Saturday, October 13, 2012


"Clear thinking, an enlightened understanding and safe reasoning powers come from praying....Divine guidance means that God moves and impresses the mind in order for us to make wise decisions" (EM BOUNDS). These sound exactly what they are - fruits of wisdom. Yesterday we launched from a standpoint of praying and seeking Wisdom at the same time, to be not just a better intercessor but a follower of Jesus Christ. What Bounds is saying here, to paraphrase, is that there is a certain ease and peaceful flow when the process is allowed to "fully download and install" (speaking in modern computer tech-language).

The process is thus:
- We know we are not able to do it on our own
- We cry out to God for Biyn (Wisdom and Discernment)
- We are scanned by the Master of all Anti-virus Cleansers (The Lord) and our hearts are searched to see if we are right with Him
- He then listens to our petitions for discernment and wisdom and guidance.
- He downloads Mental Clarity, the lights go on and we can reason about asking about this, not praying against that and then what we are supposed to do is installed.
- We reboot, recalibrate and then see it through His Empowering Eyes,
- Our prayers now have power

Father, in Jesus' Holy Name, we thank You that You are not only the Giver of ALL Wisdom, Hope and Understanding, but that You are a God of Order, Reason and Clarity. You never let things happen without a purpose and You plans are never thwarted. You use all things according to those who love God. Thank You, Lord, that mere ignorant mortals like us, can come on bended knee and broken hearts to You, and You in Your Infinite Mercy and Grace, give us the ability to see things through Your Wonderful Eyes so that we may pray, intercede and love like You love! Father, this is too much for the pea-brained mortal mind to wrap our arms around! This is more than we deserve! Thank You, Praise You, Hallelujah to the One Who saves and thank You today for this Truth! May we meditate on what this means so the foundation of our prayer will be solid and might, in the Name of He Who sits in the Heavens to rule forever - Jesus the King - Amen! Yes and Amen!

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