Friday, November 2, 2012


But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you... (Matthew 5:44)
If God asked you to pray for your enemy - whether a co-worker, or a wealthy neighbor down the street whom you envy or any political enemy or even the terrorists who are attacking American interests constantly, how would you and I respond? The feeling would be one of displeasure, followed by even disobedience. However, do it, we must! 

We must have the same kind of Christ-like love, which looked down from the Cross on those who not just persecuted Him, but executed the sinless Son of God. Does that extend to even Planned Parenthood or its British counterpart - Marie Stopes? Should we forgive these butchers of babies here in the US or in the case of Marie Stopes - lawbreaking in Zambia and elsewhere in the world? Well, NO and YES! We pray for their ungodly activities to cease. BUT, we MUST pray for their "workers" (doctors, nurses, directors, even front desk clerks) to be saved and realize the folly of their ways. Norma McCorvey was forgiven by God, saved by Him and now works for Him!

Who is Norma? She is the ROE of Roe vs Wade - the landmark case which gave us unfettered abortions in the United States and cost the lives of 54 millions babies since 1973! Night and day, the angels of these aborted babies are in front of the Throne of God crying out to Him. A pro-life activist cared about the soul of Norma McCorvey and not just prayed for her, but witnessed to her as she worked in an abortion clinic and lived with her lesbian lover. You see, not just had she been used, as Roe of the Roe v Wade case, but she lied and made up the entire story. The prayers and outreach worked and Norma began to be convicted as more and more in the pro-life movement prayed for her.

In 1995, she was dramatically saved, converted and baptized in a backyard swimming pool by Flip Benham of Operation Rescue and started working for Jesus. She left the sinful sexual lifestyle and began speaking about her part as Roe in Roe v Wade. She even asked the same Supreme Court to overturn it. Her book "Won by Love" ...and she was - love of by people who refused to see her go to hell and loved her soul more. They loved her like Jesus loves her, even though she is used by those who abused her to make abortion legal in the US. Norma is still active in the pro-life movement and was actually a good Facebook friend of mine, while she was active on Facebook.

But not just Norma, but the sleazy politician who runs around with prostitutes....or the bureaucrat who passes regulations and mandates to infringe on Religious Liberty or even those at the top of nations who value the rights and freedoms of people who do not follow God, while caring less if the actual people of God are affected. We pray for those as well. We pray for them because they to, could have that flash of light, like Norma McCorvey, and be saved.

So Father in the Name of Jesus, show us how we must love like Jesus loved. Flip Benham did, he loved Norma, whose name was used by the lawyers of the other side to get judges from the highest courts of America to find "rights of privacy" that did not exist in the United States constitutions, in the "emanations of the penumbra". Father, while these judges and those who supported Roe vs Wade had to make things up to deceive many, to the tune of 54 million babies' lives, You live in Truth and Righteousness and deceive no one. You speak and it is Truth. Your commands are right to save and give eternal life and You command us to pray for our enemies because as we see here, we never know when their lives may turn around. So Father, I pray now for those who are our political enemies, that they will govern according to Your will. If they choose not to, You will judge them. But we would have been obedient. Help us to see past our own prejudices and even righteous indignation at what these people have done to hurt others, but to be obedient to You, which is more important. Father, I pray for the current government in the United States from the president to our governor and mayor and their cabinets, that You bless, watch over, guide, protect and give them wisdom, Godly wisdom to govern and obey You rather than the advise of this world. Should they choose not to, I still pray for them to be saved and their families and loved ones so that they too, can work for You one day, like our sweet sister Norma, for whom I pray as well, in Jesus' Holy Name, amen.

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