Tuesday, January 17, 2012


by Crystal Banks Tait(Bankie)

2 Timothy 2:4 "No one serving as a soldier gets involved in civilian affairs--he wants to please his commanding officer."

That verse came to me when I saw a new ministry within a local church.  Do not involve yourself in ministries of men.  Stay with the ministries of God which please HIM.  That is how I knew I shouldn't be involved in that ministry.  It got me to thinking though.

I have quite a few things on the go.  My first blog is this blog, Love4AMAZED.  I meant for it to be a parenting and family oriented blog because I have a  big passion for families, including my own :)  If what we go through can encourage and help others I really want to be able to do that. I started blogging on MSN Live Spaces and carried the blog over when Spaces closed down.  Love4AMAZED is likely the only thing I do that wasn't "Inspired".... directly anyhow.

I then started God's Word for 365 in the summer to blog about and read God's Word Daily and be held accountable via blog.  I just started blogging that on my Love4AMAZED blog to keep things simple.  But I found that intertwining the two was difficult because I had family and child revelations that I wanted to share that didn't really fit in with my GW4365 that day or what have you.

Most recently I have started Eating4God, a record of my journey in eating as a way for honouring and worshipping God, feeding our spirit instead of feeding our flesh.  A vision started this blog as well... my first vision in a dream.

BUT.  My FIRST BIG passion is ACTION..  :)  I didn't know it at the time but ACTION. was my first vision.  That explains why it all seemed to real... it's kind of funny to me know that I know what it is that I jumped so quickly on it.  ACTION 2.5 years after the vision isn't even really on the table.  But I still have a phone line, fax line and web domain for ACTION.! lol  The vision was so real to me that I know it's going to come to pass, I'm just waiting for God's timing :)

That is alot of things on the go isn't it?  Some people might think it's too much on the go if you add in our 6+1 children to the mix :)  I would agree with those people likely... but since I am the one that have started all of them and now I sit wondering how to juggle all of them, I have to disagree :)

I have tried with all of these mini ministries to gain "friend" support or family support to no avail.  I mean obviously I have a few family members that support me but when I have over 100 family members on facebook and the ones that have spend the most time with me don't support my mini ministries it's difficult.  I have tried to get my church peeps support or church support to no avail.  There is really nothing that I have tried to start that has gone any where... and yet here I sit continuing to "start" things.  Some people would wonder why I bother since clearly nobody I know is intending on supporting me in my efforts.  And THIS blog is the answer.

Every single thing that I have started, every facebook fan page, blog, flyer, handout, plan that I have started was given to me by way of a vision from God.  Do you know what that means?  It means that I didn't really start it at all.... it means that God did.  Now the revelation to this is that since all of these things are NOT mine and I am simply doing what I have been asked to do with them, I am not as disheartened when people reject them.  I see it for what it is, people rejecting God.  Which makes me sad on some other levels and yes I have to fight the devil about not getting any personal support but at the end of the day, ACTION., GW4365, Eating4God is all God's.

In the spring of 2011 I had a vision for a children's ministry outline.  Wow was I on fire for that.  I thought maybe God gave it to me to write curriculum or maybe God's intention was to send me down that path!  I was so excited for it!  I was laying in my bed trying to sleep and these thoughts and word flooded my brain and I knew what it was right away!  A vision for the kids ministry program!  I was so thankful I couldn't stop thanking God for the gift!  I can't remember the name that came to me for it now ... I still have the notes but I won't bother to go search them out now. 

I had SUCH a fire and an excitement and I was SO excited to share this vision with my church's kids ministry to implement!  I knew that THIS was God's vision for this church.  I shared my vision and my passion for this vision, I had a meeting and poured out all my ideas, inspirations, experience from Home & School volunteer time and at the end of the day I was politely told that after sharing this vision given to me and after the ministry was going to implement almost all of my ideas, that I was to longer have part in it.  Obviously the story is bigger than that but that is the condensed version.  Not that any of those details mattered then or now.  God showed me so much through that situation and it took me a long time.. okay like almost a year to see this for what it was.

The kids ministry program and outlines and ideas were a vision that God GAVE to me.  Most of it was implemented and I see the fruits of that vision today.  I'm not involved in it but God's will is being done.  At the end of the day that's all that matters.  I am very very happy that I was able to be used by God to help bring about some change that He wanted to show us.  It just took me awhile to appreciate the situation for what it was.  God using me. WOW :)  I like it :)  None of it was of me, it was ALL of Christ.  I was just the messenger being taught some lessons along the way.

ACTION. or GW4365 or Eating4God... are all visions that God GAVE ME.  As long as I am faithful in doing what he has shown me and asked me to do, THAT is all that matters.  I don't know how these visions will be used but I MUST be faithful in what God has asked me to do with them.  And I know it's going to be awesome!  Tomorrow I'm going to delve into some plans I have been inspired by for GW4365.  The reason I love GW4365 so much is because it has honestly changed my life.  

Reading the Bible now for almost six months everyday has completely and utterly changed my life.  I know why God lead me to this... it's His heart for US to be close to Him!  Everything becomes clearer, I know who I am in Christ ten-fold what I did before I started on my GW4365 journey.  Now I'm going to ramp it up!  & hopefully I'm going to share that with you tomorrow!

Until then God Bless you!  Be BOLD in the things that God has given you!  Even if you do it alone, DO IT.  If God is for you who can be against you?  

2 Timothy 2:4 "No one serving as a soldier gets involved in civilian affairs--he wants to please his commanding officer."

THAT is my main goal.  & THAT is why I do what I do and why I create blogs and record different journeys.... and throw ideas out to who I am told to throw ideas out to...  I want to please MY Commanding Officer :) The love of my life, Jesus Christ.

If you haven't had the pleasure of knowing Jesus Christ in an intimate relationship I urge you to Accept Jesus as your Saviour now, say that you believe He died on the cross for your sins and confess that you are a sinner in need of the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ :)  & start your journey in being a disciple of Christ :)

As always if you would like me to pray for you just let me know.  I don't need to know details.  God is a BIG God and the Holy Spirit will guide me in prayer.  :)  Just say "Yes! Crystal please pray for me!" :) & I will :)

All My Love in Christ!

Remain faithful :) He remains faithful to YOU!

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