Thursday, November 22, 2012


Waking up on Thanksgiving Morn with peace in your heart, a song in your soul and this Scripture in your spirit...well, is there a better way to start ANY day? But this day is special, my friends. I realize what a vile sinner I fact, I am in competition with the Apostle Paul (who was personally taught for three years in the Arabian desert by Jesus)
I am in competition with Paul over who is the Chief of ALL Sinners! This is why it is all His is all Grace that we are even allowed to live and work and eat and sleep in warm homes, with relative comfort and ease. Yet we do not seem grateful enough, half the time, when we should EXPLODE in gladness at just being in Presence of the Lord! In a year, where everything may seem to go wrong, for the people of God, everything IS RIGHT - in Heavenly Places! It has always been perfectly righteous and holy and, well - Heavenly - up where the Savior lives!

So while the culture is vile and corrupt and evil wins on every level - give thanks.
When the hounds of heresy bark at your heels - give thanks.
When the hordes of hell seem trumphant in these last days - give thanks.
Because He has come down and died for you, for that - give thanks.
He has saved you if you repent and believe,so - give thanks.
He has brought you into the Heavenlies, so - give thanks.
Because when you said YES, He put His Spirit to seal you, so - give thanks.
For the essentials He provided - give thanks.
For the family He reunited - give thanks.
For the health He restored - give thanks. 
For the purpose He redirected - give thanks.
For the pep in your step - give thanks.
For the joy in your soul - give thanks.
Enter His gates with thanksgiving, and His courts with praise! Give thanks to Him; bless His name! (Psalm 100:4 ESV)

A Psalm of Thanksgiving 
by Bernie Lutchman
Give thanks! Give thanks! 
For the Lord is a good God. His mercies are never failing!
His love endures forever. He is above all, in all and over all! 
He is my all in all! Walk in His Marvelous Light! 
Declare His Name around the earth! 
Proclaim His Truth! Come into His Presence NOW! 
This world is passing, we are not! We are His! 
We are the sheep in His Pasture! 
We are His salt and His light in a dark tasteless world! 
So,Declare His Worth! 
Declare His Majesty!
Declare His Salvation!
Declare His Wonders! 
Declare His Soon-Coming! 
Enter His Gates this Thanksgiving Day! Let not your hearts be troubled! 
His Faithfulness is for ALL generations and His Love Endureth Forever! SELAH


Crystal Banks said...

AMEN & AMEN brother Bernie! I am thankful that the American and Canadian thanksgivings are on different days because it's important to stay humble and thankful... I pray that I always have God's strength to sing praises in all things! Happy Thanksgiving! :)

The Bernie Lutchman Blog said...

I agree!! Two solid reminders that we should remain thankful...and not just on these days, sis! I pray and KNOW that YOU will always praise you are now, in the storm!! You're a great example to the majority of christians who need to learn biblical character, integrity, humility and faith. Yes and amen, Bankie! :)