Saturday, June 23, 2012


  1. Disaster striking here and there Let each one call to GOD in Prayer.
  2. Lord in Jesus Name we agree n pray. Abused pple rescue deliver saveAmen
  3. May we pray for victims in every land. Esp. those who still need a hand.
  4. As we sing~to Brother and King, Let's share Love too~in all we do.
  5. We are HIS Earthen vessels . HE is the Potter and we are the Clay! Molded In HIM
  6. Yes dearest sister let us rest in HIM For HE Is Living now Within!
  7. GOD Is Peace&Power As We Follow th Way of Love HE will use us n this hour
  8. Love is Patient, Love is Kind Faith,Hope & Love, But the Greatest of these is Love
  9. When Christ guides, He gives Strength too, And skills for what we're called to do. :D
  10. When Christ guides, He gives Strength too, And skills for what we're called to do.
  11. Blessings to one and all, Sharing Yeshua's Love on this mudball. :D
  12. Jesus is always at best;& all is right. His Love overcomes,any situation or fight.
  13. God brings Peace and Comfort too, God also helps others thru me & you :D
  14. God Love and Mercy knows no end, So His Blessings we continue to send. :D
  15. Fearfully and Wonderfully we were All Made in GOD's Loving Hand we continually remain :D
  16. All toThe GLORY of the Risen KING We in HIM&HE In All~HIS Light & Love b Seen n Us
  17. Created in Love; Love we are called to share. In this way, all see God everywhere. :D
  18. May we empty ourselves so God can fill to brim OnlyGod can pour Light&Love within
  19. Jesus is great, kind and compassionate too. Many are the Wonders that He does do. :D
  20. As we Surrender All to HIM May He Have HIS Way in us,that's how much WeMustTrustWhenWeRestInHIM
  21. Love is gentle, Love is Kind flowing from the Throne of Grace JESUS you will FIND :D
  22. Love and Faithfulness meet together ~ Righteousness and Peace Kiss each other ~ Love one another!
  23. As we Trust in God, He delights in us. Blessings & Love flow from this Trust. :D
  24. May Love always sing in every heart, So we share Blessings from the start. :D
  25. Love motivates us to pray, reach out to others too. May Love guide all we say and do. :D
  26. When we unite with each other in prayer, Greater Wonders arise out there. :D
  27. What a MIGHTY GOD ~ we serve Hand in Hand HE Leads us To the Promised Land. :D
  28. Discipline comes from a Loving Father Preparing All,, Great and small :D
  29. True Blessings come from above That Always Comes from The Father's Love.
  30. As we walk in Peace HIS Mercy,Grace & Love will never Cease :D
  31. Walking in Faith, God keeps us in hand, Guiding our steps to Promised Land. :D
  32. As the Holy Spirit continues to prune, All will see Christ's Light shine soon. :D
  33. For each Blessing received, this I do pray: May God also send thrice the Blessings your way. :D
  34. May Blessings fill the Earth, So all know their worth. :D

  1. Created in Love All made in the Image of the Father Above.

  1. God's Will be done; Let's hear the call. May God's Love and Peace come to all. :D

  2. God is Love; when we Love each other, God helps us see we are sister & brother. :D


    1. R focus is on 3 deaths&actions depraved Child saw=thru Loving acts 170+ were saved
    2. May hatred & cruelty in world end, As we others as sibling & friend. :D

    1. When we place our Trust in Christ, He leads us away from worldly vice. :D

    2. Christ lives in us; we live in Him, Thus life is worth living past any sin. :D
    3. The past, future & present ~ all three, God holds in His hand; Love is the key.
    4. With child's Trust, we place our hand in Christ's. With a gentle touch, He leads us to LIFE. :D
    5. Not only our future, but moment in hand. God shares a Love that's ALWAYS grand. :D
    6. When at rest, may there be Peace. When at work, Blessings without cease. :D
    7. May we always see with Christ's eyes, For that is how we learn to be wise. :D
    8. May hearts always sing with gratitude, So we face each day with right attitude. :D

    1. So the seed falls on fertile Land Reaching Up To GOD's Mighty Hand.
    2. TheWorkIsDoneByTheFathersSON NowIsTheTimeToRestInHIM,HIS MightyWorksThruUsMustCome

    1. Christ conquered grave&gave us new life Yet with us ea moment to help thru strife

    1. May Easter always live in our heart, In every moment, not just day's start. :D
    2. May Easter always live in our heart In every moment, not just day's start. :D
    3. To be lifted above and beyond the boundaries of life We must know & trust the Lord of Life!
    4. A never-ending blessed future To those who are faithful to HIM.
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    6. Christ sought quiet time,so He&Father could speak When we do same,our life is complete
    7. He shared our life,so we can share His Life too Let's share His Love with all we do.
    8. Showers of Blessings comes from above All because of our Father's Love.
    9. May His Presence go with us&give us rest,When we rest in Him,He does His best thru us
    10. We have found Grace in His sight We shall Rejoice and be Glad saints of GOD!
    1. Day and night, may the Holy Spirit guide. May we be always led by the Spirit inside.

    1. At God's right hand,His throne Christ does share, With every heart that shares Love everywhere. :D
    2. May hearts always sing, for our beloved King For He brings Blessings to everything. :D
    3. Joh 11:25 Jesus said..I AM the resurrection, and the life..
    4. The Gift given is once for all time, Beyond our understanding and rhyme :D
    5. Serving brings Joy to the heart, Inspiring from each day's start. :D
    6. Thankful for Gift of Love from the cross So each soul can cast off loss :D
    7. New day is dawning, and a new time, When we see answers to the rhyme. :D

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