the Holy Spirit Who lives in the true believers.  In this manner, oh God, helps all Your people to be anxious for nothing and to see Your Plans perfectly aligned with Your Timing, for our own sake and good,  and help us believe more and thus put all our trust and faith RIGHT NOW, in Jesus Christ, and it is in His Name we pray, believe and achieve this shalom and departure for anxious moments. Amen.


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