Wednesday, January 28, 2015



"how will we escape if we neglect such a great salvation?"....Hebrews 2:3a

Heavenly Father, oh Most High God, I thank You for the offer of reconciling with You, my Creator which the Savior made when He died for all sins for all time at the Cross of Calvary. He, who did not consider equality with You, a thing to be grasped, held on to  and more, came off the Throne of Eternity to be borne in a cold dirty cave among the lowly to become like every person He created, in order that He could feel like we feel, walk like we walk and live among us.

What manner of God is our great Lord, Jesus Christ, the Ancient of Days? History records His ministry, His Love, His Words, His teachings and all that He did - fully man yet fully God. When the pharisees grabbed Him to throw Him off a cliff, He supernaturally walked through them in amazement. When they created false doctrine out of Moses' law, He healed the sick and comforted the broken- hearted. When the evil one tempted Him using things He created, Yeshua showed us the way to defeated this evil accuser of the brethren - with the Word of God.

We once were lost in sin, in the Egypt of our own making. We were slaves to such filth and degradation, a dungeon of death walking around in the open air, of our own making by following that same accuser and devil. We bought his distractions, lies, and sugar-coated temptations and lusts of the flesh dressed up as things we "could not do without"....the same kind of lies he used against Eve in the Garden of Eve. We lived like Adam and bought the pig in a poke even when we saw through the lies like Adam did. Yet the King loved us anyway. He methodically revealed the road we were on, how wide and beautiful it looked and how it led straight to a fiery hell for all eternity, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth after all of that.

How then can we ignore and turn our backs on our Great God when He did something He did not have not to? How can we ignore the Price He Paid for filthy sinners like every man who ever lived and paid with His life at age 33 after being persecuted by evil religious men in Jerusalem and brutal soldiers from Rome? How can we spurn His offer of Rescue from the Ruins of hell by coming to the end of ourselves, stopping, turning around in repentance and accepting His offer of Sacrifice, of Salvation and of can we reject that offer, Father? 

Yet, the entire world - from the mystic and violent religions of the east and from those who call themselves by Your Name and no more know You than those same followers of false religion, refuse to bow the knee in this life, while there is still breath. There remains no sacrifice for sin for those who refuse total surrender to the Will and Ways and Wonder of Christ, no matter whether they are priest, parent, "prophet" prime minister, president, professor, some of the poor, the pupil or business professional. There will be no escape for them on that Great Day of the Lord, if they neglect, ignore and turn from that free gift of eternal life, through Repentance and Faith, oh God. We pray for them that they do so, before life shall pass. Father, give us, Your elect, the strongest faith and will to endure and persevere to the end, even as You have shown us Your Grace, Mercy, Love and Favor by bringing us to the Foot of the Cross, where we shall abide with thee, until the end of time, in the Presence and Power of the One Who died for me and everyone else, in the Mighty Name of Christ Jesus, the Lord, amen.

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