Friday, January 6, 2012


DAY 6 :

Many times in the Bible (especially in the Old Testament) you will see the phrase “The LORD your God”.  It was only used after Moses led the millions of, by then, pagan Israelites, out of Egypt.   

There is a reason for that. Just briefly, let’s look at the word “LORD” – this is the English version of the word JEHOVAH – the God of Heaven, the One True God and God the Father.   

Our Father who art in Heaven – Jehovah, was boiling mad at the many pagan and non-existent gods which His chosen people worshiped in Egypt and then continued, even after they saw His goodness. After Joshua, God’s General, brought them into the Promised Land and died, the people returned to their evil ways.   

God sent His Word via the prophets of old, to warn them. These prophets started with Deborah; Samuel; Isaiah; Ezekiel; Jeremiah and all the Minor Prophets. They were only minor because they did not write dozens of chapters like the “major prophets”. Their message was just as important as Jeremiah or Ezekiel!   

The suffix “-IM” signifies the plural in the Hebrew language as in “seraph –IM” and “cherub –IM” –those amazing Heavenly angels!   Eloah –is the Hebrew for “god”…not the god of heaven but what man makes – an earthly god. Elohim is the plural…or ‘gods’. The people trusted these “gods” …these elohim over the REAL GOD OF HEAVEN – Whom they knew was real.   

Therefore God was making it plain just WHO HE IS. He is saying in essence “I, YAHWEH…GOD…JEHOVAH AM THE REAL GOD….NOT THOSE “gods” So it should be for the world today…which has made gods out of themselves; their lifestyles; their possessions and more. 

God is saying today, on Day 6 of our prayer challenge – and EVERY DAY – I AM JEHOVAH AND I AM ELOHIM – YOUR God, not the gods you made for yourself!   

So Father, in the Name of Jesus, I acknowledge YOU Father, as the Only God in Heaven. The Only God Who has ever existed – Three in One – Father, Son and Holy Spirit!  You said in 1 Kings 8:60 “all the people of the earth may know that the LORD is God, and that there is none else”   

You said in Psalm 100:3 “know ye that the LORD – HE is God: it is He that hath made us, and not we ourselves”   Lord, Abba Father, the people at Mt. Carmel with Your wonderful servant Elijah said “the LORD – HE IS GOD…THE LORD – HE IS GOD” I reaffirm that right now, in the Mighty Name of Jesus.   

Search our hearts and every fiber of our being and see if we are clinging to anything at all – material or spiritual – which we have as the priority, OVER YOU, and then Father, please PULL those small gods which we have set up for ourselves – our homes, our jobs, our cars, our wealth and even our ministries – ROOT THOSE false gods out of every part of us and then let the Flow the Holy Spirit flood me.  

Father I give Your Spirit access to fill every nook and hiding place in my life, so nothing will be there except the Power of Christ! I pray the same for every person reading this immediate prayer.   

Thank you God, thank YOU that YOU are the only God! Only a true Loving God like You could do the things You do. You are God! You are God and nothing or no one else IS! I trust you fully with my life and walk humbly before You, oh Eternal Father, Jehovah my Elohim - Who was, is and is to come.   

In the Mighty Name of Jesus, amen.    

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