Monday, November 12, 2012


 There is no fiesta, without tacos! Tacos are the ideal buffet food, perfect for any family-fun gathering! Instead of meatloaf Monday; or fish Friday or salad Sunday, why not go for this one! Ana and Cheri have prepared a great dish for us to take a run at, big time! I hope you like it as we kick Tacos, our Mariachi Meal of the Week, up to a new height! Woot! (BL)


Tortillas (corn tortillas for a stiff taco shell, flour tortillas for a soft taco shell)

Cooked & Seasoned ground beef, cubed steak, shredded pork, cubed chicken, or flaked seafood (Vegetarians can substitute meat for beans, as pictured at bottom)

Grated Cheeses, Monterey Jack (white) and Colby or Cheddar (orange)

Shredded Iceburg Lettuce (thinly sliced with a plastic cook's knife & the edges won't brown, or rip into small pieces)

Chopped Tomatoes

Chopped Onions

Sliced Jalapenos

Sour Cream

Sliced Olives

Fresh Guacamole and Salsa (instructions found under Saucy Salsas)


Simply place each ingredient into a taco shell, in order, as listed above, and serve! 
Tacos are also the ideal serve-yourself-buffet meal, by placing any combination of the above-listed ingredients in separate serving dishes, will allow guests to make their own unique tacos, as in the variations pictured below.  Have fun!

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