Thursday, November 10, 2011


                    TODAY'S WORD: VALUE

Yesterday, as we began to consider and emphasized that every human is worth so much much more than he/she thinks or believes, a theme developed which we should look at. That is theme or underlying quality is VALUE.

Both self-worth and value are intertwined.  Consider this: a 15 year old girl Stacy, grows up in youth group and has been taught to love Christ all her life and that she is supposed to be the image of Him. She has been around her peers of, say, 10 other kids she has known since age 7 in the same church.

But increasingly at school, the clique around the cheerleaders, start picking on her because she will not come to their sleep-overs, or read Twilight or listen to Lady Gaga. To make it worse, she is part of that 'holy roller' crowd that 'sees you at the pole' to pray every September!

At first, it does not bother Stacy, as she knows the reputation (wrong or not) of those cheerleaders. But then, they start making fun of her weight, which though average, is not   the same as these future McDonald's employees. This bullying continues with psychological warfare in the school cafeteria, giggling behind her back and stupid post-it notes on her locker.

This leads to all kinds of self-esteem problems, up and down dieting, endless tears at home and soon, her single mom starts noticing withdrawals combined with the usual teenage acne covered up with heavier make-up than usual! Sound familiar?

What can we, as adults, do to help a poor child like this whose value in her worthiness has sunk to such a level, even though she hears from the pulpit how much God loves her?

First, we explain what the word Value really means. While WORTH means true self-esteem; excellence of character and more, VALUE is the consideration of your Stacy or Sam with respect to that worth, excellence, usefulness or importance.

At first notice, the parent or parents, have to jump on this case right away and not let it slide, because their child's very life depends on it. Stacy has to be reinforced from home and church support and family groups that she has merit.

Also increasingly, more and more boys are being left by the wayside by a culture focused on surface, sleazy feminine "beauty" that is designed to exhibit an increasingly sexualized society. We have grown adults - in age only - producing shows on MTV on Teenage Moms and Jersey Shoregirls and Wives name the city....with young boys seeing this garbage, not knowing what in the world to make of this, because there is no male leadership pointing them in the right direction!

Even if the young boy is a churchgoer or youth group participant, most church programs are geared towards women.

So now, we have two issues, where both a teenage girl AND boy, will begin looking elsewhere to find value in their lives - absent of true Christian parental leadership. 
Most modern parents were not brought up on True Biblical Character Training. 
Most do not know the Holiness and Righteousness of God. 
Most are not aware that the Word of God has the answers to ALL of life's great questions. Most do not know that Jesus really cares for a loves them. 
Most do not know God VALUES them and us so much, He sent down His own Son, Who created everything in this universe, to die at the hands of His wicked creation. 
Most seek confirm or validate their value elsewhere.

Oh how it must hurt the very Heart of God. Let's begin the healing and loving and bringing in our children by teaching them the way they should go. 
Find a fellowship where there is a program of Recovery in the church.
Find a fellow believer in the office. If this believer is the opposite sex, ask her/him to pray for you, but don't be personally involved in going to lunch etc as a couple...that will lead to disaster. But do ask for prayer and any on-site guidance for books, seminars, cds or people you can talk to in town, about the situation.

Most of all, cry out to God, because He knows exactly what's happening. He values girls like Stacy; teenage boys like Tom, or Sam or Mike and most of all He values and find merit in and loves do I know that, because He loves and saved a wretch like me. Oh, what amazing grace!

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Catherine Fruisen said...

Thank God for you, Bernie! Harshness & critical words have done a number on my concept of Worth & Value. Am relieved to know there is a teacher out there addressing the problem, who cares about people (young & not-so-young) enough to step out and help.

blessings on you and your ministry, friend.


The Bernie Lutchman Blog said...

Bless you for that nice comment, Catherine! I am still learning and more and more humbled by the love and Grace of God...and wanting everybody to know just how GOOD He is, sister! Also as a father and in men's ministry, I had to learn real quick!! :-)

Have a wonderful day, sister and I look forward to reading your writings as well!! GLORY!! Have a Jesus filled day!