Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I think the answer to this rhetorical question is a resounding "Yes". The first requirement of any true Christian is to stand on the exclusivity of Jesus Christ as the Divine, Sinless Son of God and the ONLY way to Salvation and Heaven, period. In fact, as any true Christian knows, the definition of a Christian is one who believes in the following:
- The literal six day Creation of the Earth, as described in the Bible
- The Inerrancy of the Bible as the divinely inspired Word of God (Sola Scriptura)
- The Virgin Birth of the Lord Jesus
-  His Sinless life on earth 
-  Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth and the Life...to eternal life (Solus Christus)
-  His Death, Burial and Resurrection
-  His Second Coming
-  All for the Glory of God (Soli Deo Gloria)

A true Christian also believes the following: "Faith without Works is Dead" (James 2:17). Nobody has done more, as a person or single organization, than Franklin Graham and Samaritan's Purse to feed, clothe and bless children and adults of all ages and religions! This year alone, Samaritan's Purse is set to give away over 94 million shoe boxes full of desperately needed personal items to disadvantaged kids worldwide - no matter what religion or color they are. When Hurricane Sandy destroyed the coasts of New Jersey and New York, Franklin and Samaritan's Purse had trucks on standby, from homebase in North Carolina, ready to move equipment and hundreds of Christian volunteers in to help the regular people who were hurt the most. While the mainstream media played up publicity seeking politicians and entertainers, God saw the hearts of our Christian brothers working anonymously to help restore other's lives.

A true Christian and especially a Christian leader, knows what the Great Commission is - and it is to win souls and make disciples for Christ. Following the example of the greatest preacher of the 20th Century - William Franklin Graham Jr (the 94 year old Billy), Franklin has "Rocked the River" up the Mississippi valley, bringing thousands of youths to Christ and is getting set to launch the next Billy Graham American Crusade one year from now, in November 2013.

Graham is a man for all seasons and missions, and never loses sight of his first obligation to be a follower of Christ. Like those of who stand on the Name of our Lord and Savior - JESUS - he will not sugarcoat, lie or compromise like most Americans, to curry favor with the elite. As a result, he has been kicked out from the Pentagon from National Day of Prayer events in 2010....only to hold a prayer meeting in the parking lot! Samaritan's Purse was banned from the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, later that same year. He has gotten into controversy for speaking boldly on the issues and people of the day, who affect the lives of many.

While, it is true that Franklin Graham is not a pastor of a church, who has to try and hold/shepherd a congregation, that does not preclude America's pastors from speaking on the great moral issues of our time. Yet time after time, every one of America's top "celebrity" preachers and Christian authors, who lead the largest churches in this country, remain resoundingly silent when God is blasphemed; religious freedom is threatened or the church is persecuted worldwide. No one calls for national repentance or fasting or prayer, on the national scene anymore....so somehow, it is always up to the son of the great Billy Graham, to call it as God sees it. Just like the Old Testament Jeremiah proclaimed the coming Judgment on Jerusalem and the corruption of its people, there is only one man brave enough in America today, to prophesy like that and call Christians to prayer for the country and its leaders.

However, the main thing about this brother and all the rest of us redeemed folk out here is this - he is also sinner saved by Grace (Sola Gratia).  Franklin Graham, America's Christian Conscience, was once a rebel against God, like you and I, yet Christ got a hold of his life, and turned him around. Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, can do the same for you! Would you let him?

(There will be more about Billy Graham's "My Hope" here in the weeks and months ahead)

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