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Many of you have asked for an easy place to access my published work outside of my blog, and since I am a freelance writer & blogger, I wanted to put together a page outlining the magazines, sites and organizations for which I am a Contributing Writer in some way, shape of form.

These links will take you to post(s) that talk about these awesome companies/organizations that noticed my work and have given me much needed exposure - and in some cases, are paying me for my writing!

(I will also continue to do occasional "guest blogger" posts on a number of sites and that will continue, but these will not be listed here. maybe another page is needed for that!)

Much gratitude to the fine folks at the following organizations!

What's Up Magazine (National Family Magazine, both in print and online) - Regular Contributing Freelance Writer

Compassion2One (US-based Charity helping children get out of the horrible sex trafficking trade) - Canadian Awareness Director / Editorial Writer & Blogger - currently working on an important series about the sex trafficking trade in Canada

Vividlife (Huge, Canadian website dedicated to helping people live their best, authentic lives) - Contributing Writer

Wellx (Otherwise known as WellnessX, a US-based hub for wellness professionals) - Regular Contributing Writer

Yummy Mummy Club (One of Canada's largest websites for moms and founded/owned by Canadian celebrity Erica Ehm, this site aims to communicate that moms are also dynamic, vivacious women) - Contributing Writer, Yummy Mummy Member Blogger, Proud Member

Raising Boys World (US-based website aimed at providing resources for parents of boys) - Contributing Writer

Women Business Owners Today (Canadian-based on-line network for women business owners) - Contributing Writer

I will add to and change this list as things happen, but here is a start! 

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