Wednesday, June 22, 2011



by Bernie Lutchman


A time to search and a time to quit searching...Ecclesiastes 3:6a 

You know, many of us seek our entire lives for some sort of meaning to this crazy whirlpool of modern life and never find it! The question is - are we looking in the right place? The other question is - what are we looking for?

This is a silly example, but it actually happens: how many times have you looked for your glasses in the house or office, only to have someone tell you that they were on top of your forehead all the time?!  I looked up the word "search" in the original Hebrew - "baqash"- and it means anything from ask, beg, demand, plead, request or search to seek or set about looking for!

Somehow, with all this variety of meanings, I am getting the impression of a wild goose chase!!! If you look back on your life, before you found peace, joy and complete joy with God, you were running all over the place. You tried every bestselling "Self Help" book in the bookstore or listened to the man with the big teeth - Tony Robbins.

Yet nothing felt right. So you kept on going....when all along, God wanted you to sit still enough so He could reach out and talk to you! This is what the second part of this phrase means "a time to quit searching"! Or as some say "enough already!"

God says "Cease striving" or "Be Still" and know that I am God (Psalm 46:10)! The Hebrew word for "quit searching" is "abad" or "to lose, utterly destroy etc". In other words - give up yourself to Him!! Lose yourself IN HIM! Quit chasing windmills when the Rock of Ages is right in front of your eyes....if you will just settle down, give up the manic chase, smell the rose (or coffee) and let Jesus take the wheel!

Now, what is so hard about that??!!

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