Friday, October 5, 2012


Today's passage from our chosen Psalm of the first week of corporate intercession may raise some eyebrows. It is not one of the modern feel-good church verses, taken out of context, to just give the flock enough innoculation for the coming week! I will not tell you how to pray this passage of intercession. This is a matter between the Christian and the Lord, Whose Spirit will interpret correctly. He will not allow imprecatory prayers to cause another harm, but will protect the saint whose heart is right with Him. This is not a passage of Hate, but a plea for justice and mercy:

Give to them according to their work
and according to the evil of their deeds;
give to them according to the work of their hands;
render them their due reward.
Because they do not regard the works of the LORD
or the work of his hands,
he will tear them down and build them up no more.
Blessed be the LORD!
For he has heard the voice of my pleas for mercy(Psalm 28:4-6 ESV)

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