Tuesday, June 28, 2011



by Bernie Lutchman


A time to love and a time to hate...Ecclesiastes 3:8a (NLT)

It is becoming increasingly harder to love your enemies in this disgusting evil world. A prime example is the Sodom and Gomorrah like party the homosexuals in New York state threw last weekend after gutless politicians spit in the very Face of God, and legalized an oxymoron - "Gay" Marriage. 

While we are instructed to love the sinner (and consequently, hate the sin); there is a cut-off line. This dividing line is when unrepentant heathens are called on their transgressions - as Christ called us out - and refused to repent. Matthew chapter 18 gives the process to church discipline. Somewhere in that process, we break fellowship with those people. There is nothing in the Word of God OR the Teachings of Christ and Paul, where we are told otherwise.

Quite the contrary. If it is a church discipline issue, we ask the member to leave. It is otherwise, we dust our shoes off and move on, leaving the person to face Jesus on his/her own. You now have NO responsibility anymore, because you have shared the Truth of Christ, the Gospel and Eternity with them.

So hate all evil, even evil people, yet pray that they come to their senses and be saved.  If Christ can save you, Apostle Paul and I - all of us, the chief of sinners - He can save the most evil person in the world. He can even save the person who thinks he/she is good enough, does a lot of good works, but has no forgiveness for their sins...and thus were never saved! THAT person is even more deceived than the evil doer, who comes to Christ late in life!

Do good, love doing good and the best way you can start to do good is to tell others YOUR testimony, and how they too can come to know Him.

If you are struggling with this today: namely, how to fulfill the Wishes of Jesus while being holy and righteous in His Eyes, then seek His Counsel. Pray! There is nothing more satisfying than talking to your best friend, Jesus! But don't just ask Him how to deal with Him, but follow this simple process:
Adore Him in Worship
Agree with His Omnipotent Power
Ascribe to the Lord great things
Acknowledge your weakness before Him
Ask for Divine guidance.

John 1:12 - He already gave you the authority to execute plans and Do Good in His Name. If you do some or all of those five things above - you are way ahead of the game of hating evil and doing good and you will bring a cold cup of water to a dry and thirsty land!

Father God, I pray in agreement with all the instructions Jesus and Pau gave us in how to draw near to you. I acknowledge my weaknesses before you and abide in all You decide for me, Lord Jesus, since you know best the plans that Father has for me.  Open my eyes today, not just to the dangers out there, but to the opportunities to do, say and hand goodness to a fellow traveler who does not know the Lord Jesus as Lord and Savior...even a fellow citizen who has been deceived by religion into thinking she/he is alright when they were never reconciled to you. Bless and anoint my path this way, in this day, in Jesus' Holy and Precious Name, amen

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