Thursday, January 5, 2012


Natural Health Solutions for Your Family
Cheri Majors
With quality health care at unaffordable levels and the life-threatening dangers associated with prescription and over-the-counter medicines, doesn't it make more sense to do everything imaginable to keep your family healthy? There are many tried-and-true ways of keeping your family healthy while building a strong immune system, capable of staving off disease, viruses, and infection.
Preparing & Eating Nutritious Foods
Powerful cooking tips for boosting your family's immune system are; seasoning your foods by cooking with garlic, onions, and lemons, mixed nto daily meals and beverages. These are nature's potent antibiotics, and act as natural anti-inflammatory medications on joints, muscles and organs, as recommended in the "ABC's of Nutritious Cooking& Living a Healthier Lifestyle".
Teach your children to cook a healthy mix of dark and colorful, anti-oxidant rich foods, preferably grown at home (without toxic pesticides) as instructed in "How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden". And if possible treat your family to an earlier dinner-meal schedule every night, to assist with proper digestion, and forming better sleep habits.
Emotional Bonds & Communication
Earlier dinners will also help create a health-conscious emotional bond and important sharing time, over nutritional family meals. Enjoy early-evening strolls with your family for after-dinner exercising, while keeping communication lines open during a stress-free activity.
Exercise & Lifting Weights
Walking is an extremely healthy, family habit to form, as it is an easy-to-do, low-impact exercise which can benefit every member. Walking keeps muscles functioning properly, and builds bone density, to prevent and reverse the debilitating effects of osteoporosis, as confirmed in the article "10 Methods to Prevent Or Reverse Osteoporosis", which effects all ages, both male and female.
According to the Reader's Digest article "7 Tips to Steal from People Who Never Get Sick" lifting weights should also be a part of your family's regular workout. They are not promoting body-building, nor are genuine weights necessary; simply fill clean plastic-handled milk jugs with water or sand, to enhance weekly or daily work-outs.

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