Thursday, June 30, 2011


I couldn't think of a better birthday present on my 55th Birthday than to report on a RALLY FOR LIFE ...thousands of miles away from my home base in Illinois! PRECIOUS LIFE,  the most prominent Pro-Life organization in Ireland leads off with a RALLY FOR LIFE this coming Saturday July 2, to save our precious Babies from the Abortion Mills there.

Why is this important to Americans...or Canadians...or Danish or Tunisians even...It matters because when any life, created by God, is not even given a chance to be born, ALL mankind is affected!
Bernie Lutchman

This summer, the most important date on the pro-life calendar is 2nd July. That’s when we hope you join with thousands of others to speak up for the right to life.
 Ireland - north and south - is one of the last remaining places in Europe where abortion is still illegal. But our unborn children are under threat. Powerful pro-abortion campaigners in Ireland, 
the UKEuropean Union and United Nations are attacking our pro-life laws. That’s why it’s so important we show our opposition to abortion. On 2nd July 2011 lets do that! 

Click here for Dublin map of Bus drop-off and pick-up points / car-parking / Rally 
RouteView photos from last year's Rally for Life in Belfast 2010 
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