Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Therefore, if you wish to join some committed believers, prayer leaders and spirit-led pastors to pray for all levels of this country - and ANY country for that matter - and to pray for our children, and for our children's salvation and their children's future walk with the Lord.....if you are that person come on down! Grab some friends of yours, who are like minded and come sing some well known praise songs with us, hear the Word proclaimed LOUDLY from the Top of a public square and pray with us.
All of Central Illinois is welcome to the 61st Annual Observance of what America calls her National Day of Prayer. While we should be living breathing 24/7/365 examples of a prayer as Second Nature, it is good to meet 
in public to reaffirm our ground as belonging to the Lord Jesus. We do this by praying for His Hand upon our Families, Communities and the leaders of each city, state and branch of Government.

Never has the tide of human depravity been turned so powerfully and deadly against Biblical Christianity; the Family as God ordained in the Book of Genesis and the Culture. For too long, the church played "nice-nice" with the culture, with a wink and a nod, while acting the part on 

Sunday mornings. No more shall serious saints lay down, go to sleep and allow secularism blur the need for Salvation, as found ONLY in the Lord Jesus Christ.
This event starts at 11:55am with a song "Open the Eyes of My Heart" and kicks off at noon for one full hour. You will not be disappointed and the Heavens will be praised! We are on the East Steps of the Illinois State Capitol Complex by the Lincoln Statue in Springfield. The street address is 2nd Street South and Capitol Avenue.

The National Day of Prayer Worship Service will be broadcast at 8pm Central Daylight Time, Prime Time, on Christian Radio for Central Illinois - WLUJ 89.7FM and its many affiliates. You can also listen over the internet at ...again at 8pm Central Daylight Time.  May God bless you and yours and may God bless America and keep her strong! Amen.

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