Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Yesterday we noted what praying fully engaged with The Lord- Body, mind and soul, is basically! Oswald Chambers said "spiritual relationship is not a step by step're either in or you're out!"

That's very well said because we know that God does not hear the prayer of an unrighteous person, unless he/she is crying out for forgiveness. So the prayer that qualifies is from one who is in- or born again, period.

This may explain why most people in our churches, including pastors, only give lip service to prayer. This is why we have had several dedicated days and weeks or prayer in the past few months - most people calling themselves Christians in church are not in real "spiritual relationship"!

So, Heavenly Father, I pray that each and everyone of us will know that we know that our position in you is secure and that before we come to the sunset of our lives, that we fully comprehend the reality and meaning of our salvation, before we can even begin to praise and pray to You, for the deliverance of our people, from the bondage of sin and despair, in the Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen.

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