Thursday, January 12, 2012


A Health & Beauty Challenge 

by Cheri Majors M.S.
This year I was challenged to find something new and more nutritious for my skin, and overall health. Friends dared me to try something I could eat as well as slather on my skin, that was actually good for my family and I.
At an incredible savings over many other products, claiming to do what this one miracle oil can do, it did not take much convincing for me. Try these beauty treatments inside and out, for just one month, and you will love your skin again.
Nutritious Cooking & Healthier Eating
Begin by nourishing your skin from the inside out. Replace that can of Crisco or margarine withcoconut oil for healthier pan frying as well as baking. It is as good as wholesome olive oil, yet it will not burn at higher temperatures.
Coconut oil stores as a solid in your pantry cupboards (no refrigeration necessary) but will melt on warmer days. You will immediately notice that this solid oil, which is so tough in the kitchen, will gently melt and soak in at skin temperature.
Nourishing Facial Care & Beauty Treatments
Because coconut oil melts at skin temperature it makes a gentle, yet naturally fragrant, makeup remover to melt off your makeup (even stubborn mascara). Add a small amount of baking soda for a non-abrasive scrub (avoid eye areas) and rinse off with a warm washcloth. Follow this routine to keep wrinkles away, and your skin will be baby soft.
Replace expensive night creams, by reapplying a very small amount of coconut oil onto freshly scrubbed skin. You will nourish your skin, while sealing in moisture throughout the night. In the morning spritz water on your face, using this delicate oil as a protective barrier, and then watch as your foundation (or powders) glide smoothly over it.
All-Natural Tanning Oil & Bug Repellant
Use coconut oil as golden-bronzing tanning oil, when used with sensible daily sun exposure. Especially welcomed, as sunblock creams are now rumored to contain toxins, harmful to our long-term health, as are poisonous spray-on bug repellents.
Coconut oil nourishes while allowing the sunshine vitamin D to naturally soak into your skin, and moisturize at the same time. Some people also swear by its bug-repelling properties, uncharacteristic of such a tantalizing scent.
For year-around beauty at a fraction of the price, switch over to coconut oil for nutritious cooking and baking health benefits, as well as fabulous skin, it's an economical, age-old Tahitian beauty secret that really works. If you need more proof, read from "Top 10 Reasons Coconut Oil is a Miracle of Nature!"

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