Tuesday, June 21, 2011



by Bernie Lutchman


"A time to embrace and a time to turn away ....Ecclesiastes 3:5b

This phrase is a difficult want to wrap your mind around because it may seem harsh at first glance.  But think again, do you really feel like grabbing someone and giving them a hug 24/7?  No, because them an embrace due to genuine love, fellowship, comfort in grief or greeting will not mean much. So there is a time to turn away or to refrain from fondness and physical contact.  

Used at the appropriate time, with the appropriate intention, a hug or embrace speaks more than words can say. There is the sister hug, the man hug, the grandma hug, the long-time-no-see hug, the intimate hug, the holy hug ....and on and on!

Let this following short poem embrace you this fine morning, which the Lord has made as you reach your arms and hearts to Heaven and seek the Warm Embrace of our Creator, knowing He loves each and everyone of us! AND if you have trusted and accepted all He did for us on the Cross, this Heavenly Embrace will be the one which will never turn you away! 
Never be afraid to
Express care and concern
You never know if one day
It will be your turn
For life can bring us trouble
And bumps along the way
So why not cheer another
With a hug to make their day?
~ Jennifer Byerly ~ 
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