Thursday, October 6, 2011


Even the most grounded in the Bible Christian can feel the oppressive darkness..even evil...of the time.  Those who are walking in Light, know the presence of darkness when we are near or even in the middle of it!

I would not get into details here, but I have seen dead souls, bound for hell, in the eyes of women and men you would not believe. Driving through Rhode Island a couple decades ago, the spirit of death was so heavy in this one part outside Providence, we could not wait to leave that area. On further research, I found out this area was once an Indian burial ground. Their 'medicine men', as most of us know, are nothing more than witch doctors in feathers. Anyone who denies the absence of evil or the existence of Satan has already lost.

On October 31, America and a few other countries is getting fired up about the prospect of Halloween in a few weeks. All kinds of parties are planned. Costumes of ghouls, and devils and sleazy nurses and bloody beings from the netherworld are all over our stores and in our faces. October 31 carries the same high profile in marketing as Christmas, "Easter", Valentine's Day and the Fourth of July.

But people have no idea what they are doing and celebrating. If you mention this to average christian, they would accuse you of wanting to deny other people fun. Anyone is free to disagree with me and post their disagreement here. This is just what my spirit speaks to me, from the Oracles of God. This is just what I must share.

But think on these words for a minute. Think on them from NOW until October 31. Closer to Halloween, I will explain more about the origins of Halloween; why it is the Holiday from Hell and then how we were lulled into accepting this as normal.

Whatsoever things are true........TRUTH!
Whatsoever things are honest.....INTEGRITY!
Whatsoever things are just.........JUSTICE!
Whatsoever things are pure........PURITY!
Whatsoever things are lovely.......BEAUTY!
Whatsoever things are of good report....REPUTATION!
...... if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

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