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Granny's Gift", is a heartwarming modern Christian fiction, rich in traditional values.  Leslie chooses to take time out of her career to care for her ailing Granny.  In turn she receives so much more than she gives.   This inspiring story offers a powerful message of redemption.  Of course, every good fiction, needs a romance.  Therefore, one is included.  

We write about what we know, or what inspires us.  Jesus taught people and touched the hearts of people through the stories He told.  He told stories that people could relate to.  I hope to write stories that will inspire and touch hearts, while sharing the redemption that He came to give.

Some readers comments:
"I loved the book!  Can't wait for the sequel!"  Sandra G., Covington, LA
"I loved the book. It made me cry, but what a message!"  Karen F.,Kennesaw, GA
"You are one of my favorite easy read writers."  Susan P. Springdale, AR
"The book helped me to put things into perspective in my own life."  Cheri M. Baja, CA
"Granny's Gift" is now available for purchase: 

Barnes and Noble Nook Book,  Amazon in paperback or Kindle, Yawn's Books and More, located in 
downtown Canton.  It can also be ordered from any bookstore.

The sequel to "Granny's Gift,"is currently in the works.  The story will feature a family that is radically changed by the gospel, through the ministry outreach started in "Granny's Gift."  A Papa's persistent prayers for his daughter's family entangled in domestic violence will be the heart of the story line.  More information will follow...

Passionately writing for the Glory of God, that others may know the redemption that is available in His Son, Jesus.  Sharing the Good News in Writing...
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May God Bless you!

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