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When Jesus prayed alone in the Garden, it was a difficult place, even for Him.People love to talk about the shallow aspects of prayer & to be told about the shallow aspects of prayer.

Prayer is like a great pilgrimage that requires a great journey to a far off place. The travel is full of joys & sorrows.We love to hear about the water into wine prayers but not the help me carry my cross prayers.

The deep spiritual union that can be found with Jesus has a joy deeper than temporal pleasure but it takes a great price to get there.

I am not willing. You are not willing. None of us are by nature to go to the deep hallowed places of prayer. It takes a deep work of God.

Christ #Jesus, who died—more than tat, who was raised to life—is at the right hand of God & is also interceding for us. Romans 8:34 (from  @Godinthewhisper  )

Yes, it would be easier for me to shut up about this prayer thing. But I can not. I must go there and I must tell others.

No one wants to talk about the evil that surrounds us but if we engage in real, prayer we will be confronted with opposition.

There is great power in prayer to help people with the evil that besets them but it costs the prayer to engage in this kind of prayer.

In a way prayer is a lonely road that no one can trod but you but also in a way it is the only road of highest Divine comfort.

You can get to a place with Jesus that nothing else will do. You long for more of His presence and more of His touch in other people’s lives

Great leaders appeal to the #hearts of the people, not the minds.  From: @managementbrad 

The journey of prayer is like responding to the call of the whippoorwill in the woods. It is such a beautiful sound. It calls you there.

Sometimes prayer is soft & soothing-Sometimes it’s brooding & deep & requires God’s help 2 go there-We can not go without Jesus 2 this place

If I love Jesus truly, I must go to this deeper place of prayer. If I want to love Jesus truly, I must go to this deeper place of prayer.

If I love u,I must go to this place of prayer. It is easy to say I love u. Not so easy 2 labor in the Spirit-But the fruit is worth the toil

The deep places of prayer have nothing to do with religion. They are about an all encompassing relationship with the real and living God!

I wish I did not have to tell you-I know many do not want to hear. It is hard to bring a word people need but do not like. Takes prayer 2 do

I have had to learn to get past seeing God’s word as something I want to share and be willing for Him & You to share what is hard to share.

These words I speak are not for everyone. If you are young in faith; God will nurture and hold you close to protect you.

As you grow up, God still nurtures and protects but leads you into a spiritual maturity that can not be found without embracing the cross.

Many of us have deep needs and we are looking everywhere for the solution. It can be found in prayer but it is a deeper kind of prayer.

There is prayer like the foothills that everybody can climb. And there is prayer on the high mountains that requires patience and practice.

God’s Spirit wants 2 take control of our lives but we must earnestly seek for this 2 happen in prayer-He will not cross the line of our will

Who wants to join Jesus in the garden. No one. None of His disciples did. None of us do. Can we not watch with Him one hour?

To join Jesus n the garden was a privilege only attained by the disciples, when they became apostles-It cost them their lives.

I know I am called 2 touch some of u with a word u have not heard before-A call 2 a spiritual life that u can not imagine. #FollowJesus

2 Chronicles 32:8 With him is only the arm of flesh, but with us is the LORD our God to help us and to fight our battles.” From: @100prayingwomen 

"The Lord has given me his words of wisdom, so that I KNOW WHAT TO SAY to all these weary ones.” Isaiah 50:4  


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