Monday, October 31, 2011


Everyone has a worldview or a way of looking at things! Therefore a worldview is not just how we look at things but how we use that information to then act according to that specific belief system. 

For us, a Biblical Worldview is at a premium. A Christian either has one, or not! Sadly, the world renowned pollster and author George Barna has found that only 9% of us Born-again Christians even have such a worldview! This is not only outrageous, but indicative of the woeful lack of biblical knowledge, application and discernment in the modern American church!

This video is 17 minutes of a 25 minute message recorded on July 16, 2011 for the Florida based Christian Television Network's Decatur, Illinois affiliate - WLCF. This is an episode of SPOTLIGHT which airs weekly from Springfield to Danville, Illinois; parts of Central Florida (including Orlando) as well as now - Ghana!

I attempt to briefly discuss, a Biblical Worldview.  May it bless you. Amen!

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Hank Sullivan said...

Hi Berney,

Excellent presentation of the Biblical world view. One correction, however. Each of the American Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence was not only a professed Christian, but also was a LEGAL CHRISTIAN. That is a matter of legal record. I say that because in each of the American British Colonies, the colonial charters in place at the time required that all representative of the people, and all government officials, to testify by oath their belief in Jesus Christ, Son of God. And that goes for Jefferson as well.

Jefferson professed at the time to be a member of the Anglican Church. That was the law in Virginia if he were to act as a member of the government.

Subsequently, Jefferson wrote the law disestablishing the Anglican Church as the official church of Virginia. But that did not become law until 1786. So Providentially, I believe, each member of the 2nd Continental Congress who signed the Declaration of Independence, including Jefferson, was legally a Christian, not a Deist. For that reason, any reference to God in the Declaration is a reference to God of the Bible and New Testament, God the Father,Son and Holy Spirit. And that is a matter of Law.

Personally, I do not believe that is a coincidence. That fact places America as a nation under the authority of Jesus Christ, Who according to the scriptures, owns all authority in Heaven and earth. That America was founded by Deists is a myth propagated by individuals who do not know the history and likely would change the facts if they could.

But an excellent presentation.