Thursday, October 25, 2012


The very fact that the God Who created this unfathomable universe KNOWS each of His children intimately...and the fact that He knows our thoughts, actions, feelings, emotions and intentions - should drive us to want to journey through life according to His roadmap - The Bible.

The Word of God is amazingly precise; orderly as well as convicting to the man or woman of God who seeks a more meaningful life and walk with the Savior! This is what a Biblical worldview is all about - knowing the basis of all our Faith and how life it out daily, in a corrupt and perverse generation. The Biblical worldview affects everything we do - from the cars we purchase, to the books we read and the music we listen to, as well as the movies/tv shows we watch. I don't need to say that someone, who claims to be saved and sanctified by the Saving Sacrifice on the Cross of Christ, has NO business spending the Lord's money (i.e. our after-tithe take home pay) on things like Harry Potter; Twilight, Fifty Shades of...whatever or Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or other such Hollywood entertainment.

So, does this extend to voting according to Bible principles? In the past, regardless of party many followers of Christ, including me, have refused to vote to any candidate who does not support the life of the Unborn. Is this the right way to go? Check back tomorrow.

Father in the Name of Jesus, You have given us Life. You have given us the complete Word. You have given us Your Great Son- my God and my King Jesus. You expect us to learn more about You. You expect us to walk and talk with You daily. You expect us to die to self daily so we can see through the Eyes of Christ. You expect more of us than from those who are perishing from walking blindly, by their own choice, even though they have the same opportunity and privilege to hear the Gospel that we did. Lord give us revelation tonight that tomorrow and in the coming hours, days and weeks ahead that we may apply the Biblical worldview to all that we do and act accordingly, knowing that we are accountable for all that we do, in the Name of Jesus I pray, amen.

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