Friday, November 4, 2011


Anybody who knows anything about SAMARITAN'S PURSE knows this amazing organization reaches people of all backgrounds - whether it's a devastating earthquake in Haiti or a tidal wave killing thousands in the Far East years ago. The Christian-led and founded Samaritan's Purse has also become the  leading benefactor for poor kids around the world.

As most churches already know, OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD collects shoe boxes full of personal items and gifts, which American church members pay for to both stock and ship. Samaritan's Purse then delivers these to happy, poor kids in the remotest corners of the Globe.

Founder and son of Billy Graham - Franklin Graham - and his volunteers never ask what religion these kids are. Yet whether it's a shoebox for Christmas or relief aid after an earthquake, it is the Christians you see serving and ministering to the poor, lost and hurting. 

Yet the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs shut down Samaritan's Purse drive to help raise 8 million shoe boxes nationwide last night. You won't hear anything about this in the mainstream media, because attacks on Christians here in America by both official US circles and poltroon pagans are now becoming common place.

FOX NEWS online is reporting that the Air Force Academy, which ALLOWED A NEOPAGAN WITCH/WICCAN etc ceremony last year in Colorado Springs, decided on that route after two sets of moslem-Americans and some other people led by Mikey Wierstein (of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation) complained!!

Here is the story of the Pagan Circle allowed at the Air Force Academy
 in February 2010:

"Witches, Druids and pagans rejoice! The Air Force Academy in Colorado is about to recognize its first Wiccan prayer circle, a Stonehenge on the Rockies that will serve as an outdoor place of worship for the academy's neo-pagans.

Wiccan cadets and officers on the Colorado Springs base have been convening for over a decade, but the school will officially dedicate a newly built circle of stones on about March 10, putting the outdoor sanctuary on an equal footing with the Protestant, Catholic, Jewish and Buddhist chapels on the base."

Yet again, the innocent victims of the left and atheists and their supporters are children!!!

Christ is out. Pagans are in....only in 21st Century America. God help us!

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