Sunday, October 28, 2012


Behold, You desire truth in the innermost being, And in the hidden part You will make me know wisdom....Psalm 51:6

Truth is a precious commodity in today's world. The True Truth, as Francis Schaeffer called it, is even harder to find. On the proverbial see-saw of life, when truth swings downward, the rate of decline increases. And so it is with the world today. If you ask pagans in other parts of the world about America, even now, they would call us a Christian country by wide margins. I know this from speaking to people who travel among the Chinese underground church and in other parts of that buddhist region of the globe.  This is, of course, not entirely true. We live in post-Christian America and indeed, most of western civilization has moved away from the God of the Bible.

That being said, we play the cards we have - and those who follow the Lord, have not just All Truth on our side, but the God of Truth! We already know He demands and requires "Emeth" (The Hebrew word for Truth in the Bible verse above). This same word (emeth) also means Faithfulness, Firmness and dealing righteously. The absence of that is what we are fed daily by media, culture, academia, politicians and America's top leaders. While the lies of today will frustrate the believer, we solve this by coming to the Fount of Every Blessing and Truth and seeking guidance.

The equation from this verse is Truth in the Spiritual Heart (the Innermost Part) which will then equal a wise person in the secret place, where this same spiritual heart resides (united with the Holy Spirit, Who is sent at the positional point of personal Salvation)!!! Yes, the TRUE Christian has that - not those who call themselves that, yet live and support the views of their father, the devil. Therefore, let us use that fact to approach our Heavenly Father, Who giveth to those who are sincere and sincerely seeking after Him. 

Father, I pray now for Truth, first of all, to reside fully in all Your children, in the secret innermost parts, where our spirit is united with Yours. Help us to walk in sync with what You require, Who You are and Whose we are. it. Lord, we see blatant lie after lie after lie from officials in all levels of society - government, education, entertainment and the culture. Yet we see Your modern day "prophets" who are supposed to proclaim the Word, the Truth of the Bible, stay silent - from the undershepherds of the smallest to the largest churches. We see that they care more about filling pews and cleaning carpets than saving the lost, reaching the hurting and calling sin, sin. From the famous preachers of America, to the guy down the street, hardly a one has the heart and boldness of Jeremiah, or Hosea or Ezekiel. The fact that we can name the exceptions is an indictment. Father, we pray today for boldness....for men and women in the land, who will not shy from the Truth but would weigh the consequences of not standing for it. Father, Your Son said He is the Way, the Truth and the Life...and He is - all the time. Help us therefore not to shy from it, but embrace it, as our Savior did. Let us continue to walk in His Light and turn from the darkness of those who deny Him and walk in the darkness of their eternal folly. Bless this day, according to Your Grace, mercy and compassion and give us a fire and passion to continue this journey always, in the Power and Strength of Christ, amen.


Crystal Banks said...

Amen & Amen Bernie! It can be difficult to be bold but HIS grace is sufficient! Lord help us speak the Truth IN LOVE!!! With the loving words that you would speak to your children... not our own. God Bless & Keep America!

The Bernie Lutchman Blog said...

Bless you my sister for that encouragement and prayer, in Jesus' Holy and Righteous Name! He is Truth, in Him there is no guile or deception! I stand with Him!!! WOOHOO Yes and amen! :)