Saturday, October 29, 2011


Always be honest
This won’t make you the most popular person, but it will make you
the most sought after and
the most refreshing perspective around.

Change your attitude and behavior
Unless you’re a lemon or horseradish root,
a sour or bitter disposition is unacceptable.

Get over it!
I nominate “jealousy” as the most non-productive
 and useless emotion.
It is completely self-serving and based on fear.

Endless forgiveness
Extending forgiveness is not so much for the benefit of
the “other” person
as it is for you to walk free of the weight of emotional pain.

Be kind to everyone
 No exceptions

Keep your promises

Give the gift of freedom to those in your world
No person or situation is ever won by force/strength.
The more free they feel with you,
the longer they will stick around.

Give everything your best effort
Shooting for perfection will only disappoint you.

Choose Wisdom over Knowledge
Wisdom never ends. Knowledge has its limits.

Be Humble
There is nothing more distasteful than an arrogant

by our wonderful sister in Christ - CLAUDIA KING

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