Wednesday, June 13, 2012


If you are driving along a country road and saw a sign that says "DANGER - BRIDGE OUT", would you step on the gas so you can get to the bridge even faster? You would, if you had a death wish. All sensible people glide to a stop, way before you even come close to the edge of that bridge. You would not like it, but it would require you to turn the car around and head back the other way. If you had a GPS unit available, new coordinates would have to be punched in to find a different direction.

Not just that, if you saw another motorist ignoring the "BRIDGE OUT": sign, you would try desperately to warn them to look out for the danger ahead. Sometimes, arms would be waving frantically, if we noticed someone not paying attention to the warnings of impending doom and disaster, in order to get their attention! Depending on what the wrong-direction motorists want to see, they may decided we are lunatics to be standing outside our cars trying to get their attention...while hurtling towards sure destruction ahead.

This is what those of us who proclaim the Word are doing when we call attention to a meltdown of a country as we see now. What we proclaim from the Very Heart and Lips and Spirit of God, is actually a Clarion Call for everyone to pay attention that there is no bridge ahead and you are guaranteed to go off into a pit, if you do not stop and turn around (repent). We don't do this out of hate or because we like to hear the sound of our own voices. Contrary to what those who are sons and daughters of perdition, who call us names like "intolerant" and "this or that - phobe" shout, we are the ones of Love, Tolerance, Compassion and Care.

These people have no clue what we do in our personal lives...or how many people we care for...or what we do, when no one's looking...or the lives we affect in a meaningful way, day after day. But that is not the issue, our Heavenly Father sees that. What their problem is, is their own sin...and it does not matter what the sin is. The unrepentant sinner always projects unto someone else and wants everyone else to validate their ungodly choice of lifestyle...whatever it is. This is why they ignore the warning signs of the Gospel and are heading full speed ahead to Judgment.

God has given direction for a people, a nation, who if it recognizes it has "GONE WILD" after death and doom, can hit the brakes, turn around and turn back to Him. He says these well known words in 2 Chronicles 7:14 "if My people who are called by My Name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

Over 80% of America, of all races, say they believe in God...some kind of God. The only God is Jehovah God and Jesus Christ, His Son is the ONLY SAVIOR.
We do not act like we know Him, by the conduct of most in this corrupt society. 
We are not a humble people....that is, until we are brought so low, that the only direction to look is up. 
We do not pray, even though we tell others they are "in our thoughts and prayers". 
We do not seek His Face, because we are seeking our own fancy place, pleasure, leisure and a healthy 401K. 
We will not turn from our wicked ways, because we refuse to read the signs that the Bridge is Out.  
Because of that, He will pull His Hands off us, unless the People of God - the few small church pastors and the bigger guns in our individual cities, call the people back to Repentance. Only then will our Heavenly Father forgive and smile on this land again and grant His Mercy and Favor.....because Great is His Faithfulness, if we will only believe and trust what He says. 

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